New SWAROVSKI crystal Innovations FALL / WINTER 2021/22

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Light Rose Shimmer is a lovely and graceful pink hue accentuated with soft reflections of sparkle that dance about the crystal bead. In-between the deeper pink tone of Rose and the baby pink hue of Rosaline, Light Rose Shimmer has a gentle tint with a soft reflection of sparkle, radiating the light refraction and expressing a shining effervescence!

Light Rose is recognized as the breast cancer awareness color for the month of October

In Stock Now – Swarovski crystal 5328 Bicone Beads Light Rose Shimmer


In Stock Now – Swarovski crystal 5000 Round Beads Light Rose Shimmer


In Stock Now – Swarovski crystal 5328 Bicone Beads Light Rose Shimmer 2X


New Swarovski Emerald Shimmer

The New Swarovski’s Emerald Shimmer is a royal green tone, rich with personality & brilliance. Emerald is the traditional Christmas color, expressing a deep luxuriant tone. The Shimmer Effect adds a soft reflection of sparkle, radiating the light refraction and accentuating every movement of the crystal.

 In Stock Now – Swarovski crystal 6228-10mm Heart’s Featuring the NEW Emerald Shimmer

The Heart & Pearshape Styles Will Make Stunning Christmas Gifts!


 In Stock Now – Swarovski crystal 6106-16mm Pear’s Featuring the NEW Emerald Shimmer

The smaller sizes make dainty yet striking earrings, necklaces & charms


Create Elegant Christmas Earrings with Swarovski crystals 


Crystal Holiday Earrings – Swarovski crystal 6106-16mm Pearshape Pendants Emerald Shimmer with Gold Peridot Headpins


Christmas Inspired Earrings – Swarovski crystal 6106-16mm Pearshape Pendants Emerald Shimmer with Gold Siam Headpins

Introducing the Brand New Swarovski 5043-11mm Briolette XXL Hole Bead

The New Swarovski 5043-11mm Briolette XXL Hole Bead has a hole size of 5.2mm, allowing for new beading options with thicker materials to be used such as leather threads, chords, fabric strands, etc. to create stunning jewelry and accessories! 

The fusing of tradition with modernity is paramount for consumers who wish to highlight individuality in a globalized market. A renewed focus on retro and vintage in design concepts sees the return of beads as key design elements, taken away from strict heritage formats and recreated in modern designs. The trend toward beautiful restraint in design is paired with eccentric, tactile beads, driving a new boldness for the everyday.

The Swarovski crystal large hole Briolette bead is perfect for hand applications such as DIY, jewelry, apparel, beading, threading, wireworking, knitting, weaving, knotting, crocheting, etc. or can be manually sewn on, creating beautiful textile applications. It opens up an opportunity to create unlimited designs for jewelry, apparel and accessories embellished with crystal beads. Available colors include Crystal Shimmer 2X, Aquamarine Shimmer 2X, Emerald Shimmer 2X, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 2X, Scarlet Shimmer 2X, and Jet Shimmer 2X.

New Colors and Brilliant Colored Effects in Popular Bead Styles

Now Available in the Swarovski crystal 5500-9x6mm Pearshape Bead & 5040-4mm Briolette Bead!

The popular DeLite Lacquer’s shimmery look has been made available for beads thanks to the Shimmer effect which intensifies the color of the bead and increases its sparkle. More brilliance, color vibrancy and light refraction accentuate every movement of the crystal, vividly highlighting each shade to create exquisite designs that are colorful yet sophisticated.

New Opal Shimmer Colors in Fashionable Styles

Introducing Trend-inspired colors lit by Swarovski’s Shimmer Effect, which gives incredible brilliance and color vibrancy to the 4 bestselling Opal Colors: Chrysolite Opal, Pacific Opal, Rose Water Opal, White Opal

A totally new look thanks to the translucence of the crystal opal colors and the vibrancy and brilliance imparted by the shimmer effect.

The new Opal Shimmer family emits multicolored flashes of light that gives a truly beautiful and uniquely valuable look. The Swarovski crystal Line Extension includes the new top-selling #5601 Cube Beads and #5040 Rondelle beads. The Shimmer is a soft and elegant effect that radiates multiple shades of a single color, providing the highest quality, durability, and glamour for optimal performance.

Best matching color-effect combinations that fit perfectly with all the pastel tones in the assortment such as Crystal Pearl Dreamy Blue, and Dreamy Rose Pearl.

 NEW Swarovski Emerald Cut Pendant

The new Swarovski crystal 6435 Emerald Cut Pendant is on-trend in Urban Opulence – a renewed story of beauty and indulgence, the high-end classic shape of the exquisite Emerald Cut Pendant appeals to a newfound sense of streetstyle luxe. Precious and refined, it seamlessly lends an urban edge to the elegant everyday glamour stories infiltrating luxury collections.

Beautifully indulgent, familiar and inspiring, the versatility and boldness of the strong silhouette appeals to a rediscovered fixation on overtly opulent and feminine formats.

People are increasingly wanting the appearance of natural gemstones (colors and classic shapes) as well as affordability. Swarovski’s crystal interpretation of this high-class classic Gem Cut, features 42 facets to refract the light, enabling elegant but affordable precious jewelry looks to be created. The Emerald Cut is known for distinctive rows of facets combined with a long rectangular shape. The cut belongs to the most unique and elegant class of diamond cuts – it is quite simply a showstopper among high-quality diamonds.

