Spring/Summer Swarovski Color, Jewelry Trends & Style Inspiration ~ Focusing on the Progressive Trend: WATER

Swarovski Blue Color inspirations

New Swarovski Crystal Spring and Summer 2017 Innovations:

The Balance of Nature Focusing on The Progressive Trend WATER

WATER is arguably the most fundamental and powerful of all life forces. Water is essential to life, we simply cannot survive without it. Water is dynamic. It can be both devastatingly violent, or tranquil and calming. Whether we celebrate its depth and stillness, or simply gaze it in contemplative awe – water with its symbolic sense of rebirth and renewal, is influencing our life in new ways and holding the design world in thrall.

Swarovski Color and Jewelry Trends Spring Summer 2017

So often we look to nature to inspire us in many aspects of our life and water is shaping our world in a variety of new ways. Wellness spas centered on water and hydrotherapy are on the rise, while aquariums and underwater hotels help to highlight the inherent beauty of the marine environment.

Swarovski Crystal Water color and jewelry trends Spring Summer Innovations

Fashion and Jewelry Trends

Jewelry designs, fashion motifs and home decor that echo the brilliant hues of coral reefs, draw our attention to the need to preserve these fragile marine environments. They help us to be more mindful in protecting  our natural habitat and help us to be aware that clean water and keeping our ecosystems pristine, is inherently vital to our continued wellbeing.

Swarovski Crystal Sea Urchin Round Stone Jewelry Spring Summer Trends

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Trends

Our fascination of underwater life continues grow and trend, where mysterious creatures and new fantastic crystal shapes, such as the New Swarovski Crystal 2612 Jelly Fish Flatback and 1695 Sea Urchin Round Stone, lend endless inspiration to designers. This on trend jewelry design displays the beauty of the Swarovski Jelly Fish Flatback glued into settings and connects the the Swarovski Crystal 4139 Round Rings in vibrant hues such as Crystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Virtail Light. A beautiful reference to movement and flexability with this free flowing type of aquatic design inspiration!

celinecousteau New Swarovski Crystal Innovations

Céline Cousteau, the granddaughter of the ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, does not only follow in his footsteps as a celebrated filmmaker. She is also a humanitarian and environmentalist, committed to saving the treasures in the depths of the oceans for future generations.

She collaborated with Swarovski for these Spring/Summer Innovations, to bring the depths of aquatic elements on land and crystallize them for all to enjoy! By creating pieces to wear, these styles help us to honor our connection to the oceans and nature itself.

Swarovski_6730_Crystal_Bermuda_Blue_Radiolarian_Pendants Spring Summer Innovations and Trends   Swarovski_6731_Crystal_Luminous_Green_Sea_Snail_Pendants Spring Summer Innovations and Trends

The Swarovski Crystal 6730 Radiolarian Pendant and 6731 Sea Snail Pendant are perfect elements to incorporate into designs that bring the magic of the sea, to life!

New Swarovski Crystal Spring Summer Innovations and Trends Progressive Sale

Bright colors and unique styles lend to beautiful new designs that unite our desire to feel closer to the enchanting life from the depths below.

New Swarovski Crystal Spring Summer Innovations and Trends Progressive Water Color Inspirations Crystal Sale

Swarovski Color Inspiration Highlighted in this Spring and Summer Progressive Trend

Swarovski’s new Yellow Opal color is a bright and cheerful opal hue that reminds me of lemon meringue. It’s light and fluffy with almost flex of gold sparkling throughout and blends well with Jonquil and Powder Yellow Pearls.

Beautiful oceanic blues include Crystal Bermuda Blue, Sapphire, Crystal Blue Shade, Indicolite, blending into Crystal Scarabaeus Green, Fuchsia, Crystal AB, Tanzanite and Crystal Light Chrome.


Swarovski Crystal Athleisure wear trend

(Athleisure Wear Trend Pictures Compliments of SWAROVSKI)

Athleisure wear continues to be very popular with the idea that athletic wear can also be stylish and upgraded with embellishments using Swarovski Crystal Sew-On Stones, Swarovski Crystal Buttons and Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones. Fashion focuses on form with easy-to-wear pieces in bright hues, boldly decorated with crystal for a new day-wear design aesthetic.

Swarovski Crystal Athleisure wear Rock this popular trend

To make your Athleisure tops more fashionable, apply Transfers or Crystal Tex to add a bit of glamour. Geometric shapes arranged with an organic feel are especially popular. (please Contact Me for ordering details)

Athletic wear will continue to be very popular. The trend is moving towards embellishing athletic wear with Crystals and creating designs that can be dressy enough to transition from workouts into day activities, even work (if permitted), and (sometimes) even day into evening. It’s all about being able to transition from the gym or your yoga/palates class into your daily life, seamlessly. To do this well, your athletic wear needs to be fashionable and accessorized with crystals. (Any chance to add more Crystals into my life, well, what’s not to LOVE?!!)

DIY Apply Swarovski Crystals to pants

DIY Instructions on Applying Swarovski Crystals to Sports Pants


Jewelry designs and embellished fabrics will embrace shapes generated by the movement of water – undulating, wavy elements are heavily embellished with crystal.

The fluidity of modern lifestyles extends into fashion. Glittering crystal components reflect the beauty of light on water.

