A Useful & Sparkling DIY Customized Gift Inspiration!

When dreams come true, it’s fun to celebrate with sparkles & smiles!

Recently my friend graduated culinary school and she now has the wonderful opportunity to take her skills to the gorgeous wonders of Spain! She’ll be living there for a few months, training under a 5 star chef. With incredible hard work and determination, her dreams are really and truly, coming to fruition. I couldn’t be happier for her!


She threw a fabulous tapas themed fiesta to celebrate and I wanted to give her something fun, special and sparkly (of course) to commemorate her BIG accomplishment! Here’s what I made her….


A customized sparkling apron featuring Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Flatbacks!

I found a colorful apron from World Market. I just swoon over everything in that darn store, so I had to go in with a mission and not stray, because if I did, I would have been tempted to take home one of everything. Mission successfully completed!

I imagine aprons can take a beating with all that is going on in the kitchen and I wanted to be sure the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks would stay secure and last a very long time. In order to do this, I glued each crystal using E6000 glue.


I used the Swarovski Crystal 2088-12ss (~3mm) Clear Crystal Flatbacks


I also used my handy-dandy Flatback Rhinestone tool, the Crystal Katana! This helps to pick up the stones, place them exactly where I want them and secure them in place. I couldn’t do this project with out it! That’s GOLD Jerry… GOLD! (haha…if you’re a long-time Seinfeld fan like myself, you’ll appreciate that reference 😉

How to glue crystals to clothing instructions 1

I arranged the Swarovski Crystals in little flower formations, with different quantities in each floret, randomly on the belt of the apron. I wanted to compliment the flower pattern on the apron, as well as accentuating hints of sparkle.


It’s simple and sweet, and complimented her style beautifully!

Thankfully, she Loved it! She put it on and wore it around, showing all her friends, which warmed my heart & was very sweet of her!

If you’re thinking of a little gift for someone in your life, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be much, but it’s always much more appreciated when you add a personal touch. When you put a little extra time and effort into making something handmade from your heart, it demonstrates how much you care, which is touching in and of itself.

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At Rainbows of Light we only sell Genuine Swarovski Crystals Wholesale to the Public, offering you thousands of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. We have no tax or surcharges and always provide Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $100.00. This Guarantees you receive the best prices anywhere on all your favorite Swarovski Crystals!
We can order anything Swarovski makes within the components division – even if it’s not listed on our website rainbowsoflight.com. Please contact us for anything you’re interested in, as we are ALWAYS happy to help!
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Hey Chicago Whaddya Say, the Cubs Are Gonna Win Today! Go Cubs Go!


What an exciting World Series baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians! WOW! I’ve never seen a more fun, nail-biter of a game! Thankfully our beloved Cubbies FINALLY after 108 years, became champions once again!

Although I’m from Arizona, my hubby Mike has been a die-hard Cubbies fan for his whole life. So if my Hubby’s a Cubbie, I’m a Cubbie 🙂

His dreams came true when his brother, who lives in Chicago, called him up last week and said, I have tickets to the World Series games 4 & 5, do you wanna go? Well…it took 0.2 seconds for him to say YES!!!

I was so excited for him! He was going to be staying at his brother & sister-in-law’s house and I thought, how fun would it be to bling out some little Cubs shirts for his 18 month old niece! I quickly got to work and here’s what I made…P.S. I love them so much!


I printed out the Cubs logo and cut out the area that I wanted to add my Swarovski Crystals. Bling-Bling-Baby!


I used the Swarovski 2078-30ss Crystal Hot Fix Flat Back stones on this one, which was a perfect size for making two rows of crystals for the big C.


After placing the crystals in the C, I started heating up my iron. I used a pieces of thin parchment-like paper and softly laid it on top of the stones. Then I pressed the iron down on the C. I pressed hard and held it there for several minutes. I kept doing this process for several more minutes. I checked the stones one by one, to make sure they were secure and if I found a loose one, I used the Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool to secure it in place.


So CUTE! I love how the clear crystals match the clear crystal buttons on this little sweater.

I didn’t stop there….my next one was an iconic picture with much more detail. Drum roll please….


Well… Holy Cow, it’s Harry Caray!

What a fun guy he was and it was fun to pay tribute to him and his iconic over-sized glasses! I used the 2078-12ss Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks for the details of his eyes, smile chin and hair and the rest I used the 2078-30ss Swarovski Crystal Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones. These are the sizes that I liked best, but Swarovski offers a large variety of sizes,colors and styles for all of your crystal projects. Plus, you can’t beat our wholesale prices on all your favorite Swarovski Crystals!


I’m not done yet! Third times a charm, right?! We needed all the luck we could get! I had one more pink T-shirt I wanted to bling out, so I went with a classic Cubs logo for the last one and I made an extra girly, extra sparkly one!


Go Cubs Go!

