Etsy Updates ~ Crucial Information You Need To Implement If You Sell On ETSY


Etsy Updates You Need To Know About

For all of you fellow beaders, you may enjoy beading and creating sparkling goodies, crafts and jewelry so much that you have started your own business selling on Etsy. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, then Etsy is a wonderful site that focuses on turning your passion into a business by bringing unique, handmade goods & services to the public.

If you are currently selling your goods or services on Etsy, or have been thinking about starting your own online jewelry shop through this platform, then here are the new updates you need implement to ensure you are reaching more customers.


Etsy is excited to introduce item attributes: new, relevant keywords that they use to match your items to a shopper’s search term. Adding this specific information will make your items more relevant in search results, so buyers can find them more easily.

Attributes will become a factor in Etsy searches on March 27.

Improve Your Discover-ability

Attributes will be new, relevant keywords that Etsy will use to match your items to a shoppers search term, giving you the opportunity to appear in more relevant places.

Give Buyers What They’re Looking For

Soon, Etsy will begin to build search filters based on item attributes, which will connect buyers with results tailored for them.

Create More Detailed Listings

The attributes you select will be featured prominently on your listings, making them easy for shoppers to scan for pertinent information like size, color, and material.

Learn more about how to use attributes when listing an item here.


I hope you have found this information on this Etsy update to be helpful.

If you’re a DIY craft and/or jewelry designer, we have thousands of Swarovski Beads Pendants, Pearls, Fancy Stones, Sew-On Stones and much more for all of your creative endeavors. We hope that you choose our family to be your wholesale supplier of Swarovski Crystals!

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We can order anything Swarovski makes within the components division – even if it’s not listed on our website Please contact us for anything you’re interested in, as we are ALWAYS happy to help!
Harmony and Kashi
Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

My Cousin Got Married! Come See Her Gorgeous Wedding & Our Adventurous Trip!


(All of the professional photos were taken by King Street Studios)

Awwwe Weddings…who doesn’t Love a wedding? Everyone’s looking fancy, smiling, and excited for the happy couple. There’s a palpable romance in the air and there’s just something absolutely magical about sharing and celebrating LOVE!

It was a real treat to be celebrating my cousin Kelly’s wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s my Mom’s brother’s youngest of two daughters and she was marrying Adam Weiss. They’re a super fun couple who love each other dearly and I’m excited to share their AMAZING wedding with you!


Hold your horses for just one minute….before I get to the wedding, we made a little extended trip out of it by first, by visiting Savannah! The Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Savannah!

It can be tough to get the family together these days, so we wanted to take every chance we can get, and this was a great one!


My sister Lily, my parents and I, all had a ball exploring Savannah Georgia.

You can’t see it too well, so here’s a better picture; I’m wearing one of my favorite tassel necklaces that I made with (non other than) what else, Swarovski Crystals (of course)!


I handmade this Swarovski Crystal Tassel Necklace using Swarovski Tahitian Pearls and Aquamarine Satin Crystals. The two colors compliment each other so well and I wear it all the time because it goes with practically everything! The navy blue undertones mixed with a sophisticated sparkle, looks especially  nice with jeans. I sprinkled in some Silver Crystal Rhinestone Rondelles (Swarovski is only making the Rhodium now, which is still very nice, just a slightly darker plating) and I added some extra drama above the tassel with the  Swarovski 80101 BeCharmed Pave Beads. The large hole allows for the thread to easily fit through and attach it to the clasp with a jump ring. I just love the clustered pave crystal look!


Lily & I capturing the moment along the river. Those twinsies smiles just say it all  🙂

Lily handmade her pearl earrings as well. Making jewelry runs in the family! Luckily our parents taught us at a young age & put our little nimble fingers to work! We all helped out making crystal beaded strands and necklaces for the family business. Then we would all have a ball together selling at art’s and craft fairs. Those are the days I cherish the most! Swarovski…bringing our family together, one crystal at a time  🙂

We loved walking all around Savanna and soaking up the rich culture. Seeing the historic Bonaventure Cemetery was a real treat and we even made it to Tybee Island. We happen to catch a terrific jazz festival, which was a fun way to dance off all the fabulous food we were enjoying!

A fantastic time was had by all…now off to meet our brother Jaia, his wifey Breanna and Lily’s hubby James in Charleston for the wedding!


