DIY Face Gems ~ Applying Swarovski Crystals to Your Face Is Oh So Fun!


(Picture compliments of

What to be, what to be for Halloween this year?? I didn’t plan my costume out in advance this year, so on the day of I found myself rummaging through our costume/party box full of fun wigs, funky sunglasses & all kinds of comical pieces, one of my favorites being a bright pink cowboy hat. I had just worn the pink cowboy hat, so alas I was uninspired.

Just then a light bulb went off in my mind!


Ah ha! CRYSTALS! I looooove crystals & have them everywhere, so why don’t I embellish my face!

Harmony Halloween 2015

It was so fun, really easy and I always love getting creative!

If I had more time, I would have added a lot more. Who knows maybe next year I’ll be a crystal princess and go all out!

Harmony Halloween 2 2015

I couldn’t find body glue anywhere, so I used eyelash glue and it worked really well. Just a little dab will do ya. I put a tiny dab of glue on my face and used the Crystal Katana to pick up the crystals and apply them to the glue. I pressed down for a few seconds and then it was on to the next. It was that simple!

I was inspired by this gorgeous picture!

Swarovski Crystals on face

(Picture compliments of Toni Malt)

I applied different colors and sizes of the Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flatbacks to the areas that I wanted sparkle.

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Amethyst

I started with the 2088-20ss Amethyst and 16ss Amethyst Swarovski Rhinestones.

Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones Clear Crystal Wholesale from Rainbows of Light  Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Crystal AB

I used the 2088-16ss Crystal and 2088-12ss Crystal and Crystal AB for the detailed fill in work.

Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2520 Rectangle  Swarovski_5741-Blush_Rose_Heart-Beads

I also used a couple pieces of the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2520-10x8mm Cosmic Style as well as the 2808-6mm Heart Flatback Rhinestone (super cute heart, one of my faves!)

Swarovski Crystal Sew on Stones 3223 Nevette stones from Rainbows of Light

I found some of these cute Swarovski Crystal 3223-12mm Nevette Sew On Stones and threw a few of these on. They have a flat back which worked well and I just love this shape. I wanted to add different shapes and colors to make it as unique as possible.

2494 Swarovski Crystal Starlette Flatback Rhinestone from Rainbows of Light  2540 Curvey Swarovski Crystal Flatback

For some dramatic accents I applied the Swarovski Crystal 2494-10mm Starlet Flatbacks as well as the 2540-7mm Curvey Flatback in the beautiful coating of Crystal Paradise Shine.

2709 Swarovski Crystal Rhombus Flatback wholesale from Rainbows of Light

Last but certainly not least, I used the 2709-13mm Rhombus Swarovski Crystal Flatback for the center.

Harmony and Kashi Halloween

Here’s Kashi & I getting ready for trick-or-treaters!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I’d love to see you or your kiddo’s/doggies costumes!

Swarovski_5741-Fuchsia Love bead

Crystal is the New Canvas ~ Imagine your Exquisite Pictures Printed in Crystal!!

Swarovski Crystal Motifs Wholesale

Have your image taken in Crystal!

This New Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Product will have you seeing images in a hole new light!

Countless Images – Endless Possibilities!

Putting the “image” into “imagination” and taking it to new creative heights, Swarovski presents a new graphic technology that opens up a world of design possibilities – with unprecedented richness of detail!

The new Graphic product group can be used to print individual motifs – such as pictures, graphics, logos, or lettering – onto customer favorites Crystal Fabric, Crystal Rocks, and Crystal Fine Rocks.

Crystal is the new canvas!

Swarovski Crystal New grafics for Crystal Rocks and more


Graphic delivers unlimited possibilities, adorning textile items and accessories such as shoes and bags, as well as jewelry, watches, eyewear, mobile accessories, or homeware.


Graphic creates an entirely singular, personal look as unique as a fingerprint. It can be used to produce a variety of different designs such as images, slogans, logos, letters, words, and even complex motifs. Choose your favorite image and make it sparkling and everlasting!


With nearly endless color and effect combinations, Graphic offers a multitude of color gradations, stroke widths, and placement options.


Graphic offers three different printing possibilities on three separate product groups, available in a wide assortment of colors and effects. The three different printing possibilities, either on or underneath the crystal, or a combination of both, enrich your personal motif with a sparkling 3D surface for stunning effects in a series of application fields.

Swarovski Crystal Foil Print

1. Foil Print The motif is printed on the foil underneath the crystal, which means…The brilliance of the crystal remains intact — Blurred contours can be used as a design element, e.g. for millefleurs motifs.