I used the same C cut out as the first one, but this time I used the Swarovski 2078-30ss Crystal AB Hot Fix Flat Back Rhinestones for the extra brilliance. It shines pinks, blues and yellow sparkles! I used the 2078-16ss Swarovski Crystal AB Hot Fix Flat Back Rhinestones for the UBS.

I had so much fun making these sparkling Swarovski Crystal shirts for our sweet little niece, everyone loved how they turned out and I’m sure she will be wearing one of them for the victory parade today!


Yay Cubbies!



At Rainbows of Light we only sell Genuine Swarovski Crystals Wholesale to the Public, offering you thousands of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. We have no tax or surcharges and always provide Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $100.00. This Guarantees you receive the best prices anywhere on all your favorite Swarovski Crystals!
We can order anything Swarovski makes within the components division – even if it’s not listed on our website rainbowsoflight.com. Please contact us for anything you’re interested in, as we are ALWAYS happy to help!
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DIY This Stylish Mosaic Bangle Featuring the New Swarovski Triangle Flatbacks!


Free DIY Swarovski Crystal “Mosaic Tile Bangle” Design and Instructions

This sparkling Swarovski Crystal bangle features Rhinestones from the new Fall/Winter 2017-18 Triangle Flatback Family. The New Swarovski Crystal Triangle Flat backs are available in the styles 2738 Alpha, 2739 Beta and 2740 Gamma.

These new Swarovski Triangle Flatback additions are ideal for creating geometric patterns that fit seamlessly together. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are a very popular trend for jewelry and fashion lovers. They are lead free and lightweight, which is especially nice when applying them to clothing. Whatever your craft or jewelry project may be, these new Triangle Crystals will give


Swarovski crystals

Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code
Alpha Flat Backs 2738 9 pcs 12x6mm Crystal F 001
Beta Flat Backs 2739 9 pcs 7×6.5mm Crystal Silver Night 001 SINI
Gamma Flat Backs 2740 9 pcs 10x10mm Crystal Silver Night 001 SINI


1 ½” Bangle

Two Part Epoxy Glue (my favorite to work with is E6000 – it dries clear and is available at any craft or hard wear store)

Alcohol wipes



Step 1:       Clean the bangle with alcohol wipes.

Step 2:       Find the center of the bangle and place a drop of glue in 3 places to create the first mosaic tile.  Using one each of the triangle flat backs to create a mosaic square.  Continue to create squares to the right and left side of the bangle until covered completely.

I know these are pretty simple instructions, but there’s not much to it. You can play around with your favorite color combinations and pattern to create your own desired look.


Hope you like this both stylish and easy DIY Swarovski Crystal design.


Rainbows of Light has been a wholesale dealer for over 35 years. We are officially an Authorized Reseller of SWAROVSKI Crystals, ensuring you that you are receiving genuine Swarovski Crystals at the best wholesale prices around! 

Please contact me with any questions, as I am always more than happy to help!

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!

Swarovski Crystal Rocks

See Why This Sparkling Halloween Mask is the Cat’s Meow!


It’s that fun time of year where rich fall colors delight our senses, pumpkins line the doorsteps and that eerie feeling of something spooky is just around the corner…. HALLOWEEN!

Halloween will be here before you know it, as as we thoroughly enjoy our spiced lattes (down to the last delicious drop), it’s fun to ponder… what shall I be this year?


I haven’t decided what I’ll be this year, but my best friend Lauren (here we are having a ball at her wedding) is going as a kitty cat and asked me to add some Swarovski Crystals to her cat mask. Well, she certainly came to the the right person for that job (I’ve got crystals coming outta my ears, no not literally, that would just be ridiculous  😉 BUT, I do leave a trail of sparkles everywhere I go (I swear, every week the vacuum consumes more crystals than Kashi hair!)…so honestly, how can a bestie refuse?


I had a lot of fun embellishing her cat mask with Swarovski Crystal Flat back Rhinestones and I thought it would be fun to show you what I created and give you the step by step instructions on how to create something similar for yourself, or for your bestie  🙂


Steps to Embellish Your Halloween Mask with Swarovski Crystals

Here is what you will need to add Swarovski Crystals to a furry mask. (please note: the mask will need to be furry to be able to affix the Hot Fix Rhinestones, if it is not furry, then you will need to glue them on using an epoxy glue, my favorite being the E6000 glue). Below are the Crystal shapes that I used, but there are numerous different styles of Swarovski Flat backs to choose from to get your creative juices flowing.

