See the New Swarovski Crystal Spring / Summer 2021 Innovations


Swarovski presents its crystal trends and innovations for Spring/Summer 2021. This season’s theme is TIME TO SHINE, an acknowledgment of the transformative power of “significant moments” on a society whose attention span has been conspicuously influenced by digitalization.


 As the digital era colonizes more and more of our attention span, time itself has become a valuable commodity. To compensate, we seek to increase our bandwidth so that we can slow down and live in the now, appreciate time with loved ones, and enjoy activities that bring us happiness. These are the sparkling moments from which memories are made.  

Introducing Swarovski’s Newest Color IRIS for Spring/Summer 2021


The Swarovski crystal color Iris is an exquisitely new expression of purple within the Amethyst family. Paler than Amethyst (a deep purple), yet blazing more intensely than Light Amethyst (a pale purple), it is an indulgent, elegant purple with a new-luxe note. Iris was created in order to bring forth a lighter “Amethyst” color, yet with more intensity than “Light Amethyst”. Exquisite for Spring and Summer inspired designs or degradé patterns, Iris is the ultimate in brilliance and intensity among the lilac spring shades.

Order Now Swarovski 5328 Bicone Beads and 5000 Round Beads in the New Iris

1-5328-xillion-bead-pmhi.jpg  2-5000-classic-bead-pmhi.jpg

Order Now Swarovski 5328 Bicone Beads Pacific Opal Shimmer 2X and 5000 Round Beads in the New Pacific Opal Shimmer

swarovski-5328-bicone-beads-pacific-opal-shimmer-2x-shop-now.jpg  swarovski-5000-round-beads-pacific-opal-shimmer.jpg

Order Now 5810 Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Rose Pearl and Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Blue pearl

4-5810-crystal-round-pearl-pmhi.jpg  3-5810-crystal-round-pearl-pmhi.jpg

Order Now Swarovski 6433 Pear Cut Pendants




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The New Spring/ Summer Swarovski color Iris and Iris Shimmer blends beautifully with Amethyst, Cyclamen Opal, Light Amethyst Shimmer & Tanzanite 


Swarovski’s Opal Shimmer Line Extension New Colors Include Chrysolite Opal, Cyclamen Opal, Pacific Opal, Rose Water Opal, Yellow Opal, White Opal 

The new Swarovski Shimmer and Shimmer 2X Effects are now available to meet the market demand for additional crystals with a more opaque/ opalescent appearance. These Swarovski colors are the best-matching color-effect combinations that fit perfectly with the new trend-inspired summery colors, as well as with the new Crystal Iris and the new Crystal Pearl pastel tones.

The New Swarovski Crystal Pacific Opal Shimmer & Shimmer 2X pairs well with Crystal Iridescent TahitianChrysoliteOpalSilky Sage Delight, and Vitrial Medium


Introducing the New Swarovski Pearl Color Iridescent Dreamy Rose – Innovations Spring/Summer 2021

The Swarovski Pearl color Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Rose is a romantic & delightful! Soft and whimsical touches of pale pink blends flawlessly with a fresh radiance of the iridescent shine. This striking pearl brings a sophisticated enchantment to minimalist designs, especially when teamed with the existing natural Pearl palette. It also introduces a mesmerizing sheen to futuristic themes, particularly when mixed with Opal Shimmer effects. 


Introducing the New Swarovski Pearl Color Iridescent Dreamy Blue – Innovations Spring/Summer 2021

The Swarovski Pearl color Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Blue is day dreamer’s delight! Delicate hints of pale blue, unifies effortlessly with a refreshing brilliance of the iridescent shine. This dazzling pearl brings a sophisticated enchantment to minimalist designs, especially when teamed with the existing natural Pearl palette. It also introduces a captivating sheen to futuristic themes, particularly when mixed with Opal Shimmer effects.


Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal 6433 Pear Cut Pendant

This gemstone-inspired crystal Pear Cut Pendant from Swarovski features a 44 multilayered faceting structure Compared to a real Cubic Zirconia, the Swarovski Pear Cut Pendant is approximately a quarter of the price, plus the this pear-shape has a perfectly polished, clean hole with rounded edges.


Fashion and bridge jewelry creators will enjoy the enduring status the Pear Cut style has had throughout time and continues to inspire us now. Create “fine jewelry looks” thanks to the brilliance of Swarovcski’s unfoiled Pear Cut Pendant, which you can use as a standalone piece in an open-back design. For the DIY segment, the Pear Cut Pendant offers a splendid array of project possibilities, from simple earrings to sophisticated necklaces.

Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal Cutie Cutes – Retail Ready Solutions – Becharmed and Pavé


Extravagant Brilliance Trend: The rise of the Kidult (an adult that prefers items deemed more suitable for a younger cohort), the desire for happiness, and the need for emotional connection has seen a new element of quirky cuteness infiltrate sophisticated wardrobes. Taking their cue from Kawaii style – charming, optimistic, playful and appealing, these gorgeous Cutie Cutes generate instant appeal and add a touch of joy to any ensemble.

