Brilliant Crystal Bandings’ Rock-Star Appeal


There are few easier ways to give an outfit serious sizzle than using dazzling Swarovski Bandings Crystal Trim. This ready-made, sparkling embellishment gives instant glam-power with Swarovski crystals fused into various base materials featuring a rainbow assortment of crystal colors and effects.

Swarovski_Crystal_Text_BandingWith several types of application available—Self-Adhesive, Hot-Fix, or No Hotfix—they are all equally straightforward to use on almost any surface. When used on garments, Bandings capture and throw off shards of light in sync with the body’s movement.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Rock Glam

Swarovski “Glam Rock” Bracelet

Long prized by designers in fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, and other industries, the ever-popular Crystaltex Banding is made using Swarovski XILION Flatbacks, while Crystaltex Chaton Bandings features row upon row of tiny, perfectly faceted Swarovski XILION Chatons, famous for their incredible brilliance.

Swarovski Black Golf Bracelet Rock Glam

Swarovski Black Rock Bracelet

Swarovski Crystaltex Chaton Bandings also bear the hallmark of something bespoke; however, appearances deceive, because this shimmering product comes straight off the shelf, available in up to 88 rows of crystals.


Rock Glamour Versatile Twisted Crystal Bracelets

Now, there’s a new interpretation called Crystaltex Chaton Banding Honeycomb. With its delicate, interconnected structure of crystals and sophisticated range of colors and effects, its unusual appearance has huge impact. Swarovski Crystaltex Chaton Bandings also bear the hallmark of something bespoke; however, appearances deceive, because this shimmering product comes straight off the shelf, available in up to 88 rows of crystals.


Swarovski Rock Glamour Twisted Bracelets on Boots

It graces couture ensembles from red-carpet creations to sports-luxe daywear; it twinkles on sandal straps; and it’s used in countless sparkling bracelets.


Like fairy dust, it simply transforms everything it touches!

Swarovski Crystal Heart Fancy Stone Crystal Silver Night

We Stock ’em, You Rock ’em

Fashion Trends and Color Inspirations for the New SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Fall and Winter 2014/15 Innovations! Featuring EXTRAVAGANT SIMPLICITY

Classic Extravagant Simplicity Swarovski Fashion and Color TrendsThe extravagant simplicity style focuses on a pared-back feel is prevalent as the design world becomes focused on what is being termed “Boredom Beauty.” This new design ethic sees basics reinvented with hidden detailing and purpose. Wardrobes concentrate on the achievable and wearable. Alongside this, a new male/female hybrid is introduced. Indeed, there is a strong, ongoing focus on the classic shapes of the past with a modern interpretation. Form follows function as in Bauhaus doctrine, and in this theme, cut and finishing touches are key: details are refined and elegant.

The Mood

Classic The Mood Swarovski Fashion and Color Trends

A firm focus on keeping it straightforward and simple coins the new design ethic of “no-fuss” fashion.

Crystal emerges in clean, geometric structures or as finishing touches to simplified designs.

Minimalistic jewelry styles – clean-cut stones and alternative materials – become the new expression of luxury.

Feminine lines meet masculine style in the new androgyny, where men wear typically “female” colors such as beige, pink, cream, and champagne.

Basics are reinvented to lay the foundation for a wardrobe that will bridge both fashion and time.

Reduced, well-chosen, and functional designs in New Segments take center stage.


Classic Style Product Inspiration Swarovski Fashion and Color Trends

Crystals in small sizes, placed with geometric precision, are used to form patterns or add interest.

Refined geometrics blend harmoniously with minimal designs.

The reinterpreted classic shapes of Fancy Stones and Pendants add a modern finish.

Subtle Sew-on Stones and Beads help to soften the severity of designs.

Streamlined cuts in classic shapes allow harsh purity to morph into modern luxury.


Classic Style Extravagant Simplicity Swarovski Elements Fashion and Color Trends

Classic Jewelry Inspiration Swarovski Elements Fashion and Color Trends

New geometric cuts offer a multitude of combination possibilities to aid the creation of interesting patterns for modern classical jewelry lines.

Jewelry designed by Philippe Audibert


Classic Color Combinations Inspirations Swarovski Fashion and Color Trends

Swarovski Color Inspirations Featuring White Opal, Clear Crystal, Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Golden Shadow, Light Colorado TopazCrystal Metallic Light Gold 2X and Crystal Rose Gold. Complimentary Crystal Pearls include White, Cream, Cream Rose, Light Cream Rose, Platinum, Powdered Almond, Powdered Rose and Rose Gold.

The graceful and sophisticated appearance of these subtle, yet stunning colors and effects enhances each new jewelry or fashion design with a refined elegance that is simply divine.

Classic Segment Inspiration Swarovski Fashion and Color Trends

Crystal is integrated into designs or used as subtle trims or patterning along edges, under collars, or to highlight seams in tone-on-tone combinations.

Pure, clean design brings order and serenity to an over-hyped world.

Solid forms in asymmetrical, geometric cuts are outlined with crystal.

A new breed of synthetics in sharp lines highlights style with purpose.

Fluidity clashes with structure, showcasing a new male/female hybrid.

Stripped-down shapes reflect the consumer need for calm and clarity.

Minimalism gets a makeover with modern material mixing.

Classic Componets Flag Swarovski Fashion and Color Trends

Geometric structures with deliberate attention to detail and clean lines offer a subtle yet strong design element.

Swarovski Fancy Stone Style 4884 WhiteOpal

Sparkles and Smiles!