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystal Round Xirius Flat Back Rhinestones 2078-12ss Crystal Hot Fix

Swarovski Crystal Round Xirius Flat Back Rhinestones 2078-16ss Crystal Hot Fix

Swarovski Crystal Round Xirius Flat Back Rhinestones 2078-20ss Crystal Hot Fix

Swarovski Crystal Leaf Flat Back Rhinestones 2797-8mm Crystal Hot Fix

Swarovski Crystal Bow Tie Flat Back Rhinestone 2858-12mm Bowtie Crystal Hot Fix


1 Furry Cat Mask (I couldn’t find the exact one she sent me, but here are some options to choose from)

Crystal Katana Tool

Bejewler Pro Hot Fix Tool


I started with a plain black cat mask (I guess I was so excited to start adding the Swarovski crystals, that I forgot to take a picture of the plain mask, but hey, I’m sure you can use your wild imagination  😉

Starting with one side of the top of the eye, I used the crystal Katana to pick up the crystals and place them where I wanted them (I have found that this method is MUCH easier than using tweezers). Next, I used the Bejewler Hot Fix Tool to secure the crystals in place which only take a few seconds for each stone.

One great tip that I have found to work very well, is to use one size smaller tip on the bejewler tool than your stones, this way the hot tip won’t come into contact with the underside of your project, so that there is no way it can inadvertently heat up or ruin any part of your project. Pass that tip along to your Bejewler friends – they’ll love ya for it!


Before you know it, your plain black cat mask is looking like the Cat’s Meow!

I decided my bestie’s kitty mask just had to be as regal as she is, so I added a little crown on the top, accentuating the bottom with the beautiful shaped Leaf Flatback.

Last but certainly not least, for the final touch, I added the Bow Tie Flatback as her adorable little noes accent. I think it’s as cute as a button!


So there you have it, the final embellished kitty mask and it only took a couple of hours. I sent it off to Lauren, she absolutely LOVED it and can’t wait to show it off!

I hope this project inspires you to create something fabulous & sparkly this Halloween! Please post and share pictures with me of you, your friends’ or kiddos Halloween costumes this year, I would LOVE to see them!


Please contact me with any questions you may have, as it is my pleasure working with you! We are an official SWAROVSKI Authorized Reseller which guarantees you are receiving genuine Swarovski Crystals at low wholesale prices.  

Harmony and Kashi

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DIY Nail Art ~ How To Glue Swarovski Crystals To Nails

DIY applying Swarovski Crystals to Nails How To tutorial wholesale Flatbacks

Swarovski Create Your Style Nail Design

Nail art is a beautiful way to express your own personal style and it’s fun to create a special look for all kinds of occasions. Here is a lovely DIY Swarovski Crystal nail design and instructions for a bride or the bridal party.

Gluing Swarovski Crystal to your nails is fun, easy and creates beautiful, eye-catching results. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to apply crystals to your nails using two different methods.

Looking for more designs to choose from? Visit our Pintrest Page for more Swarovski Crystal Nail Art Design Inspirations!

Level of Crystal Nail Art Design: BEGINNER

Swarovski Crystals used in this Nail Art Design

2088-5ss Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones in Clear Crystal


Nail/Gel Polish, nude (Additional supplies depending on application technique)



Wax stick/toothpick/Crystal Katana

Additional supplies depending on application technique

DIY applying Swarovski Crystals to Nails How To tutorial wholesale Crystal Flatbacks nail art design instructions

DIY applying Swarovski Crystals to Nails How To tutorial wholesale Crystal Flatbacks nail art design


STEP 1: Add a small amount of nail glue to a toothpick and place on the polished nail where you want to add the crystal.

STEP 2: Pick up the Swarovski Flatback No Hotfix with a wax stick, tweezers, or the Crystal Katana and apply to the glue on the nail. Continue to apply glue and crystals to create the design of your choice.

STEP 3: Use a thin detailing brush to apply a small amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to seal.


STEP 1: After applying the gel color of your choice, apply the gel top coat.

STEP 2: Pick up crystals with a wax stick, tweezers or the Crystal Katana tool and apply to the uncured top coat in the pattern of your choice.

STEP 3: Cure the nail under the UV light to set the top coat and Swarovski crystals.

STEP 4: Dip a small detail brush into the top coat and seal the edges of the crystals. Cure under the UV light. Follow gel polish instructions to complete manicure.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Bead Blush Rose

I would LOVE to see your nail art designs using Swarovski Crystals! Please share the love by posting pictures here or on Rainbows of Light’s Facebook Page so we can all Ooooooo & Awwww over your beautiful creations!

Harmony and Kashi

Thanks for stopping by!

Wonder Girl Kashi & I sincerely appreciate it!

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

Quick & Easy DIY Project: Add Swarovski Crystals to Your Sports Pants!

DIY Apply Swarovski Crystals to pants

DIY Instructions on Applying Swarovski Crystals to Sports Pants

Take a pair of sport pants and give them a dash of attitude with Swarovski crystals in new Graphite and Yellow Opal, then sparkle while you sweat!