Swarovski Crystal Glass Print

2. Glass Print The motif is printed on crystal, which means…Highly precise reproduction of the motif, even with minute details and small fonts — No blurring — Matte effect can be used as a design element.

Swarovski Crystal Combination of foil and glass print

3. Combine these methods to…Create spectacular depth effects — Highlight special features of the design.

As a true highlight and stunning innovation, the Graphic Fabric, Fine Rocks and Rocks speak to the rising demand for personalized design items. It highlights our desire for an individual look in a world of mass production.

Swarovski Crystal Fabric, Fine Rocks, and Rocks

Swarovski new products

Benefit from Swarovski’s longstanding experience and design expertise and enjoy limitless options to produce your very own creation!

Send your image to us and we will confer with Swarovski about your image, the assessment process, approval and delivery time period for you.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks Fabric

This new stunningly beautiful and unique innovation is ideal for use in the textile, interior design, jewelry and accessories segments.

Out shine the world and transform your images in dazzling new ways!

Swarovski_5741-Fuchsia Love bead

Fashionable Jewelry and Color Trends For Fall/Winter 2016-17 ~ Focusing On The Classic Style: Protectors of Equality

New Swarovski Crystal Colors and Effects Fall Winter 2016 Innovations Crystal Scarabaeus Green and Light Chrome

Swarovski’s New Innovations for Fall/Winter 2016-17 are nothing short of exceptional!

SWAROVSKI ~ The World’s Finest Crystals

Swarovski has been the premium brand for the world’s finest crystals since 1895. With more than 120 years’ experience of exception quality and mastery in cutting, Swarovski produces light-filled crystals of spectacular range and brilliance!

Swarovski consistently creates innovative products bringing you cutting edge designs for jewelry, fashion, textile and home decor. Their trend experts are as precise and reliable as the faceting structures on their crystals.

Swarovski Crystal Innovations and trends

Today we explore one of the four upcoming jewelry and fashion trends highlighted by Swarovski to help inspire you in creating new sparkling designs!

Overall Theme:

Power to Shine

‘Resilience’ is the keyword for Fall/Winter 2016/17. Social disquiet brings a need for self-reliance, with people taking their future into their own hands to create a better society where everyone has the power to shine.

Fall winter 2015 jewelry and color trends

Classic: Protectors of Equality

A feeling of cohesion is sweeping the world. Segment: Accessories

Swarovski Crystal Color Trends fall winter Classic

Color Combinations and Product Inspiration

Soft and strong are combined with an updated blend of red, violet and peach tones to reflect a contemporary unisex direction. Black and Burgundy hues merge with Amethyst to add extra depth and strength to this color palette.

Swarovski Innovations and fashion color trends Classic

Swarovski Crystal Product Inspiration

Edgy crystal shapes play on notions of both elegance and toughness for an updated armor effect in accessories.

The soft violet and crystal with the slightest hints of blue hues of Crystal Vitrail Light transition exceptionally well with the classically complex sparkle of Crystal AB. These are wonderful complimentary colors to the deeper tones of Amethyst, which blends very well with the rich bordeaux quality of Burgundy. Crystal Silver Night is a perfect progression into the deeper perspective of the always and forever-popular Jet black.

Swarovski Crystal Color and jewelry fashion trends in Classic

Designs will increasingly reference strength and power, with embellishment and decoration becoming fiercer; showcasing a desire not to back down.

Amethyst, Burgundy and Jet are traditional Fall and Winter staple colors and when these are mixed with the lighter elements of purple and peachy hues (Light Peach Crystals and Peach Pearls), it adds a little more balance and progression to the color palette as well as an uplifting feeling.

Color inspirations trends Classic

Color inspiration for Fall/Winter 2016-17 trends

As we move down this color trend guide, similar Swarovski colors include Chrysolite, Peridot, Crystal Luminous GreenLight Peach, Peach Pearls, Silk and Crystal Brandy. Violet, Crystal Vitrail Light, and Crystal Lilac Shadow. Amethyst, Amethyst Satin, and Purple Velvet. Cyclamen Opal, and Violet Satin. Erinite, and Crystal Iridescent Green. Many of these colors compliment the new  Crystal Scarabaeus Green and Pearl beautifully!

Swarovski Jewelry Trends and Inspiration

Shiny and matt materials continue to merge, bluring the borders in a subtle not to no-gender design and reflecting the approximation of gender opposites.