Here’s the Schmidt crew (Harmony, Jaia and Lily). I’m the oldest, but somehow the shortest…how did that happen?

We had a fun, albeit HOT & HUMID Fall day exploring Charleston.


We’re all smiles as we head off to the rehearsal dinner!

You can’t really see our jewelry well, but Lily is wearing a necklace and bracelet I made with dainty fresh water pearls in a light cream color mixed with Swarovski Crystals in Rose Satin and  Light Rose Satin. Her dress is actually a baby pink and complimented the dress beautifully.


I’m wearing the new Swarovski Crystal 6533-33mm Raindrop Pendants as earrings in Blush Rose with Gold plating. I absolutely ADORE them! I can’t say enough about this gorgeous style. I have worn this shape in different colors of earrings and layered necklaces almost every week since receiving them. I can’t get enough of them!

Every time I wear them, I receive more compliments then the last – honestly it’s my favorite style Swarovski has made – I know I  know – they make so many beautiful styles and I shouldn’t pick favorites – but I can’t help it! It’s won my heart! They are just so elegant and easy to make jewelry with! OK, I think my rant is over, thanks for bearing with me 😉


It’s Rehearsal Dinner Time! Yay!

We had so much fun catching up with the fam! I’m sitting next to my cousin Holly, (Kelly’s sister) who I just LOVE so much! She’s next to her hubby Tim, who is super fun, great guy all around and so glad he’s apart of our family! What a fun night with everyone!

Next up….the BIG day!


Here’s the whole family (minus my hubby Mike). He was a real trooper holding down Rainbows of Light while I go off and play! Well, somebody’s gotta ship those sparkles to you, and although Kashi’s a smart pup, somehow a girl just doesn’t appreciate a bag full of bones in the mail when she’s expecting a bag full of Swarovski Crystals  😉

My Mom is wearing the Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Tassel necklace that I made her for her Birthday! It made me feel so good that she wore it and loves it so much! I made it with Black Swarovski Pearls, Crystal Silver Night, Black Diamond and Crystal Silver Shade beads, along with accents of Gold Black Diamond Rhinestone Rondelles and finished with a Gold clasp. I also added an 80101 BeCharmed Pave Bead in Black Diamond.

My sister-in-law makes jewelry as well and she’s wearing beautiful Swarovski Crystal and Pearl dangle earrings. She makes custom jewelry for all kinds of occasions. Check out all her sparkling goodies at:

I bet you’ll never guess what earrings I wore to the wedding  😉


Oh how did you know? Haha…Yep, of course, my fave 6533-33mm Swarovski Crystal Raindrop Pendants in Crystal Silver Night with the Rhodium finish. I told you, I just can’t get enough of them!


Here’s the lovely bride and she’s looking more beautiful then EVER!

Kelly is a personal stylist, so this girl KNOWS fashion. She’s wildly successful and so much fun to be around. She’s also one of the most hilarious people I know and loves to have fun with life! Her soon to-be last name is Weiss, so she cleverly named her wedding website Twice The Weiss (too cute!)


This shot is adorable! They’re both so excited to see each other for the first time on their wedding day!


Even MORE Adorable!


Here comes the Bride…

She’s escorted down the isle by my wonderful, loving Aunt Sue. We were all tearing up that her Dad, Tom couldn’t be there. Unfortunately he passed away many years ago after his battle with cancer. He was the most fun-loving person, we all loved him very much and I know that he was there in spirit. Kelly embroidered Toms initials on her sash and there were caring sentiments said before a moment of silence to honor him.


Even at the alter, Kelly’s doing what she does best…cracking Adam up!


Getting married and doing the happy dance!


Sealed with a kiss!


They were made for each other!

The Wild & Wonderful Weisses!


What a gorgeous wedding party with the rich amethyst and plum tones mixed with natural green hues.


The setting was stunning!


They had a twist on the traditional sit down dinner, opting for smaller intimate tables inside and out on the balcony, where people could sit wherever they wanted. I loved it!


Lets kick off this celebration with their first dance…awe!


My cousin Holly gave the best matron of honor toast! It was funny, sweet and heart-warming. I just love this picture, all those smiles just makes me smile!


How about some more dancing!


And the celebration continues….with a fun sparkling sendoff!


A little wardrobe and venue change to get this dance party started!


Get your glow sticks on & dance like it’s 19-99!

Needless to say, we danced the rest of the night away.

