Top 10 Highlights from the Dazzling Tucson Gem Show!

Wire Lux meeting

One week later and I’m already missing the excitement “high” you get from exploring the magical Tucson Gem Show!

Meeting Linda from Alacarte Clasps was an extra special treat! She demonstrated how to use her amazing WireLuxe products and wow, I have to say I was really impressed with her extensive knowledge and creative ideas.

Wire Lux Options

Her innovative product compliments Swarovski Crystal colors and effects exceptionally well. Just look at all the color options that you can bend/twist/ mold these bracelets or necklaces into virtually any shape. So fun, creative and beautiful!

Wire Lux and Swarovski Crystal Design InspirationBeautiful design idea using the WireLuxe, Swarovski Crystal Mesh, the 6470 Ellipse Pendant and the 6525 Wave Pendants in Light Amethyst. (please contact me for the Crystal Mesh options – we can order anything Swarovski makes!)

pearl necklace design inspiration

Elegant necklace design inspiration highlighting Swarovski Gold and Bright Gold Pearls with a 4547 Baguette Fancy Stone in Crystal Copper surrounded by a gold setting.

geod face

You never know what you’ll find around the next corner! This stunning work of art was made entirely out of natural crystals and geodes. SO AMAZING!

 flower amethyst geod

Nurtures’ beauty always astounds me! Look at this perfect white crystal flower blossoming within this amazing amethyst geode!

 swarovski crystal mesh rhinestones

Here a sparkle, there a sparkle, everywhere a crystal sparkle! Rolls and rolls of colorful Swarovski Crystal Cup Chains and just dreaming of who or what they will adorn!

Druzy with 5040 Swarovski Rondelle Bracelet

Getting the dizzies with druzies! Loved this sparkling crystal encrusted druzy bracelet using Swarovski Crystals 5040-4mm in Crystal Silver Shade.

 Swarovski 5600 Cube Ring Purple

Creative with Cubes! This is a Swarovski Crystal 5600 Offset Cube encrusted in a rhinestone setting!

Swarovski Cluster Cube ring

Clustered Cube Ring with 5600-6mm and 8mm Offset Cubes dance on my finger!

service doggie

Last but certainly not least…this adorable service pup with pink bows and all bringing smiles to all the visitors!

Oh you lovable Tucson Gem Show…I miss you already!

Swarovski Heart Beads

If you attended the Tucson Gem Show this year or a previous year, I would love to hear all about it! Please share your special experience!

Fall and Winter 2014 Jewelry Trends ~ Focusing on THE SEDUCTION OF TOUCH

Romantic Color Assortment Fall Winter 2015 trends

Romantic Trend ~ The Seduction of Touch

Simple things that bring us luxury and joy are conveyed in this theme.

“Dreams of a luxurious everyday in which a measure of leisure and comfort is seen as a way to express one’s freedom of thought as well as artistic and creative inclinations” (Peclers AW15-16)

Swarovski crystal fall winter 2015-16 trends the seduction of touch

We seek a sense of safety and security as the digital world continues to overwhelm us.

Longing for human touch as an antidote to the remoteness of digital communication, we snuggle up in over-sized layers that provide luxurious reassurance. Faux furs, plush piles and soft knits are delicately embellished with small crystals. A strong focus on the zip becoming the fashion fastener of choice as the sportswear trend continues to gain momentum for both tailoring and casual wear. (please contact us for Swarovski Crystal zipper information).

Romantic Colors Inspiration

The Swarovski Romantic Color Inspiration seduces the senses by inviting you to play with luxurious combinations that move from saturated, more hardy tones found in nature to softer and more playful ethereal hues.

Orange tones such as Tangerine and Topaz begin on the left and blend well with all of the natural tones such as Crystal Copper, Crystal Chili PepperCrystal Bronze Shade, Smoked Topaz, Light Smoked Topaz, Bronze Pearl, and Crystal Golden Shadow transition nicely with Vintage Rose into Light Rose and Rose. The new Smoky Mauve color is soft purple tone with hints of a crystal-light grey mixture, making it an ideal hue to progress into clear Crystal or Crystal Silver Shade, Black Diamond, Grey Pearls and Crystal Silver Night.

Swarovski Fall Winter2015-16 trends the seduction of touch

Jewelry designed by Miranda Konstantinidou

Vibrant Tangerine introduces a strong focal point, offering warmth and radiance to a reduced color palette underpinned by the subtle refinement of Smokey Mauve. The contrasting effects of matt and shine are married together. Crystals in smaller sizes offer delicate appeal for an instant ‘touch me’ effect.

Jewelry is smooth, sensuous and soft-edged, with crystals set closely together to form a fluid entity.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Volcano

City Lights by Frann Healey, UK

This gorgeous Swarovski Crystal beaded necklace incorporates a stunning blend of vibrant colors that work very well together, such as Rose, Fuchsia, Fireopal, Colorado Topaz, Amethyst, Chili Pepper AB and  Crystal Volcano. Similar energetic color combinations include Crystal Astral Pink with Tangerine, which is quite exceptional and try incorporating Crystal Copper with these hues because it adds a beautiful transition between the orange family tones and the natural darker or lighter brown hues such as Smoked Topaz, Colorado Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz and Crystal Golden Shadow.

