Watch this video highlighting the new Swarovski Crystal Fall and Winter styles, colors, trends & more!

Rainbows of Light is elated to introduce Swarovski’s new crystal innovations for Fall/Winter 2020/21! The theme for this Swarovski launch is Love ALL, a reflection on the desire to give life more meaning and optimism and to prioritize how we feel over what we have.

The need for emotional connection has deepened our desire for the authentic and the real. This attitude is echoed in Fall/Winter 2020/21’s aptly-named theme, Love All, and summed up in four moods: Then & Now explores the sensuous sophistication of reworked Forties-inspired vintage; Extreme & Casual embraces a new relaxed extravagance; Modern & Romantic unveils the charm of tender elegance;and Wild & Chic unlocks the power of untamed femininity. All for the love of crystal.

spr-launch-fw20-21-online-banner-heart-1280x1280px-final-1-.jpgSwarovski’s theme for Fall/Winter 2020/21 Love All, embraces romantic styles with symbols that have a profound and enduring significance in our lives. The new Swarovski crystal 6432 Heart Cut Pendant embodies this passionate intention, conveying a universal heart-felt value. This gemstone-inspired new crystal Heart has a hole at the top to make earrings and pendants and feature a mirid of multilayered facets providing a virtual kaleidoscope display of sparkle. Available in three sizes, fifteen colors, and six effects for your designing pleasure. This complex multidimensional quality leads the return to sensuous sophistication.


spr-launch-fw20-21-online-banner-berry-960x1360px-final-1-.jpgThe newest Swarovski crystal pearl color Mulberry Pink is muted rosy pink tone whose allure was inspired by the wild outdoors and nature’s bounty. It’s splendid raspberry undertones and gentle rose hues strengthen the value of incorporating organic influences in your jewelry designs. Colors that reflect a natural appearance help to balance out the effects of the digital world, nurturing our inherent love for Mother Nature.

Elderberry is the newest Swarovski crystal pearl color for your jewelry designs and creative endeavors. This medium to deep purple toned Swarovski Pearl has a subdued richness paying homage to organic Elderberries found in nature. Integrating natural looking elements into your jewelry designs is a beautiful way to convey your love for the natural environment.



A brand-new style of Pearl bead has been developed by Swarovski called the Rice Pearl and it is a fantastic addition to the crystal Pearl family, as it brings you more design choices for your jewelry, accessories and apparel. The 5824 Swarovski Rice Pearl is a splendid response to a more natural aesthetic and is ideal for making intricate jewelry and accessory designs. Create exquisite adornments for all types of garments particularly delicate embroidery in formal and wedding attire.


Swarovski’s newest color addition to the Shimmer line is the exceptionally gorgeous Rose Peach Shimmer. This medium toned color is a fusion of softness and intensity delightfully blending rosy pinks with soft orange hues, creating a refined elegance of warmth and femininity.

Rose Peach Shimmer


Rose Peach Shimmer 2X


The Shimmer coating is a new Swarovski Crystal Effect that was inspired by the famous and extremely popular Aurora Borealis (AB) coating, but is a more delicate sparkle. The difference between the two Effects is that the AB coating refracts intense yellow, pink, and blue sparkles and can sometimes overpower the original color underneath. The Shimmer coating is a softer, less intense yellows and blues than the AB coating, creating a subtle and elegant shimmering appearance.

Swarovski Crystal 5000 Round Beads Featuring Rose Peach Shimmer


NEW SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL EFFECTS Erinite Shimmer & Black Diamond Shimmer

Erinite Shimmer


Black Diamond Shimmer


Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer


 Light Sapphire Shimmer


Light Siam Shimmer


NEW Swarovski Crystal 2365 Paisley Flatbacks Hot Fix and No Hot Fix


swarovski-2364-14mm-crystal-golden-shadow-paisley-flatbacks-1-.jpg swarovski-2365-14mm-crystal-golden-shadow-paisley-flatbacks-1-.jpg

The new Swarovski Crystal Paisley Flatbacks Hot Fix is right on trend with the resurgence of the 60’s and 70’s style. The paisley motif is an ornamental silhouette featuring a teardrop-shaped style with a curved end and has a rich history in many cultures throughout thousands of years being associated with fertility, the yin-yang symbol, artistically bohemian, and is emblematic of the “summer of love”. There are endless creative opportunities for you to play with using the Paisley Crystal Flatback Rhinestones, from symmetry to asymmetry formations, creating stand out nail designs and fluid organic looks for jewelry, accessories and/or apparel.

2471 Cushion Cut Flatback


The Swarovski Crystal Cushion Cut Flatback is a gorgeous new addition for your designing pleasure. The timeless nature of the cushion cut shape was derived from a pillow and its distinguishing characteristic is its rounded edges. The Cushion Cut style has had a major resurgence in popularity due to its effortless elegance & femininity. This Cushion Cut Crystal Flat back can be glued onto clothing, jewelry, accessories and anything else you want to enhance with sparkles.