Swarovski Jewelry Inspiration

Delicate yet solid chains are embellished with crystals, emphasizing strength and resilience.

Dark metals and dark surface coatings appeal to both men and women, taking on fluid forms that reflect movement and progress.


Please let me know if I can help you pair colors together for your designs and creations. This is what I LOVE to do and I’m always happy to help!!

Keep smiling and keep sparkling!!

As a Designer, Ask Yourself This One Meaningful Question…


(Photo compliments of Beautiful English Garden)

Today I fell in love with this simple, yet genuinely profound idea that can affect many aspects of our lives. Now, I don’t mean to be dramatic about it, but I think it’s important to take a moment and to honestly think about this worthwhile question.

The question is…why does beauty matter?

Beautiful butterflies

There are all kinds of answers to this question. A few that I have been reflecting on, is that beauty inspires us. Beauty helps us to pause and reflect on the joyous qualities of life. Beauty brings us happiness. Beauty is an expression of love.

I suppose a follow up question would be, where do you create or appreciate beauty in your everyday life?

Why Beauty Matters

This picture and short article from is what inspired these thoughts on beauty.

Beauty should be the starting point for everything

Beauty can be found in everything….and I mean everything. It can be found in the smallest, most unassuming elements of life. It can be found in your morning cup of delicious coffee. It can be found in a single rose petal. It can be found in the words we say…or don’t say.

When I really started to amplify this idea and apply it to my life, I began thinking about the smallest details that I see and do every single day. Details that are beautiful and the details that could be made more beautiful.

DIY Beautiful Jewelry Organizers

The obvious beauty is how we dress, the jewelry we wear, the home we create. Maybe less obvious, is how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, our inner and outer vocabulary, and the tone of our voice. It’s always good to remember that everything we say and do has it’s effect in this world.

As we incorporate more beauty in our lives and become more aware of the beauty all around us, we in-turn become more beautiful.


(compliments of

We as designers need to truly remember that, it’s not just the end product of what we make that is beautiful. The process of making that product is also beautiful. The inspiration behind our creations, is beautiful.

Every time someone compliments your jewelry, that becomes a beautiful moment. We are creating and spreading beauty every step of the way, and that in-of-itself, is absolutely beautiful!

Swarovski Crystal Heart Beads 5741-Blush_Rose

Please share your thoughts/pictures on how or why beauty matters to you!

DIY Swarovski Sandals ~ Sparkle Every Step of the Way!

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions

Step out in style this summer in charming boho-chic sandals. Raise your fashion game with gorgeous easy-to-apply Swarovski crystals in leaf patterns, which catch the light as you sit sipping something cool and refreshing. From sunrise to sunset, beach to barbecue, slip them on with your sunglasses and get that carefree holiday feeling!

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Banner

Swarovski crystals

Article Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code

Pearshape Fancy Stones 4320 20 pieces 8x6mm Crystal Iridescent Green 001 IRIG

Pearshape Fancy Stones 4320 4 pieces 14x10mm Crystal Gold Patina 001 GOLPA

Trilliant Fancy Stones 4706 4 pieces. 12mm Dark Moss Green 260 Settings 4320/S 20 pieces 8x6mm Gold 1 PH2OZ Settings 4320/S 4 pieces 14x10mm Gold 1 PH2OZ Settings 4706/S 4 pieces 12mm Gold 1 PH2OZ

Globe Beads 5028/4 24 pieces 6mm Fern Green 291 (or you can use style 5000 Round Beads)

Bicone Beads 5328 34 pieces 4mm Dark Moss Green 260

Bicone Beads 5328 62 pieces 4mm Olivine 228

Supplies & Tools

Supplies: Alcantara, black, 20x18cm Fusible Interlining, 20x9cm Nylon thread, transparent, 0.15mm, 6m

Tools: Double sided tape, Iron, Scissors, Sewing needle, Sheet of paper, and Tweezers.

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 1

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 2

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 2 B

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 3

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 4

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 5

DIY Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops Design and Instructions Step 6

STEP 1: Print and cut out the leaf pattern.

STEP 2: Cut two 20x9cm pieces of Alcantara fabric and cut a 20x9cm piece of fusible interlining. Place the interlining between the two pieces of Alcantara and iron the 3 layers together.

STEP 3: Adhere the pattern to the fabric with double sided tape and cut out the shape. Flip the pattern and cut out a mirror piece of the fabric. (See illustrations for clarification.)