Swarovski New Innovations Spring Summer 2017


Swarovski Crystal Athleisure wear Rock this trend

Sports inspired elements such as bands and straps are combined with crystals to create new luxury details and accessories. Who doesn’t want to be fashionable while they get fit?

Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelets

Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelets are a fun, easy-to-wear splash of sparkle to add to your athleisure wardrobe. They’re lightweight, and best of all – they s-t-r-e-t-c-hmaking them simple as-can-be to take on and off! They make perfect gifts because they fit most wrist sizes and because they stretch, you can wear them up higher on your arm if you like it to stay in place (while you get your workout on, or just chasing around those energetic kiddos). You can also wear them loose around your wrist and stack them with a variety of beautiful colors. Sooooo many great options with these Swarovski Crystal Bracelets – no wonder they’re so popular!


Swarovski Crystal Embellished Nike Shoes

Put a little pep in your step by embellishing your trainers! It’s just yet another popular trend to add in your athleisure gear. You can never have too many Crystals – head-to-toe!

Swarovski Crystal Swim Wear Trend Spring Summer Fashion

Retro Glam Swimsuit

What would water fashion trends be like without your water suit?! Incorporating Swarovski Crystals into everything you wear this summer, even right down to your swimsuit, is a fun way to express your individual style!

Swimwear with Swarovski Crystals Trend Spring Summer

This embellished swimsuit adds sparkling Crystal elements such as a 80101 BeCharmed Pave Bead in the center along with Swarovski Pendants dangling and beaded Crystals throughout.

Take your swimsuit and make it your very own by sewing, gluing, beading or hot fixing your favorite styles of Swarovski Crystals on and turn your suit into a glamorous piece of shimmering artwork. (better have your shades on when this bikini hits the sun 😉

Swarovski Blue Color inspirations

Something to Smile About ~ SWAROVSKI Gives Back!


Cwarovski Clean Water

Responsibility for nature is an integral part in Swarovski’s DNA. Since the company’s founding by Daniel Swarovski over 120 years ago, they have been committed to the care and preservation of our planet’s natural resources. They have optimized the energy use and emissions of their production across the entire value chain and with projects like the Swarovski Waterschool program they provide the supply with clean water in emerging regions.

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!


Come With Us On A Dazzling Adventure To The Bead and Button Show!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals wholesale to the public

Wow! What a whirlwind adventure at the 2015 Bead and Button Show!

As you all know this was my very first trade show and it was a fabulous experience!

I grew up helping my parents with their booth at arts and craft shows around the Southwest (I was such a youngster in this biz, I spent my youth with a baby bottle in one hand and a crystal in the other) Needless to say, it’s in my blood and I feel at home meeting and helping all of our wonderful customers in person.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals happy customers

I want to shout it from the roof tops…THANK YOU to our FANTASTIC customers!! I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you who stopped by, called in or emailed me words of support. Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it meant the world to me!! Everyone loved the sparkly booth and seeing your smiling faces in person made it all worthwhile!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light

My soon-to-be sister in law Breanna from Crystal Princess and I had a ball together! We were catching up and laughing together the whole trip. She was a huge help, bringing beautiful jewelry and working with customers giving top-notch service with her gorgeous beaming smile!

She has been making custom handmade jewelry for many years now  and has extensive knowledge with all of Swarovski’s products, which was a major plus. Who knows, maybe one day she could work for us full time…now that would be a dream come true!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals color combination

People loved how they could see all of the crystals hanging up instead of sifting through trays on a table. They also loved that many frames were organized by complimentary color combinations and not just by one style, that way they could create jewelry in their favorite color palette by incorporating unique styles  they had never thought of before.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals Flowers

Look at this beautiful surprise I received from my super duper, always supportive, absolute best hubby in the whole world!! He’s also the most hilarious, best friend and co-owner anyone could ever ask for!!

As I was preparing for the show, I was watching a lot of Ted Talks (I find them endlessly fascinating & learn so much). I watch one entitled “The Key to Success? Grit” Afterwards, I excitedly told Mike, that’s me, I have so much Grit! From then on, my new nickname has been “Lil’ Grit” Needless to say, I was dying laughing when the flower delivery man came to the booth asking for “Mrs. Lil’ Grit”…oh boy, too funny. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun and after 18 years together, it just keeps getting better!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals patina necklace

This necklace sure received a lot of oohas and aahs. I made it using the Swarovski 6106-38mm Pearshape Pendant in the new Black Patina finish. It captured the attention of many until it was joyfully bought by Gene, our very friendly AirBnB host.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals Stretch Bracelets

The new Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelets were a smashing hit! From young to old and from bead store owners to beginners, these little sparkling beauties were all the rage! They are certainly eye catching. I would definitely recommend them to re-sellers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. They make perfect gifts as well because they are 7 inches and stretch to fit most wrists sizes.

Looking back on the months of preparation; hand painting and crystalizing all of the lavender frames, repackaging crystals in new and improved bags, making jewelry, printing business cards, arranging the display and on and on (the details are excruciating to think about). 35 hours in the car, 19 hours of set up and 6 hours of breakdown… Yowzahhas, now that’s a lot of Grit! But It sure is fun to go from dull…

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals

To Dazzling!

Rainbows of Light

Thanks again for all of your love & support, I take it to heart and sincerely appreciate it!

Swarovski Violet Heart Bead