Sneak Peak: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS New Innovations Spring/Summer 2015 Part 2!


Swarovski’s New Spring/Summer 2015 assortment shines with versatility, complexity and brilliance. Each new style is sure to WOW admirers, jewelry designers, and crystal aficionados alike!

The overall trend is “Traces of Time” which explores the “new beginnings” for people as they age. Technological advances are allowing people to live longer, healthier lives which is encouraging a trend of engaging in more joyful and rewarding behavior such as being creative and participating in sports activities. Living a life that is artistic, carefree and spontaneous, sure is a wonderful life to live!


New Swarovski 5750 Skull Bead

The latest precision cutting technology has now made it possible to create the 5750 Skull Beads, an exceptionally unique masterpiece in crystal design. The highly sophisticated multi-layer cut offers exceptional subtlety and delicacy in its profiling of the skull. It is available in a 13mm and a 19mm in blue and black tones, gleaming metallics, or eye-catching effects such as Crystal Astral Pink and Crystal Aurora Borealis.

These are an edgy extension of Swarovski’s crystal product range. The Skull Bead fits perfectly with any expressive design direction. As a precision-cut crystal skull, it can be used to create romantic, tribal pieces when combined with other beads and natural materials. It is also ideal for darkly glamorous designs.


New Swarovski 5054 Mini Rhombus Bead

(This color is Indicolite, please contact us if you are interested in this color)

The classic diamond shape of this Mini Rhombus shape is a beautiful and delicate new addition to the mini bead assortment. This is a timeless style that offers a sophisticated quality with brilliant multi-layered facets that adds remarkable versatility to designs.

The Mini Rhombus Bead comes in a classic diamond shape and is a beautifully delicate addition to the mini bead portfolio. Offered with the same sophisticated, brilliantly multi-layered cut, and in the same 6 mm and 8 mm sizes as the popular Round, Oval, and Square minis, it also comes in 11 effects and 8 colors. Its small size makes it the perfect choice for layering into delicate and intricate looks, or it can be used to offset bigger stones. This versatility extends to both masculine and feminine designs, and it looks great when used to add a striking sheen to graphic patterns.

How to use: Beading, stringing, wiring, sewing, weaving – everything is possible with the Mini Rhombus Bead. Combine with the existing mini bead portfolio (its hole length matches the Swarovski 5052 Mini Round Beads and the Swarovski 5053 Mini Square Beads) to create opulent designs using many beads, or subtle highlights using a select few.


New Swarovski 5055 Mini Rectangle Beads

As a versatile cut offering myriad combination possibilities in size, pattern, and color, the classic rectangle shape that the Mini Rectangle Bead offers, is ideal for use in DIY designs, and to create precious highlights in jewelry. They are available in the 8×6 mm and the 10×8 mm. Convincing as a minimalist and refined design element, it looks great as a standalone feature or in combination with other materials and will never go out of fashion. Although each cut has its unique fascination, the Mini Rectangle is offered in the same range of colors as other mini beads to make the mini bead family even more dazzling in its unity. (contact us for more color options than what is listed on line).


New Swarovski 5056 Mini Drop Beads

The 5056 Mini Drop Bead features the definitive teardrop shape and is a beautifully delicate addition to the mini bead portfolio. A sophisticated juxtaposition of a soft shape with a geometric cut, the Mini Drop Bead offers superb versatility and is ideal for updating any design. Available in the 10×6 mm and the  12×8 mm sizes, it also comes in 11 effects and 8 colors (contact us for more color options than the ones listed on line).


New Swarovski 6022 XIRIUS Raindrop Pendants

This brand new design from Swarovski is a modern interpretation of a classic cut displaying dramatic and spectacular chaton-cut faceting structure fashioned into a drop pendant that is perfect for both elegant and futuristic designs.  For the first time its colorful effect is applied from the top, rather than the side, to achieve a homogenous look. When seen from the side it has a classic appearance, but when viewed from below, the masterpiece of a dazzling kaleidoscopic effect is revealed.

Its conical shape adds sculptural volume, which meets the current demand for architectural pieces and progressive 3D design. It is particularly effective when used to create stand-out statement pieces, and when combined with smaller sizes its water-inspired droplet shape has an exciting nature-tech appearance. This exceptional style can be utilized in necklaces, earrings and eye-catching charm bracelets that are available in a 14 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm and a 33 mm.

 The kaleidoscopic complexity of the XIRIUS cut finds its match only in nature’s miracles: captured in the new XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant is the beauty and wonder of a fresh summer shower. The drop motif is the perfect embodiment of Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal. Look at it from the sidea classic. Look at it from belowa phenomenon!


There are many new styles in the new line of SWAROVSKI EMEMENTS Spring/Summer 2015 Innovations. Please stay tuned for Part 3 where we will explore the new Bow Tie Flatbacks, Butterfly Flatbacks, Bow Tie Sew-On-Stones, Rivoli Crystal Buttons, and Pavé Balls!

Swarovski Amethyst Heart

Sneak Peak: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS New Innovations Spring/Summer 2015!


The brand New Swarovski Innovations for this Spring and Summer have been revealed! This is always an exciting time in the Swarovski world for all those who love to bead and create jewelry made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!

Swarovski introduces this year’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection with a revolutionary variety of fresh and innovative crystal styles, colors, effects or coatings including additional line extensions. Each unique color and effect bursts with a new-found vibrancy, energizing your creativity for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.


‘Traces of Time’

The New Spring/Summer 2015 Swarovski Inspiration is defined as ‘Traces of Time’ which correlates to today’s shifting perceptions of age that introduces a novel way of experiencing its impact on choices, lifestyles, and esthetics.


 New Swarovski Crystal Color: Tangerine

Tangerine is a gorgeous bold orange tone that adds a rich warmth to the Swarovski color assortment.  It’s complex vibrancy connects designers with a delightful romanticism as felt when reflecting on the pure and spontaneous beauty of sunrise or sunset.


 New Swarovski Effect or Coating: Crystal Iridescent Green

The exceptionally unique metallic glow of the Crystal Iridescent Green expresses a multitude of color combinations with hints of greens, yellows and blues shining through a mysterious metallic framework of timeless glamour and sophistication. The mesmerizing expressions of style and refinement compliment both traditional and modern designs. The eclectic color range is a perfect touch of an extra special sparkle that will embolden designs paired with neutral or beige tones such as Crystal Golden Shadow and Silk.

Swarovski Spring Summer Innovations 2015 CRYSTAL IRIDESCENT GREEN PEARL (001 930) - NEW EFFECT

New Swarovski Pearl Effect: Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl

The groundbreaking modernization of the Crystal Pearls with the new Crystal Iridescent Green effect, displays a brilliant amalgamation of gold and green tones enveloped in a semi-matt pearlescent finish that is entirely original. The mysterious dual-tone effect shimmers with luminous radiance and is boastfully a new beauty that stands in a class of its own.


New Swarovski 5750 Skull Beads

Stay tuned for more descriptions coming soon of new dynamic styles including the Swarovski Skull Bead, brilliant Pavé Ball Beads, XIRIUS Raindrop Pendnats, Crystalactite Pendants, Bow Tie Flatbacks, Butterfly FlatbacksCushion Fancy Stones, Mini Drop Beads, Mini Rhombus Beads, Mini Rectangle Beads, Color inspirations and more!