STEP 4: Insert Swarovski Fancy Stones art. 4320 8x6mm, 14x10mm and art.4706 12mm into Swarovski Settings as shown in this step using tweezers. Cut 1m nylon thread and sew half of the Swarovski Crystals in the material list onto one of the pattern pieces. Sew the other half onto the other pattern piece.

STEP 5: Sew the created leaves onto the sandals as depicted in the illustrations


Have fun sparkling every step of the way!

Get Your Crafty Kicks On This 4th of July & Celebrate CHUCKS “GLORY DAYS”

DIY 4th of July Chuck Taylor Swarovski Crystal Shoes

Add a little twinkle to your toes with a pair of statement sneakers. Finish off your high-tops with eye-catching Swarovski crystals sewn on to patriotic red, white and blue for some extra Fourth of July sparkle. And when Independence Day celebrations are over, wear them to make every day a dazzle day!

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor shoes with Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski 3288 – 8mm 42 pieces Crystal Sew-on Stones

Swarovski 3288 – 10mm 3 pieces Crystal Sew-on Stones

Supplies & Tools

White sewing thread, red and blue fabric paint. Carboard, 3x3cm Paint brush, a pencil, a ruler, scissors and a sewing needle.

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions page 2

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions page 3

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions page 4

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions page 5

DIY Swarovski Crystal Chuck Taylor Shoes design and instructions banner

STEP 1: Use our pattern or draw a 2cm star onto a cardboard as shown in our illustrations with this step.

STEP 2: Use the cardboard star template and a pencil to draw stars all around one of the shoes. Draw horizontal lines around the other shoe with a pencil to make 1.5cm wide stripes.

STEP 3: Paint the horizontal stripes on the one shoe in red and the background around the stars of the other shoe in blue.

STEP 4: Tie a double knot onto a sewing thread and sew Swarovski Sew-on Stones 3288 8mm Crystal on top of the red stripes. (Do not pierce through to the inside of the shoe with the needle and thread). Repeat the steps with the horizontal rows and the stars as shown in the illustration and material list.

Swarovski_5741 Heart Bead Light_Siam

Sparkle as You Walk Down the Aisle with These Stunning DIY Embellished Shoes!

Wedding bouquet

Gorgeous bridal bouquet from Style Me Pretty

Once in a blue moon, in the middle of an ordinary life, love comes along and catapults you into a fairy tale. Make the most of it! Sparkle with Swarovski crystals as you walk down the aisle. Twinkle as you dance the night away and shine as you hug your guests.

DIY Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes

These beautifully DIY Swarovski embellished shoes will complement your wedding dress as you take the first steps of your married life.

DIY Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes banner

Please contact us for items not listed on line, we can certainly order them for you and the setting are very inexpensive.

Article Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4200 Navette 14pcs. 11x3mm Crystal 001

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4228 Xilion Navette 16pcs. 15x7mm White Opal 234

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4230 Lemon 2pcs. 19x12mm Crystal 001

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4328 Xilion Pear 16pcs. 8×4.8mm Crystal 001

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4328 Xilion Pear 16pcs. 10x6mm Crystal 001

Settings 4200/S 1PH2OH 14pcs. 11x3mm Rhodium

Settings 4228/S 1PH2OH 16pcs. 15x7mm Rhodium

Settings 4230/S 1PH2OH 2pcs. 19x12mm Rhodium

Settings 4328/S 16pcs. 8×4.8mm Rhodium

Settings 4328/S 16pcs. 10x6mm Rhodium Ceralun (A+B) Sys.# 5011395 White SP 300

DIY Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes Step 1

DIY Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes Step 2

DIY Swarovski Crystal Wedding Shoes Step 3

DIY Swarovski Crystal Elegant Wedding Shoes

STEP 1: Place Swarovski Fancy Stone art. 4228 15x7mm White Opal into the Swarovski Settings art. 4228/S 1PH2OH 15x7mm Rhodium and gently close the prongs over the stone using tweezers. Repeat the step with all other Swarovski Crystals in the material list.

STEP 2: Mix the Swarovski Ceralun® according to the package instructions. Affix the Swarovski Settings with Swarovski Fancy stones onto the shoe using the Swarovski Ceralun®. Please note that you have to glue one half of the shoe first, let it dry and then glue the other half as shown in our illustrations with this step.

STEP 3: Repeat the steps 1-2 to create the other wedding shoe.

Have fun creating these stunning shoes!

Swarovski Love Bead