Top 10 Most Loved Swarovski Jewelry Designs on Pinterest

Swarovski Crystal Round Stone Necklace

Colorful Round Stone Necklace handmade with Swarovski Crystals from Kiss My Sass Jewelry.

There are so many gorgeous Swarovski Crystal jewelry designs to feast your eyes on, I thought it would be fun to showcase a variety of the most loved, admired and pinned inspirations from our Pinterest page. Hopefully these gorgeous designs will infuse your creative spirit with a renewed zest for making uniquely beautiful jewelry!

Purple Earrings

Purple Cluster and Dangle Earrings are handmade by Cameron’s Jewelry Box.

These Swarovski Crystal Cluster Earrings are perfectly purplicious! Made with a variety of Swarovski Xilion Bicone Beads such as Purple Velvet, Amethyst and Tanzanite AB, these beauties feature the 5500 Pearshape Beads in Violet as the center drop.


Swarovski Pearl tiered Necklace handmade by WowThatsBeautiful on Etsy.

This elegant purple ombre pearl necklace features Mauve, Lavender and Cream Swarovski Pearls in an elegant tiered style.

Swarovski Crystal Angel Earrings Purple

Delicate Purple and Silver Angel Earrings handmade by CraftDePeRaft on Etsy.

These charming angel earrings have a sweet personality to them with her body being represented by a 5000-8mm Round Bead in Light Amethyst and a 6mm Lavender Pearl for her head. You could even add a little Crystal Rhinestone Rondelle at the top for a halo.

Swarovski Square and Gold Earrings

Beautiful Swarovski Square Earrings with Gold Wire Wrapped Embellishment.

These very unique and elegant earrings feature a beautifully designed gold wire wrapping around the Swarovski Square Bead.

Swarovski Crystal Golden Shadow and Gold Earrings

Gorgeous Gold and Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Beaded Earrings handmade by TwoTightlyWound on Etsy

All that glitters is gold for these spectacular earrings! Delicately woven gold wire compliment the clusters of Swarovski 5000 Round Beads in a strikingly stylish and eye-catching design.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Beads

Charming Swarovski Crystal Cube Dangle Earrings Found on

These playful Swarovski Crystal 5601 Cube Earrings dance about adding a stylish and lively energy to their lucky owner and admirers alike.

Swarovski Bicone Dangle Earrings

Striking Gold and Bicone Beaded Dangle Earrings Made by Emma Stine

These 5 stranded gold chain and Swarovski Xilion Bicone Beads are dazzling, free flowing and a perfect accessory to compliment to an upscale event.

Swarovski wrap bracelet

Elegant Crystal Wrap Bracelet from Biskops

This simple wrapped Swarovski Crystal bracelet emphasizes the elegance of the 5040 Rondelle Bead in Crystal Silver Shade beautifully. The versatility of this design could be worn as an everyday piece or for a fashionable evening out.

 Wedding Jewelry

Fashionably Refined Pearl and Crystal Wedding Bracelets featured on TheWedding Community Blog. 

Multiple strands of different sized pearl and crystal bracelets are a beautiful way to express your individual style. From delicate pearls and soft rays of Crystal Golden Shadow, to larger statement pieces, it’s a gorgeous way to display both a feminine and fashionable elegance.

Swarovski_5741-Crystal_AB Heart Bead

Swarovski’s XIRIUS Round Stones – Taking Crystal One Step Closer to the Diamond

Swarovski XIRIUS 1088 Brilliance Redefined

Swarovski has upgraded the very popular style 1028 Xilion Round Stones to a new distinction and style number calling it XIRIUS 1088 Round Stones (XIRIUS is a tricky word and is pronounced ZIR-ee-uh s). The upgrade implements a new faceting structure that enhances the brilliance of each stone and all of the sizes will remain the exact same. To ensure that designers are given a vast number of creative options, XIRIUS 1088 is available in a wide range of colors and effects whose depth and variety widely surpass those of top-quality cubic zirconia.

XIRIUS 1088 Swarovski Round Stone

Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy, XIRIUS 1088’s intricate gemstone-like cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling are combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal, taking it one step closer to the diamond.

Swarovski Elements XIRIUS 1088 Video

XIRIUS Video; A New Generation of Crystal, Taking it One Step Closer to the Diamond

XIRIUS 1088 is made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, the new DNA of
crystal. Its new lead-free and superior formula doesn’t only exceed today’s most demanding
industry requirements, it also anticipates those of tomorrow. For SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’
partners throughout the world, ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the responsible choice that leads the
way to success in the market.

Swarovskis new ADVANCED CRYSTAL 100% Peace of Mind – ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the New DNA of Crystal

XIRIUS 1088 is produced according to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. Much more than merely compliant with the strictest laws on the planet, this patented, lead-free formula has changed the DNA of Swarovski’s crystal. Hassle-free, rigorously tested, and completely reliable, it is quite simply the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, providing perfect peach of mind.

Superior –ADVANCED CRYSTAL raises the bar for quality and sustainability in the industry. With its pioneering technology it not only conforms to current valid norms and regulations, it anticipates the changes in the future.

