What is the Spell Bound Jewelry Trend?

New Jewelry Trend: Spell Bound

How Nostalgia For the Past is Shaping Jewelry Trends for a Spell Bounding Future.


You may be asking yourself, what are the new jewelry trends for this Spring and Summer?

One new jewelry trend for your Spring and Summer designs is a trend Swarovski has creatively named SPELL BOUND. The Spell Bound Trend is an enchanting progression towards blending and merging the past and present, to transcend the future.

What shapes and colors will you be using to create new designs and capitalize on this enchanting jewelry trend? 

Swarovski offers a variety of beautiful beads expressing a classic and timeless style, that will help you to create designs that compliment this jewelry trend perfectly.


The Newest Swarovski Crystal Baroque Beads and Mirror Fancy Stones Pay tribute to this emerging Jewelry Trend, providing a new format for historical designs.

Designers turn to the past in an effort to find solutions for tomorrow. As a renewed sense of nostalgia gains foothold during these modern times. The 5058 Crystal Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing.


Societies around the world are exploring new ideals, rituals and shamanism. As we look to spells and stars for guidance, we honor the notion that the world of magic exists.



The use of mystical-inspired symbols highlights the continued rise of the importance of storytelling.

An ethereal, estranged mood that accepts and embraces the darkness, holding it up to the light for examination and looking to the past as a way forward.

Dark and dangerous, yet with a magical shining allure, the underworld is exposed.

A creeping interest in black magic, voodoo rituals, witchcraft, shamanic medicine and astrology is on the rise.

It is time to explore innovation in forgotten ideas, bring forth design ideas from the past in order to create a unique balance for the future.


The underworld is exposed in designs that look as though they have emerged at midnight.

Crystallized surface fabrics add opulence and dimension to lightweight textiles, while drama is added through fairytale-inspired jewelry pieces.

New Swarovski Crystals for Spring Summer trends.jpg

To bring this SPELL BOUND Trend into your jewelry designs,  reflect on the idea that your jewelry should be designed to balance the body using the healing properties of crystals and the mysticism of metals. Metallic finishes have a mysterious iridescence, with blends of green, blue, silver and violet creating magical yet esoteric pieces.


Symbols with a dark, dramatic baroque opulence come out from the shadows. Incorporating tassels, mixed metals and a combination of large and smaller beads into your jewelry designs convey the impression of supernatural influences.


Swarovski Crystal Colors and Effects to incorporate in your designs within this jewelry trend include the following:

Crystal Iridescent Green, Crystal Rose Gold, Crystal Rose Gold 2X, Crystal Light Chrome, Crystal CAL 2X, Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2X, Crystal Dorado 2X, Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Crystal Silver Night, Graphite and Jet. Swarovski Crystal Pearl Inspiration includes Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl, Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl, and Crystal Scarabaeaus Green Pearl.

I hope these Swarovski Color and Style Inspirations help to fuel your fire in imagining new designs for your Spring and Summer stylishness!

What new jewelry designs will you create that embraces and capitalizes on this intriguing trend?


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Sneak Peek ~ Pre-Season Launch Spring/Summer 2015 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Innovations

Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Spring Summer 2015 Launch


Punk Couture

Swarovski continues to rock as the leader in progressive styles and fashion forward innovations manufactured with exceptional quality. The newest BeCharmed Bead collection is yet another industry first, perfectly timed to surf the tidal wave of excitement surrounding the Punk Couture trend that has caught the fashion industry by storm.

Inspired by the rebellious punk movement, but overlaid with a 21st-century sophistication, the BeCharmed novelties give jewelry and accessories high-octane, standout appeal — it’s pure ‘Punk Couture’.

Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Beads

From the disco-meets-daylight BeCharmed Pavé Slim to the street culture-meets-couture BeCharmed Pavé Thin Spikes and Thick Spikes or the BeCharmed Pavé Round Metallics and Baguette Metallics, this Pre-Season Spring/Summer 2015 assortment mixes provocative edginess with luxurious opulence in an array of on-trend colors and effects. Spikes, chains, and studs, refined with the classic elegance of Swarovski crystals, make for a uniquely personal style statement.

Swarovski 5929 Becharmed Fortune Bead

Introducing the New 5929 BeCharmed Fortune Bead

The  new Swarovski style 5929 BeCharmed Fortune Bead is a thinner version of the beloved 5948 BeCharmed Bead and features a fashion-forward angular helix cut. The sleek androgynous look created by its leaner profile and angular helix cut highlights a sophisticated urban style.
The BeCharmed Fortune Bead is ideal for use in place of the Rondelle, or in combination with other BeCharmed products, when you require something brilliantly eye-catching, yet refined and understated.