WOW! What a fun wedding & memorable adventure!

Thanks for coming on this little trip with me & hope you had fun too!


Harmony and Kashi

Warmest Regards, Harmony and Wonder Girl, Kashi

Be Dazzled By the Brand NEW SHIMMER EFFECT from Swarovski!

Introducing Swarovski’s Newest Flatback Effect


The New SHIMMER Coating by SWAROVSKI is absolutely BRILLIANT!

Honestly, Swarovski never sises to amaze me! They continually push the envelope and create innovative shapes, colors and effects that delight the senses. This new sparkling innovation is exceptionally dazzling!


Why a new product you ask? Well, the dance world asked and Swarovski listened!

The Shimmer effect gives you the edge on the competition!


(Picture compliments of BYU Dance Competition)

The New Shimmer Effect was created especially for dance sport, but of course, they can be enjoyed by all! The dance market is a huge industry, and a growing one at that. Just look at ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and all of the dance competitions around the world, their sparkling costumes are absolutely gorgeous and let’s face it… they’re having just a little too much fun out there – (I want in!) with all of their twists, and turns, dips and doodles (ha, I threw in doodles just for fun and… to keep you on your toes 😉

Those dancers have got some real sparkling swag! And now you can too!

Why is SHIMMER so Special?


Exude Elegance with Confidence!

Shimmer Effect adds more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refractions to your dance costumes. The Swarovski Shimmer Effect provides a softer, more elegant shimmer that radiates 3 shades of a single color and accentuates every move.


Shine Bright with Confidence!

Unmatched quality, durability, and glamour to ensure the highest level of performance is achieved. Swarovski is the finest machine cut crystal in the world and has enjoyed this standing for over 150 years!


Wear with Confidence!

Lead-free Rhinestones or Crystal Flat backs are lighter in weight, allowing your costumes to be as light and free flowing as possible. Lead free crystals are complient with applicable laws and regulations giving you complete confidence when the stones are in contact with skin, hair and nails.


Wash with Confidence!

Wash resistant and durable foiling provides you with crystals with showcasing effects that remain sparkling and intact after machine washing or chemical cleaning.

Below are the Colors Currently In Stock for Immediate Delivery:

swarovski-crystal-flatback-fuchsia-shimmer-effect swarovski-crystal-flatback-fuchsia-shimmer-effect-wholesale

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Fuchsia Shimmer

swarovski-crystal-flatback-light-siam-shimmer-effect swarovski-crystal-flatback-light-siam-shimmer-effect-wholesale

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Light Siam Shimmer

swarovski-crystal-flatback-peridot-shimmer-effect swarovski-crystal-flatback-peridot-shimmer-effect-wholesale

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Peridot Shimmer

swarovski-crystal-flatback-siam-shimmer-effect swarovski-crystal-flatback-siam-shimmer-effect-wholesale

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Siam Shimmer

The Shimmer Effect is Available in 15 Colors and 5 Sizes


Once on the website, click on the size you like and choose from the 15 Shimmer Colors available. ss12(~3mm), ss16(~4mm), ss20(~5mm) , ss30(~6.5mm) and ss40(~8.5mm)

Below is a Stone Size chart to see the conversion between ss and mm

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Black Diamond Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Blue Zircon Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Citrine Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Cobalt Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Erinite Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Fuchsia Shimmer

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Hyacinth Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Light Sapphire Shimmer

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Light Siam Shimmer

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Peridot Shimmer

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Siam Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Silk Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Tangerine Shimmer 

Wholesale Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flat back Rhinestones Topaz Shimmer 

Here is a Swarovski Stone Size Chart that Converts ss to mm



Rainbows of Light has been a wholesale dealer for over 35 years. We are officially an Authorized Reseller of SWAROVSKI Crystals, ensuring you that you are receiving genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones at the best wholesale prices around! 

Please contact us today for your free samples and see for yourself why the new SHIMMER EFFECT is truly Brilliant!

Be the First to Shimmer Before the Worldwide Launch in February!

Only a select few Swarovski dealers were given the opportunity to stock the New Shimmer Effect before the worldwide launch in February. We were among the first and now you can be among the first to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity!

Please contact me with any questions, as I am always more than happy to help!

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shinning!

Swarovski_5741-Crystal_AB_Heart Bead

Colorful Crystal Bikini Design & Instructions ~ DIY Summer Fashion!