The sports fashion trend has exploded in popularity in the last few years and it continues to have a huge influence  in the fashion industry, with many feeling like it is here to stay for a very long time.

The popular buzzword “athleisure” perfectly describes this sports fashion movement, where more people are craving healthier lifestyles and incorporating a more functional style into their wardrobes. People are wanting an everyday type of comfort that is also stylish and fashionable. It’s the idea that sportswear should be a chic s everything else in your closet.

Adding a touch of Swarovski Crystal sparkle to your sports wardrobe is easy and it’s always much more fun to work out looking and feeling your very best!

Below are the visual and Step by Step instructions on how to apply Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones to your sports pants.

DIY Intructions on Appling Swarovski Crystals to pants step by step instructions

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Used in this project are listed below, or choose your favorite colors to customize your pants.

2078-20ss Swarovski Crystal Fltabacks Hotfix Yellow Opal (31 pieces)

2078-34ss Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Hotfix Graphite (35 pieces)

Supplies and Tools:

Supplies: Pants

Tools:  Iron, Pins, Quad paper, Scissors, Transfer film, Transfer sheet and Tweezers

DIY Apply Swarovski Crystals to pants step 1

DIY Intructions on Appling Swarovski Crystals to pants step 2

DIY Intructions on Appling Swarovski Crystals to pants step 3

DIY Design Project Applying Swarovski Crystals to pants

STEP 1: Place a transfer sheet over the quad paper and start placing the Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix art. 2078 SS20 Yellow Opal into the squares on the quad paper leaving two squares empty in-between each Swarovski Crystal as shown. Place a transfer film on top of the Swarovski Crystal row and pull it back to get all the Swarovski Crystals onto it. Mark the area on the pants where you want to place the crystals with pins. Place the transfer film with Swarovski Crystals onto the pinned area as shown.

STEP 2: Iron the transfer film with Swarovski Crystals onto the pants and then pull the transfer film back slowly, making sure all the Swarovski Crystals are in place. (If some do not stick to the pants, re-iron until they do.) Repeat these two steps for other Swarovski Crystal stripes.



Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling and Keep Shinning!

Harmony and Wonder Girl, Kashi

Blinded By The Bling!

Blinged Helmet 6

I blinged out my helmet in style with non other than SWAROVSKI Crystals!

I decided that if I’m going to have to wear a helmet, it might as well be a fashion statement just as much as a safety measure!

Harmony Blue Bird Day

I’ve been snowboarding for about 20 years now and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s big kid fun,  keeps me young and let’s face it, the only thing this Arizona born and bred girl looks forward to in the winter.

Blinged Helmet 7

Living in Colorado is an adventure in and of itself. People here are incredibly adventurous and love the outdoors – myself included! We need to wear helmets for all kinds of activities, so why not spice them up a bit and get excited to put them on!

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Wholesale to the Public

SWAROVSKI Flatbacks Are Gorgeous!

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks are so fun and versatile, with endless shapes and colors to choose from, all your designs will be unique and fabulous!

Blinged Helmet 4

 I found a few super large Flatback Stones and combined them with medium and smaller rhinestones to create my design. The first two large Crystals are the 2035 -40mm and 30mm Chessboard Flatbacks. Their faceting structure is just as it describes and produces and amazing array of sparkles. I added two 20mm Chessboard Flatbacks to the sides as well as the 2520 Cosmic Flatbacks at an angle and filled in with a few 2088-20ss Round Xilion  Flatbacks and 2711 Triangle Flatbacks (which are the Hot Fix kind, meaning they have the glue pre-applied to the back, but I just used the E6000 glue instead and it worked great. You can find E6000 glue at most hardware or craft stores).

Swarovski Crystal Rocks    Swarovski Crystal Rocks in Jewelry

I also used a piece of the Swarovski Crystal Rocks in the shape of a heart and glued this like normal. The Crystal Rocks product is an amazing creation that takes halved Bicone Beads clustered together on one giant piece where you can cut shapes out of and glue them on to pretty much any surface. You can glue it into jewelry molds and it’s great for embellishing costumes, dresses or any type of fabric for fashion or home decor. It’s as versatile as your imagination. If  you’re interested in working with this product, please contact me for details.

Blinged Helmet 2

I also used the Swarovski Crystal 2808 Heartshaped Flatback, the 2753 Edelweiss Flatback, the 2708 Molecule Flatback, and the 2072 Dome Flatback.

If you, your children, friends or family who don’t like wearing helmets, well here’s the best way to making wearing them extremely fun! I can’t wait to wear my new blinged out helmet on my next snowboarding trip!

Blinged Helmet 3

As you can see, SWAROVSKI Crystals give off the most brilliant sparkle in the world!

I hope I don’t blind anyone with all this bling!

Kashi Snowbird

Kashi says, your SWAROVSKI’s so bright…I gotta wear shades 😉

Keep smiling and keep shining!