Heralding an era of over-the-top individualism where eccentricity is key, these delightful crystal combinations play into the ethos of a new design era steeped in fantasy with a hint of quirkiness as we dress to inspire and engage. In this highly individualized era of communication and expression, the Cutie Cute becomes an emoji all of its own.

These crystal charms are a perfect expression of the easy-peasy 1-2-3 DIY jewelry projects that people can make to tell a story with quick and easy customization to express themselves and their individuality. Highly differentiated assortment available to create a unique look expressed through Swarovski crystals.

Are you new to jewelry making? No frustration and no design skills required with the Swarovski’s Cutie Cutes pre-made jewelry is ready-to-wear. Your DIY designs are sure to succeed using the easiest DIY crystal jewelry available, easily creating necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Thanks to their small size and their cute and creative look, Cutie Cutes will allow anyone to express their emotions and feelings in a subtle, more intimate way.

Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal Geometric Flat Backs 


New Swarovski Crystal Geometric Flat Backs include the wonderfully versatile Concise Hexagon, Elongated Hexagon, Concise Pentagon, and Elongated Pentagon. Designed with side lengths that match, they combine easily with existing Geometric Flat Backs, making richly embellished designs simple to achieve.


  New Swarovski 4460 Mystic Square Fancy Stone – Innovations Spring/Summer 2021

 Introducing a classic cushion shape with a highly faceted look, the Swarovski Mystic Square Fancy Stone captures fabulous futurism and traditional elegance in one charismatic stone. Its contemporary-precious looks are created by a grooved reverse side and precision-cut facets to the front. Available in four sizes, five colors and six effects, it makes an impressive centerpiece as well as perfectly complementing both fine jewelry and modern looks.


New Swarovski Ignite Effect – Innovations Spring/Summer 2021

Highly individual designs become more achievable with the new Swarovski’s Ignite Effect. Ignite is like no other product on the market. The Swarovski Crystal Ignite Effect is an unfoiled option for Crystal (001), Aquamarine (202) and Lt. Rose (223) for only the most classic outer shapes of Fancy Stones and Round Stones. The Ignite coating, although unfoiled back, still maintains a vibrant & color saturated sparkle. Enabling open-back settings to be used, it offers new ways to imitate fine jewelry looks, making it brilliantly versatile.


New Swarovski Crystal 4162 Elongated Oval Fancy Stone

The Swarovski Crystal 4162 Elongated Fancy Stone is a sleek and contemporary look allowing for the creation of modern, elongated designs. The Elongated Oval stone is representative of the Sleek Shimmer Trend where designers are exploring themes of longevity, versatility and flexibility in new products and designs that have soul and emit feeling.


New Swarovski Crystal 1400 Dome Round Stone


The new Swarovski Crystal 1400 Domed shape Round Stone was inspired by the roof of a cathedral (dome) and plenty of facets that create vintage and glowing looks. Perfect for both fine jewelry imitation and vintage costume jewelry designs, suitable for setting, gluing and Ceralun.

Light Rose Color is Available within Swarovski’s Core Assortment

Swarovski’s color Light Rose is the most classic and the most used of all the pink shades in the crystal color assortment. Light Rose corresponds to the gemlike Pink Sapphire color. Pink shades in crystal are always in high demand, as light colors display intensity of sparkle. Light Rose is within Swarosvki’s Core Assortment, meaning this pink color will be available in most of the assortment’s classic styles.


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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS New Innovations Fall/Winter 2015-16!


New Fall and Winter 2015-16 Swarovski Innovations!


What an exciting day with the launch of the New Swarovski colors, effects and styles for this seasons’ Fall and Winter 2015-16 collection!

These new innovations look goooorgeous darlings and I Love them already!!

The overall theme for Fall/Winter 2015/16 heralds a sense of new freedom from strict precision.

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Smokey Mauve

The Newest Swarovski Color is called Smokey Mauve, which is an elegant blend of a sophisticated grey tone combined with a soft lilac hue that provides an air of delicacy and romance. This is an ideal color that is on-point with the current purple trend that has been so popular. This delightful new shade provides a beautiful, dreamy feel for day-wear and transitions effortlessly into elegant evening looks.

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Crystal Paradise Shine

The Newest Swarovski Effect is called Crystal Paradise Shine, which is an absolute perfect name for this flawless finish! This carefree and joyful effect expresses a lighthearted mood brilliantly, whose metallic multicolored complexities shine with purple, blue and green sparkle that creates an explosion of vibrant color.

Swarovski Crystal Irridescent Purple Pearl New Fall winter 2015-16 Innovations

The Newest Swarovski Pearl color is called Crystal Iridescent Purple, which is a mysterious and dynamic two-toned purple-green color coated with a lustrous metallic shimmer. Similar to the very popular Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl, this uniquely rich sheen is strikingly exquisite, evoking a fashionable yet vintage glamorous look.


Introducing two New Styles in the Swarovski Flatback Crystal Collection, the Starlet Flatback and the Curvy Flatback!