With the Emerald Cut Pendant, it is possible to achieve a very elegant, fine jewelry look that has a gemstone optic without needing to use settings. This makes the Emerald Cut Pendant lightweight and saves on time and cost. For the DIY segment, the Emerald Cut Pendant offers many great project possibilities from simple earrings to sophisticated necklaces. 

Shimmer Line Extension for Pendants

Emerald Shimmer, Light Rose Shimmer & Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer are the newest colors added to the Gem Cut product family, enabling handcrafters & DIY enthusiasts to create new and sophisticated jewelry design pieces. 

The Shimmer Effect It has a less yellow and overall intensity compared to the AB effect. It amplifies the original color beneath, while enriching it with an elegant sparkle and light refraction’s, accentuating every movement of the crystal. 

 Available in the following Swarovski crystals: For The Gem Cut family:

6430 in 8 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm

6431 in 9 mm, 11.5 mm and 16 mm

6432 in 8 mm, 10.5 mm and 14.5 mm

6433 in 9 mm, 11.5 mm and 16 mm

6435 in 11.5 mm and 16 mm

Additional Swarovski Pendants

6106 in 16 mm, 22 mm

6228 in 10.3×10 mm, 14.4×14 mm, 18×17.5 mm

6428 in 6 mm, 8 mm

NEW Swarovski Baroque crystal Pearl Family

The four new Swarovski Baroque Pearl shapes are a tactile, sensuous design element, with its undulating natural shape and soft sparkle, it is perfect for both classic and otherworldly designs.

Swarovski’s Baroque Pearls provides you a uniquely irregular look on a mass-produced scale: “regular irregularity” (regular size and color range, with consistent quality) and are affordable alternatives to real freshwater pearls. 

Magical Beauty & Super Natural jewelry design trends, express the desire for ethereal otherness in design, occurs in spellbinding shapes that depart from the standard. These unique pearl styles are a beautiful way to convey your unparalleled creativity!

The stunning Baroque Crystal Pearl family lends itself to the ongoing focus on all things organic, magical, and natural as sustainability issues continue to fiercely uptrend.

Crystal Pearls are perfume, UV and sweat resistant and developed primarily for use in jewelry and accessories. They perfectly complement other Swarovski crystals Beads and Pendants. In addition to beading, a range of further creative application techniques can be used, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, threading, weaving, knotting and wire working.

New Swarovski crystal 2196/4 Oval Cabochon Flatbacks – Smooth Surface Without Facets 

Undulating and expressive, the rippling kinesthetic effect creates new formats, with designs seemingly able to hover between reality and fantasy, past and present, light and dark. Unique, on-trend looks with premium appeal

The Magical Beauty Trend: with our desire for differentiation gaining prominence and a focus on the otherworldly gaining ground, the brilliant Oval Cabochon Flat Back enables mesmerizingly innovative and inventive contemporary jewelry designs. Dreamlike and mystical, its textural tactile aspect makes it an exciting standalone statement in any collection.

The Oval Cabochon is a true standalone statement piece, turning every jewelry piece into a stunner. Create new jewelry options by setting the Oval Swarovski Flatback Stones into pre-cast settings, gluing, or Ceralun into necklaces, bracelets, rings. Can be applied using standard glues.

It is a highly versatile cut that lends itself to both modern and classic designs. Customers can choose from a variety of colors to create unique jewelry pieces from fancy to vintage.

Unique Cabochon looks achieved thanks to the innovative double coating technology. § Jewelry: A new wave of jewelry designs using colorful Cabochons to create textured pieces that delight the senses – the smooth, sensuous way to wear crystals.

JEWEL CUT FLAT BACKS Effect – Line Extension

The newest colors in the Swarovski crystal Jewel Cut Flatback family are Aquamarine Shimmer, Scarlet Shimmer, and Vintage Rose Shimmer. A soft and elegant Shimmer effect that perfectly highlights the Aquamarine, Scarlet and Vintage Rose colors beneath it.

These jeweled style Rhinestones are perfect for the dance market, combining the sophisticated Jewel Cut Creation Stones with the eye-catching Shimmer effect.

NEW Swarovski Colored Ignite Effects

Ignite will now also be available in Amethyst (204), Emerald (205), Light Colorado Topaz (246), and Scarlet (276)

Highlights the sparkle from crystal facets without being foiled by a mirror on the reverse side.  Ignite has improved brilliance along with an unfoiled back giving it 5% more fire and 16% more light return, moving closer to Cubic Zirconia.

Ideal for imitating fine jewelry. Crystals can be placed in an open-back setting, giving a fine jewelry look and maintaining the level of sparkle.

NEW Swarovski Crystal 4160 Mystic Oval Fancy Stone

The new 4160 Mystic Oval Fancy Stone has mesmerizing and precisely cut facets on the front with a grooved surface on the reverse side, resulting in a Fancy Stone with a highly faceted look that becomes the central design feature. Elevate your look, taking it to the next level in luxury.

Aesthetically, the jewelry design industry will see products and designs that hover between reality and fantasy, past and present, light and dark. Dreamlike and otherworldly, the unique sparkle of the Mystic Oval Fancy Stone highlights our ongoing fascination with a sense of mesmerizing mystery.

Magical Beauty Trend – The desire for ethereal otherness in design occurs in new spellbinding formats, as mystical designs continue to emerge.

Mystic Oval FS is a new interpretation of a classic shape with a highly faceted look that yields increased sparkle. The classic shape allows easy access and design combinations. Jewelry: Suitable for imitating fine jewelry. An interpretation of the classic oval with increased faceting and sparkle.

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