LEAD-FREE – Products labeled with ADVANCE CRYSTAL are free from intentionally added lead in the crystal composition and in other materials used in forward-integrated solutions from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

Swarovski Xirius Refinement

100% Perfection Flawless Cut – Quality Guaranteed

Faceting is the key to crystal’s sparkle and sparkle, in turn is the essence of its irresistibility. The secret to maximizing radiance lies in the exact interplay of multi-layered facets and angles. XIRIUS 1088 does precisely that and is flawless continuation of Swarovski’s inventive and scientifically engineered C-Cut technology. Its complex gemstone-like cut utilizes the science of geometry to its fullest extent: high precision, quality-controlled geometrical and optical measuring, and state-of-the-art technology enable the stacking of triangle on triangle on triangle until it reaches an unmatched brilliance.

Discover Designs and Applications for Swarovski Round and Fancy Stones

Swarovski Crystal Round Stones and Fancy Stones

Discover the distinction of the most brilliant cut on the market!

The stunning Swarovski Round Stones (aka Chatons) and Fancy Stones have exploded in popularity recently and I wanted to highlight the variety of applications that designers utilize, along with vast array of gorgeous styles, colors, and coatings you have to choose from.


Most of the Swarovski Fancy Stones and Round Stones like the 1028 Xilion Chaton and the newest 1088 Xirius Chaton– one step closer to a diamond, feature brilliant faceting and have a pointed back that can be simply set into metal settings with prongs or into pre-cast settings which the stones can be glued into. Please contact me for more information on these settings.


Free Poseidon Reef Bracelet Design and Instructions

Swarovski makes Fancy Stone settings in different shapes and sizes to fit the crystal stones exactly. There are a variety of options with Swarovski settings including a closed/open backs, one or two holes in the sides; options that allow you to easily string the settings into fashionable necklaces and bracelets such as the Poseidon Reef Bracelet made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


Setting Swarovski stones into jewelry molds using an epoxy component is an easy and fun way to create unique designs for all kinds of sparkling projects. There are two great options to choose from: either Crystal Clay or the new product from Swarovski called Ceralun™ , a versatile and strong two-component, high performance ceramic epoxy composite that has been especially developed for the application using Swarovski crystals.


Swarovski makes it a little too easy, providing you with an endless array of gorgeous color and coating options to choose from. The toughest part of it all is deciding on what colors you like best!

Featured Designer ~ Angie from Sparkle Girls Jewelry

Sparkle_Girls_JewelryGet your Sparkle on!

Sparkle Girls Jewelry was created from the love of all things sparkly.  They decided to support their addiction to Swarovski crystal jewelry by starting  their own business and offering it at affordable prices to their friends and family. Thanks to the power of networking their business has excelled beyond their expectations. They understand that their customers are what make their business. Repeat patronage and referrals are what allow them to succeed. That is why customer service and quality are their top priorities. Each one of their pieces are hand made with high quality brass setting components and they only use genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create each piece.


Swarovski Large Teardrop Pendant
This is a gorgeous necklace with two stunning centerpieces shown here with “Caffe Au Lait” Panache Choker and layered with the Multi Stone Necklace. It’s an outstanding and elegant design that is also available in a variety of colors.
Swarovski_Large_Heart_PendantSwarovski Large Heart Pendant
Love is always in style! This lovely Heart Pendant Shown here with “Auburn Sunset” Panache Choker is created using a variety of sparkling colors and elements. You are able to choose your favorite color combinations to personalize  this exceptional piece.
Circle Pendant
The graceful color palate in this Circle Pendant is created with a an elegant blending of beautiful darker to lighter blue tones and is appropriately named “Crystal Ice” Panache Choker with a layered “Fade to Blue” Panache Choker. Customize this piece with a variety of color combinations that highlights your personal style.
Oval Ring
This is a fun and unique cocktail ring incorporating a variety of fashionable stone styles with the Pearshape, Navette and Round Swarovski Xilion Fancy Stones, which are the most radiant faceting structure ever created allowing for more brilliance and sparkle. This special ring can be tailored to your personalized taste in color collection.
I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Thank you!

Swarovski Jewelry Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2013

Swarovski FashionTrends Spring Summer 2013Summer is the perfect time to shine!

It’s a time to be adventurous, splash out, let your hair down, wear new colors and try new things. It’s a time to be creative, dance, listen to new music and to be inspired by the natural beauty of our world.

Swarovski Tropical Paradise Necklace

Swarovski’s new Spring/Summer 2013 “Tropical Paradise” collection made with Swarovski Round Stones and Fancy Stones is a bounty of color inspired by the rich culture of South America  and the exotic hues of the rain forest. Incorporating bold colors such as Fuchsia, Emerald GreenTurquoise, Indicolite, Pacific Opal and other captivating hues to your designs, will compliment warm weather ensembles.


Incorporating different textures such as feathers is a fabulous and stylish way to keep your designs new, fashionable and fresh.

Erickson Beamon Jewelry

Express your creativity through color! This statement piece boasts a dynamic interplay of complex geometrical shapes and a range colorful accents.

The fun part about a colorful necklace is that you can wear it with virtually anything!