Romantic Components Flag Fall Winter 2015-16 Jewelry and Color Trends

Fashion Inspiration

Crystal adds a delicate touch in sparkling formations, snuggling into over-sized weaves cushioning the body in a sober yet powerful mood, referencing stay-at-home comfort.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh

 Lavish lightweight textiles are trimmed with Swarovski’s Crystal Fine Mesh, which is a fabulous product that can be utilized in all kinds of beautiful and creative ways from textiles to jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh Earrings

Crystal Mesh and Fine Mesh is an artists’ dream come true! The dramatic sparkle of crystals clustered together is stunning and the ability for movement provides for graceful designs. It is also very user friendly, coming in large rolls, you are able to easily cut it into any dimension or shape you can dream of.

Romantic Transfer Flag Fall Winter 2015-16 Jewelry and Color Trends

Subtle radiance and a sense of seductive touch and warmth are conveyed through intertwining, interlinking Crystal Transfer Designs that set out to sooth the soul.

Organic lines are created in natural, luxurious textiles like silk, wood, and precious metals. Lightweight materials and fibers are woven, tangled, and knitted into a cozy chaos.

Swarovski Crystal Heart

Swarovski Color and Trend Inspirations Spring/Summer 2015 – Glamour




There is a continuing trend to beautify clothes with a focus on elaborate detail in design as … “The flirtation with opulence and decadence from last season continues.”

 Other cultures continue to inspire us: exploring our Arab neighbors’ opulent and exquisite detailing, we transfer inspiration from decadent interiors and architecture to adorn our bodies. Sensual, seductive Arabian nights; the exotic and the ordinary merge together to create a veiled and hidden design ethic that speaks to the sensual side of the self.

An exciting combination of the past and future is shown in luxurious and laboriously made heritage fabrics with exquisite crystal borders and embroidered detailing. A wildness is in the outlook, with glamour being redefined into a free and easy style, increasingly linked to the self.

We desire to lose ourselves in spectacular, swaying silhouettes of crystal-adorned cloth to celebrate the simple beauty of being alive, of belonging.




Oriental graphics and architecture inspire the elaborate shape and design of over-the-top jewelry.

The circle symbolizes cycles, new beginnings, and continuity – overtaking the triangle shape that stood for growth and stability.

The continued rise of the tattoo – denoting belonging to a tribe – has crossed into fashion design with the recreation of intricate patterns on clothing.

Accessories have turned to a focus on feet as we envisage the return of the heavily bejeweled sandal or intricate anklets as art forms.


Jewelry design bu Auden Featuring the 4320 Pearshape Fancy Stone in Crystal Metalic Light Gold (contact us for details)

Extravagant Fancy Stones combine with fine crystals to imitate modern oriental patterns. Subtle sparkling elements create opulent design details.

The lines between jewelry and accessories continue to become increasingly blurred, particularly in the head-wear segment.

Harking back to the glamour and opulence of a mystical past, exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detailing in New Segments speak for a renewed interest in the ancient Orient.


Glamour Trend Crystal Color Inspirations

Crystal Iridescent Green Pearls add a sophisticated accent to the dark color pallet, while playing with polar opposite directions of Matt and shine.

The precise cuts of the mini size beads and larger Pendants create a stunning play between light and shadow. Bold oversize shapes create 3D crystal structures for over-the-top sophistication.

01: NEW! 6017/G Crystalactite Pendant grand partly frosted Crystal CAL (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

02: NEW! 6017/G Crystalactite Pendant grand Crystal Silver Night (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

03: NEW! 6019/G Crystalactite Pendant grand Crystal Silver Night (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

04: NEW! 4470 Cushion Cut Fancy Stone Crystal Iridescent Green

05: NEW! 4568 Cushion Fancy Stone Crystal Silver Night

06: 5000 Round Bead Crystal CAL Fully Coated (contact us for details)

07: NEW! 5054 Rhombus Mini Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

08: NEW! 5055 Mini Rectangle Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

09: 5056 Mini Drop Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

10: NEW! 5750 Skull Bead Jet

11: 80501  Becharmed Pavé Cabochon Beads Jet Hematite with Matt Finish

12: 80901 Becharmed Pavé Spike Beads Crystal CAL

13: NEW! 86001 Pavé Ball Bead Black Diamond

14: 5810 Swarovski Pearl Mystic Black

15: NEW! 5810 Swarovski Pearl Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl

16: 5817 Swarovski Half Domed Pearl Black

17: NEW! 6428 Crystal Iridescent Green Pendant

18: 2038 Swarovski Xilion Flatback Hot Fix Crystal Metallic Light Gold (contact us for details)

19: 53 731 088 Stainless Steel Crystal Stud (contact us for details)

20: NEW! 20 401 001 005 082 001  Crystal Mesh Crystal Irridescent Green (contact us for details)

Swarovski Black Heart Bead