Stories of Significance ~ Jewelry Made with a Purpose, Helping to Change Lives


It warms my heart to know there are good people out there doing good things, day in and day out!

People who dedicate their time, effort or income hoping to make this world a better place, are truly special individuals.

Making jewelry and donating portions of the profit to help others in need is a beautiful way to help support your passion. Everyone wins when you create with love and intention.


You’re naturally uplifted when you’re in a creative space and the enjoyment that you feel when creating a lasting piece of sparkling jewelry that is not only pretty, but will have a direct impact on people or animals’ lives, is absolutely priceless! The person who supports your work is also thrilled to be helping and to have a gorgeous physical reminder of their impact, makes that piece deeply cherished.


Sheri from His Jewels Creations is making jewelry with a purpose.

“My heartbeat/goal is to help rescue women from slavery and teach them this trade. I would like to pursue a non profit status and use this to help others” ~ Sheri

Ebay has filmed her “story with impact” providing an inside look into the significance of her jewelry and how she helps people along the way.

Her thoughtful email to me included a sweet note saying “I wanted to share this with you since you have been a part of this journey by always providing me with sparkle.”


Another wonderful customer who is helping to make a difference is Adriana from Little Words Project.

Made out of Swarovski crystal interwoven with a unique, inspirational word, each bracelet has the power to unite girls of all ages. Our customer wears her Little Word for as long as the word continues to resonate with her – then, she passes the bracelet on to someone who may need that bit of inspiration more than she does.


Each month the Little Words Project donates to a different charity, helping to make a difference “One Little Word® at a time.”

Swarovski_5741-Light_Siam Heart Bead

Thank you to everyone who strives to make this world a better place! Please feel free to share your story of significance or one that inspires you, because inspiration is truly infectious!

Featured Designer ~ Adriana from The Little Words Project



I absolutely fell in LOVE with the inspiring intention behind the Little Words Project friendship bracelets and I know you will too!

Little Words Project is a “pay-it-forward movement” in the shape of a friendship bracelet. Made out of fine-cut Swarovski crystals interwoven with a unique, inspirational word, each bracelet has a higher purpose to unite girls of all ages. The concept is simple; each customer is to wear her Little Word for as long as the word on her wrist provides her the comfort she needs, and then, when the opportunity arises, she is to pass her bracelet on to someone who needs it more than she does. Each bracelet features a gold-dipped tag with the Little Words Project logo and a number inscribed into it. These numbers may be used to register a customer’s bracelet and track the bracelet’s movement as it inspires from wrist-to-wrist.


“Girl World,” as they have grown accustomed to calling it, can be an awfully cruel place sometimes; which is why Little Words Project’s mission is to provide girls everywhere with a vehicle with which to bring one another “up”, rather than put one another down.

So purchase your bracelet and join everyone in this important mission to help change “Girl World” one Little Word at a time.

The Little Words Project Swarovski Friendship Bracelets Create Your Own

Create Your Own Swarovski Crystal Friendship Bracelet!

Choose from a large variety of Swarovski Crystal styles, colors and finishes including your special word inspiration to create your very own customized bracelets.

The Little Words Project Swarovski Friendship Bracelets Share

Sharing is Caring ~ Share an inspirational bracelet with the special friends in your life!

Engage with the sharing aspect of Little Words Project by giving them a unique bracelet that they can ware and be inspired by. Simply choose your word, size preference and quantity to begin the journey towards eventually brightening someone’s day.

The Little Words Project Swarovski Friendship Bracelets Gift Inspiration

Include Special Add On’s or Be Inspired by These Gift Ideas For Any Occasion!

If your looking to spice up your gift and add a special touch to your bracelet, be inspired by beautiful custom ideas to create the perfect one-of-a-kind treasure any friend will admire and appreciate.

This June, 40% of the sales of this Swarovski Amethyst “Inspire” Bracelet will be donated to


A non-profit organization dedicated to reforming the lives of Haiti’s “Street Children”.

Little Words Project aims to feature a different bracelet for our philanthropy efforts each month. The bracelet will change monthly along with the philanthropy it supports.

Watch the video to get a better understanding of how your bracelet can be an extension of who you are!

“Enjoy the show, you never know – it just may inspire you to join us in our quest to change the world, one Little Word at a time!”

Swarovski Amethyst Heart

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