Free Swarovski Crystal Instructions on how to crystalize a bikini

DIY Colorful Polka Dots Bikini

Go girlie and get the ’70s vibe with this pretty crocheted polka-dot bikini sprinkled with sunshine, thanks to Yellow Opal Flat Back Hotfix from Swarovski. Now lose the phone, head for the beach, and chill!

Adding Swarovski Crystals to your bathing suit is super simple with the Hot Fix Rhinestones. Simply place the stones where you want them and iron them on, it’s as easy as that! You can also use a Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix applicator to apply the stones individually. You can use the colors in this project or customize it with your favorite colors. Click here to choose from a beautiful selection of colors and sizes:

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in Hot Fix

Free Swarovski Crystal Instructions on how to add crystals to a bikini bathing suit step by step instructions

SWAROVSKI Crystals Used in this Project

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2078 16ss Aquamarine Hotfix 26 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2078 16ss Black Diamond Hotfix 26 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2078 16ss Rose Peach Hotfix 26 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2078 16ss Yellow Opal Hotfix 26 pieces

Free Swarovski Crystal Instructions on how to add crystals to a bikini bathing suit step 1

Free Swarovski Crystal Instructions on how to add crystals to a bikini bathing suit step 2

Free Swarovski Crystal Instructions on how to add crystals to a bikini bathing suit

STEP 1: Place Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix art. 2078 onto the bikini. Place a transfer film on top of the Swarovski Crystals and iron the transfer film to adhere the crystals onto the bikini. Gently pull the transfer film back. If any of the crystals do not stick, replace transfer film and iron once more.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Bead Blush Rose

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

DIY Fashionably Warm Swarovski Crystal Mittens! The Perfect Sparkling Gift To Warm Hands & Hearts!

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments

Baby it’s cold outside!

The magical holiday season is in full swing, snow outside and its getting cozy inside.
It’s the perfect magic atmosphere to get creative and prepare your Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years presents for your loved ones. Making gifts you know they will wear and love is always extra special! Here is a fun project that is both practical and beautiful for all those people in your life who like to be warm and fashionable!

Take an old knitted jumper and turn it into gorgeous mittens. It’s a combination of different DIY techniques with cutting, sewing and stitching. They are the perfect sparkling gift to warm their hands… and their heart!

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments instructions

Below are the SWAROVSKI Crystals along with the supplies and tools you will need for this project. Let your creativity be your guide by incorporating your favorite colors and styles into your personalized style!


Swarovski Crystal 3188 Light Chrome

Swarovski Crystal 3188-4mm Lochrose Sew On Stones Crystal Light Chrome 56 pieces (contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal 3188 Crystal Scarabeaus Green

Swarovski Crystal 3188-5mm Lochrose Sew-on Stones Crystal Scarabeaus Green 24 pieces (contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal 3188 Clear

Swarovski Crystal 3188-5mm Lochrose Sew-on Stones Clear Crystal  24 pieces

Swarovski 3259-Crystal

Swarovski Crystal 3259-12mm Heart Sew-on Stones 6 pieces of Clear Crystal.

Supplies and Tools

Supplies: 5mm Nylon thread,0.5mm, transparent, Jumper/sweater (recycle an old one)

Tools: Pencil, Scissors, Sewing machine, Sewing needle

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 1

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 2

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 3

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 3b

 DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 4

Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1: Trace the outline of your hand on a piece of tracing paper and cut the pattern out; repeat for the other hand or just mirror the first one. Place the pattern over an old jumper or sweater and cut out the shape adding 5mm to the edge of the border. See the illustrations for clarification of this step.

STEP 2: Place the front-sides on top of each other and sew the mitten together. Turn the sewn mitten right side out. Repeat for the other mitten.

STEP 3: Sew all the Swarovski Crystals on the material list onto the mittens as depicted in our illustrations with this step.

Keep cozy creating these warm and sparkly mittens!

Swarovski Crystal Black Heart

DIY Face Gems ~ Applying Swarovski Crystals to Your Face Is Oh So Fun!


(Picture compliments of

What to be, what to be for Halloween this year?? I didn’t plan my costume out in advance this year, so on the day of I found myself rummaging through our costume/party box full of fun wigs, funky sunglasses & all kinds of comical pieces, one of my favorites being a bright pink cowboy hat. I had just worn the pink cowboy hat, so alas I was uninspired.