Swarovski BECHARMED PAVE SPIKES Style  80401 and 80901

Introducing the New BeCharmed Pavé Spikes

The new Swarovski styles 80401 Thin BeCharmed Pavé Spike Beads or the 80901 Thick BeCharmed Pavé Spike Beads intensifies a rebellious edge to glamorous looks with its delicate crystal spikes. Ideal for the haute couture meets punk trend currently sweeping the design world, it expresses an energetic confidence and strength and functions as an attention-grabbing, luxurious detail. It is easily combined with all types of rondelles, beads and pearls, comes in a range of colors, and looks great used in both male and female designs.

Swarovski BECHARMED PAVE CABOCHON Style 80501 and 80601

Introducing the New BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon

The new Swarovski style 80501 Thin BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon Beads and 80601 Think BeCharmed Pavé Cabochon Beads provides a smooth and subtle look with its semi-matte sheen and softly rounded, berry-inspired shaping. Its range of colors makes it suited to a number of understated styles, from elegant urban camouflage to sweetly romantic, and its gleaming surface complements the trend for metallics. Combine it easily with all types of 5040 Rondelle Beads, Crystal Rhinestone Rondelle beads and Swarovski Pearls.

Swarovski BECHARMED PAVE METALLICS Style 80701 and 80801

Introducing the New BeCharmed Pavé Metallics

With its ultra-cool industrial look and gleaming metal-like surface, the new Swarovski style 80701 Thin BeCharmed Pavé Metallic Beads and 80801 Thick BeCharmed Pavé Metallic Beads presents stand-out glamour to androgynous styles and streamlined sport couture. Easily combined with all types of rondelle, bead and pearl, it caters to the current trend for mixing metallic, and looks great used in both male and female urban camouflage designs.

Swarovski BECHARMED PAVE SLIM Style 81101 and  81201

Introducing the New BeCharmed Pavé Slim

The new Swarovski style 81101 BeCharmed Chaton Pavé Slim Beads and 81201 BeCharmed Square Pavé Slim Beads have a thinner profile than the 80101 and 80201 BeCharmed Pavé Beads and is offered in both forms, chatons and squares. Available in an array of dazzling colors, it’s clear, graphic lines combined with its bright, sparkly character make it an incredibly versatile element with an appeal across a range of styles. Perfect necklaces, bracelets, key rings, and whole jewelry sets can be created using BeCharmed Pavés.

Swarovski BECHARMED PAVE STOPPER Style 81001

Introducing the New BeCharmed Pavé Stopper

The new Swarovski style 81001 BeCharmed Pavé Stopper Bead is a super-smart functional element used to secure cord and keep beads in place. Its hole is lined with a stretchy silicone rubber, which enhances its ability to hold beads in place and limit the movement of charms. Easily combined with all types of rondelles, beads and pearls, let your imagination run free and use it to create your own exciting styles.

80101Crystal Lilac Shadow

Featuring New Colors in Style 80101 BeCharmed Pavé Beads Line Extension Highlighting Crystal Lilac Shadow

Choose from a variety of sparkling new colors and effects in the popular 80101 BeCharmed Pavé Bead assortment.

Swarovski BeCharmed Beads 80201 Montana

Featuring New Colors in Style 80301 BeCharmed Pavé Beads with Baguette Stones Line Extension Highlighting Montana

Expand your designs with a selection of dazzling new colors and effects in the popular 80301 BeCharmed Pavé Bead category.

Swarovski 80201BeCharmed Beads Dark Moss Green

Featuring New Colors in Style 80201 BeCharmed Pavé Beads with Square Stones Line Extension Highlighting Dark Moss Green

Create fashionable jewelry with a range of alluring new colors and effects with the stylish 80201 BeCharmed Pavé Beads.


Introducing New Sizes in the Swarovski 8000 Rhodium Plated Snake Chain Bracelet with Lobster Clasp

Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Timeless Classic Color Inspirations

Simply Stunning! Create brilliant custom bracelets and whole jewelry sets with the Swarovski BeCharmed Bead Line. It’s the easiest jewelry you will ever create!


Featuring New Colors in Style 77510 BeCharmed Rondelles Line Extension


Introducing the New Coating Peach Gold (M109) For Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks 

Completing the launch is a new effect for Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks: Peach Gold’s cool metallic shimmer is perfect for giving all segments an exciting, punk-meets-glam rock edge. Please contact us for details on these fabulous products.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Fancy Stone Crystal Silver Night

Hope you Love the New Spring/Summer 2015 Swarovski Innovations as much as I do!

More information will be added to the website soon and stay tuned for new jewelry design inspirations and fashion trend updates!