Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trends For Fall 2013! Featuring Samba

Pantone Fall Color Trend Report Bridal Colors

As we all soak up the final warm days of summer, we can enjoy looking forward to the numerous gifts that fall brings. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate the spectacular beauty of nature as the leaves turn with expressions of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. The harvesting of crops, the fun times Halloween brings and the special events for Thanksgiving are all memorable occasions that we share with our friends and family.

Swarovski crystal Light Siam Ring

Crystal Geometric Ring Highlighting Light Siam made with SWAROVSKI Flatbacks

We can draw inspiration from the natural beauty around us, our experiences and excitement for these upcoming activities and pure that creative energy into our passion for designing colorful jewelry that we love to wear and admire.

Pantone trends Fall 2013 color Inspiration Samba

Fall 2013 Color Trends Featuring Samba

Samba is a saturated and spirited red tone that provides an expressive and dramatic look. The Swarovski crystal colors expressed in this fiery and rich foundation are Light Siam, Ruby, Indian Red Satin, Hyacinth Satin and for a deeper red tone, Siam. Similar Swarovski Pearls colors include the gem tone colors of Red Coral and Neon Red and for a deeper more subdued red try the Bordeaux.

Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Beads January Birthstone Siam or Ruby Color

Swarovski BeCharmed Beads Featuring Indian Siam

Express your personal style by incorporating this vivid and luxurious Samba red color in your designs. Whether it’s a statement piece or simple accents, the color red embodies a powerful and energetic quality that sparkles with enticing passion.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Light Siam

Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trends For Fall 2013! Featuring Mykonos Blue

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The colors that we choose to wear are an expression of ourselves, our mood and our passion for creativity. They also represent trends and personal style. For the new Fall/Winter 2013-2014 colder season, trending colors will naturally become more muted and softer according to Pantone, emphasizing the feeling of elegance and femininity. The popular Fall/Winter 2013-2014 color palette is rich with diversity, exploring lush opulent influences along with more subtle and neutral tones ensuring inspirational opportunities for your wardrobe, accessories and jewelry designs endeavors.

Swarovski crystal Capri Jewelry

Featuring Mykonos Blue

The royal and complex tones found in Mykonos Blue which is a plush, bold and meditative shade is inspired by the opulence found the the oceans and rich blue colors throughout Greece.  These beautiful blues are expressed in the Swarovski colors of Capri Blue, Capri Blue ChampagneCapri Blue Satin, Capri Blue AB 2X, Cobalt, and Aquamarine Satin as well as the lighter complimentary tones of Aquamarine, Aquamarine AB 2X, and Light Azore. The complimenting Swarovski Pearls include the two gem tone colors of Lapis and Dark Lapis, as well as the Petrol, Night Blue and Light Blue.

Fall 2013 Pantone Color Trend Mykonos Blue

Try pairing both deeper Emerald and  Linden Greens with Mykonos Blue blue for a classic and relaxed fall look.

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