Just then a light bulb went off in my mind!


Ah ha! CRYSTALS! I looooove crystals & have them everywhere, so why don’t I embellish my face!

Harmony Halloween 2015

It was so fun, really easy and I always love getting creative!

If I had more time, I would have added a lot more. Who knows maybe next year I’ll be a crystal princess and go all out!

Harmony Halloween 2 2015

I couldn’t find body glue anywhere, so I used eyelash glue and it worked really well. Just a little dab will do ya. I put a tiny dab of glue on my face and used the Crystal Katana to pick up the crystals and apply them to the glue. I pressed down for a few seconds and then it was on to the next. It was that simple!

I was inspired by this gorgeous picture!

Swarovski Crystals on face

(Picture compliments of Toni Malt)

I applied different colors and sizes of the Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flatbacks to the areas that I wanted sparkle.

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Amethyst

I started with the 2088-20ss Amethyst and 16ss Amethyst Swarovski Rhinestones.

Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones Clear Crystal Wholesale from Rainbows of Light  Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Crystal AB

I used the 2088-16ss Crystal and 2088-12ss Crystal and Crystal AB for the detailed fill in work.

Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2520 Rectangle  Swarovski_5741-Blush_Rose_Heart-Beads

I also used a couple pieces of the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2520-10x8mm Cosmic Style as well as the 2808-6mm Heart Flatback Rhinestone (super cute heart, one of my faves!)

Swarovski Crystal Sew on Stones 3223 Nevette stones from Rainbows of Light

I found some of these cute Swarovski Crystal 3223-12mm Nevette Sew On Stones and threw a few of these on. They have a flat back which worked well and I just love this shape. I wanted to add different shapes and colors to make it as unique as possible.

2494 Swarovski Crystal Starlette Flatback Rhinestone from Rainbows of Light  2540 Curvey Swarovski Crystal Flatback

For some dramatic accents I applied the Swarovski Crystal 2494-10mm Starlet Flatbacks as well as the 2540-7mm Curvey Flatback in the beautiful coating of Crystal Paradise Shine.

2709 Swarovski Crystal Rhombus Flatback wholesale from Rainbows of Light

Last but certainly not least, I used the 2709-13mm Rhombus Swarovski Crystal Flatback for the center.

Harmony and Kashi Halloween

Here’s Kashi & I getting ready for trick-or-treaters!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I’d love to see you or your kiddo’s/doggies costumes!

Swarovski_5741-Fuchsia Love bead

Mani Magic ~ How to Rock This Stylish Trend & Apply Swarovski Crystals As Nail Art!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)  Manicures provided by OPI. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

One of the hottest fashion trends is nail art. It has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years and for good reason. Not only is it a stylish way to be creative, most importantly, it’s FUN!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios) Design by On Aura Tout Vu. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

Everyone loves to express their own unique style and nail art is a fabulous way to be creative and do just that! There are endless options to create distinctive looks, whether it’s to match your special outfit, get in the mood for different Holidays or just freshen up your everyday look, painting and accessorizing your nails is a perfect way to enhance your individual style!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios) Manicures provided by OPI. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

To upgrade your design even further, adding Swarovski Crystal Flat backs to your nails is extremely popular and you can see why, it’s chic and glamorous to enrich your nails with a touch of sparkle.

Swarovski flatbacks

 The smaller crystal sizes are ideal for nail art, such as the 2088-10ss and 2088-12ss. The clear Crystal is especially popular, as it looks very similar to a diamond and the Crystal AB is another favorite, due to the array of yellow, pink and blue rainbow style sparkles. There are also many unique styles to choose from to create a truly personalized design.


Applying the crystals is very simple when using this amazing tool called the Crystal Katana.

Watch this instructional video on how to apply Swarovski Crystals to your nails. CREATE YOUR STYLE Nail Ambassador demonstrates how to use Swarovski crystals to turn your nails into your newest, most sparkling accessory! Learn the tips and tricks to adding sparkling crystals to your nails on classic nail enamel using nail glue or setting the crystals in the top coat of a gel manicure for long lasting glam!

The best part about this fashion statement is you can go as simple…

nail art

or as decadent as your heart desires!

nail art with Swarovski Crystals

Feel free to post pictures of your own sparkling nail art, I would LOOOVE to see them!!

Keep Smiling and Keep Sparkling!