Swarovski Crystal 2494 Starlet Flatback Smokey Mauve New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

The Swarovski 2494 Starlet Flatback Hotfix and No Hotfix has taken the traditional square shape and added a curvaceous, playful design that is perfect for this season’s sports-chic look.

Swarovski Crystal 2540 Curvy Flatback New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

The Swarovski 2540 Curvy Flatback Hot Fix and no Hot Fix has a very interesting and mesmerizing character with a dynamically strong faceting structure for optimal brilliance.

Swarovski Crystal 81 501 BeCharmed Pave Medley Bead New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

The New Swarovski BeCharmed Pavé Medley Beads are amazingly fascinating! For the first time ever you have a Swarovski bead that incorporates smaller and larger stones along with different styles and colors, all in one bead to give a uniquely captivating design. The new style numbers of 81 304, 81 403, 81 504 are available in numerous types of color combinations for all your creative endeavors!

Swarovski Crystal 84 501 BeCharmed Pave Ceramics Bead New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski 84 501 BeCharmed Pavé Ceramic Beads.This unique style incorporates the subtle quality of the ceramic crystal, with its muted colors and marble like appearance you experience the quality of Swarovski crystal conveying an understated charm.


Introducing the exceptionally radiant Swarovski 85 001 Pavé Thread Ring Bead!

Swarovski Crystal 85 001 BeCharmed Pave Thread Ring Bead New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

This dazzling new bead is available in either one or two holes, lending everyday opulence to homemade crystal items, accessories and jewelry!

Swarovski Crystal 5378 Cross Bead New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

The mysterious New Swarovski 5378 Cross Bead, with its echoes of Gothic fashion and dark romance, emerges from the subculture onto the international catwalk. Straight cut, with a top-down hole and a new modern metallic finish, it lends itself to earrings, bracelets, charms or necklaces – a new cult classic.

Swarovski Crystal 5748 Arrow Bead New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Making the most of the high fashion geometric shape trend this year is this New Swarovski 5748 Arrow bead. This strong style can be incorporated into a variety of fresh and fun jewelry designs. With its unisex form, you are able to create jewelry complimenting the rocker-chic aesthetic celebrated in the punk inspired fashion, as well as western influences and the ever popular chevron patterns and motifs.

Swarovski Crystal 6465 Queen Baguette Pendant New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

The New Swarovski 6465 Queen Baguette Pendant’s contemporary faceting and cool outer shape adds classic sophistication to both masculine and feminine designs. Well suited to crystal hobbyists, it also works well in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and fashion accessories.

Swarovski Crystal 6724 Sun Pendant New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski 6724 Sun Pendant, whose expansively radiant faceting structure is quite literally a burst of sunshine!

Accompanied by its distinguished counterpart, the 6724/G Sun Pendant is partly frosted providing an ethereal characteristic, similar to glistening snow as rays of sunshine beam through.


The new Vision Designer Edition marks the first-ever collaboration between Swarovski and Atelier Munsteiner, a German design house renowned for its multi-award-winning gemstone cuts, fine jewelry and sculptures.

Combining the uncomplicated appeal of simple cuts with the playfulness of mirrored reflections, these ingeniously crafted crystals bring to mind frozen water, with mysteriously encapsulated air bubbles forming a perfectly geometrical, flower-like shape within the crystal.

Available in three of the most popular shapes for Jewelry and Accessories—the round, square and hexagon—it offers endless design possibilities.

Swarovski Crystal 1681 Vision Round Stone Designer addition New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski 1681 Vision Round Stone Designer Addition!

Swarovski Crystal 4481 Vision Square Fancy Stone Designer Addition New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski 4481 Vision Square Fancy Stone Designer Addition!

Swarovski Crystal 4681 Vision Hexagon Fancy Stone Designer Addition New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski 4681 Vision Hexagon Fancy Stone Designer Addition!

Swarovski Crystal 4503 Tapered Baguette Fancy Stone New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the traditionally elegant New Swarovski 4503 Tapered Baguette Fancy Stone!

This beauty has a stylish twist, flaunting a slightly larger bottom which is certainly a trend worthy geometric shape, complete with a graceful and opulent sparkle.

Swarovski Crystal 3011 Clover Crystal Button New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the charismatic New Swarovski 3011 Clover Crystal Button, with its playful and charming character, you can’t help but feel lucky in love!Swarovski Crystal 3259 Heart Sew-On Stone New Innovations Fall Winter 2015-16

Introducing the sweetest and most lovable New Swarovski Crystal 3259 Heart Sew-On Stone!

It is said that a dream is a wish that your heart makes, so let’s all make our sparkling dreams come true with a beautiful little song…. sing it with me now…..”put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place and the world will be a better place for you…and me…you just wait and see!”

What a wonderfully uplifting song…listen to it below & feel the love!

Swarovski Crystal Heart

I hope you LOVE these New Fall/Winter 2015-16 Swarovski Innovations as much as I do. We are diligently working to get them up on the website as soon as possible, so please check back or contact us for details.