Swarovski Crystal 86601 Cabachon Pave Flatback

cabachon-flatback-3.jpg Introducing the stunning 86601 Swarovski Crystal Pave Flatback! This eye-catching Cabochon showcases brilliant shine featuring clusters of tiny crystals in a dazzling pave expression of multidimensional sparkle. This new Crystal Pave Cabochon blends seamlessly with the trend for tactile effects. Its streamlined silhouette and flat back means it can easily be glued to a variety of surfaces making exquisite additions to your DIY projects, jewelry accents & centerpieces.

New Swarovski Crystal LacquerPRO Delight Effects

lacquer-pro-effect-swarovski-crystals.jpgCrystal Lotus Pink LacquerPRO Delight, Crystal Orange Glow LacquerPRO Delight, Crystal Royal Blue LacquerPRO Delight, Crystal Silky Sage LacquerPRO Delight

As fashion color trends transform from the subdued gender-neutral tones of preceding seasons, a fresh candy-colored pallet begins to flourish, celebrating the power of modern femininity. This prospering influence of color is displayed exquisitely in Swarovski’s Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite effects. These colors are mutually romantic and strong, embracing the no-label generation, amplifying depth and clarity accentuated by brilliant facets radiating exceptional sparkle and beauty.

New Swarovski Crystal Electric LacquerPRO Violet


Unleashing an electrifying jolt of neon-bright color, Swarovski’s freshest innovation is the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO Violet. The intensity of this vivid purple hue emanates from a lacquer coating containing UV pigments that make it glow under light. This artfully imitates the artificial hues emanating by the screen-based technology that dominates modern life.

 Swarovski Crystal Electric Violet Flatbacks Glow Under Light


Swarovski Crystal 4883 Mini Heart Fancy Stones


Fall in love with the Swarovski Crystal 4883 Mini Heart Fancy Stones. These tiny beauties have boundless potential for embellishing eye-wear, watches, jewelry and accessories. These petite crystal hearts are particularly suitable for nail art and beauty applications.

Swarovski Crystal Mini Pear Fancy Stone


Swarovski Crystal Mini Oval Fancy Stone


Swarovski Crystal 4595 Elongated Imperial Fancy Stones



Reconstruct the past and add a touch of modern feasibility using the 4595 Elongated Imperial Crystal Fancy Stones from Swarovski. This classically opulent style accentuates a longer silhouette perfect for modern and contemporary designs. Use a variety of settings for this crystal to create an array of looks ideal for highlighting accessories, jewelry and DIY designs.

4683 Fantasy Hexagon Fancy Stones


 Crystal Setting Options to make easy DIY jewelry

fancy-stone-settings-top-and-bottom-gold.jpg fancy-stone-settings-top-and-bottom-silver.jpg

fancy-stone-settings-top-rhdoium.jpg fancy-stone-settings-top-gold-on-sale.jpg

The Swarovski Crystal 4683 Fantasy Hexagon Fancy Stone is a style that is formulated with equilateral triangles embracing contemporary sensibility, with thin silhouettes amid a modern geometric shape. Use these stones with settings un-plated, gold or rhodium plating to create quality timeless looks where DIY designs where easy application is essential.

4483 Fantasy Cushion Cut Fancy Stones


The Swarovski Crystal 4483 Fantasy Cushion Cut Fancy Stone is an elegant new addition for your designing pleasure, inspiring us to reflect on the fabulous Forties era. The enduring nature of the cushion cut shape was derived from a pillow and its distinguishing characteristic is its rounded edges. The Cushion Cut style has had an outstanding resurgence in popularity due to its effortless elegance & femininity. Use these stones with settings un-plated, gold or rhodium plating to create premium classic looks where DIY designs where easy application is essential.

Swarovski Crystal 3271 Slim Triangle Sew On Stones


The new three holed elongated Swarovski Crystal triangle sew-on stone’s silhouette makes seamless patterning easy. The larger 18x21mm size leads the way in standout statements perfect for dance sport costumes, footwear, accessories and apparel.

We hope you fell in LOVE with these New Fall and Winter Swarovski Crystal Styles, Colors & Effects!

Swarovski continues to raise the brilliancy bar to higher heights, bringing you more clarity and shine than ever before.

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“Gone to the Beach” DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design & Instructions

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions

“Gone to the Beach” Necklace Inspiration from SWAROVSKI’s Create Your Style

Create this DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design with Instructions, that Incorporates the New Crystal Innovations.

Celebrate a sun-kissed summer with boho jewelry. This necklace is made using shell-like Mother of Pearl with Sea Snail Pendants and Jelly Fish Fancy Stones from Swarovski. Make and wear it with a sparkling megawatt smile!

Here are the Swarovski Crystals used in this necklace design:

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4195 – 14mm Cyrstal 3 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4195-22mm Crystal 2 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Settings 4195/S 1PH2OH  14mm Rhodium 3 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Settings 4195/S 1PH2OH 22mm Rhodium 2 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal Beads 5000 – 3mm Crystal AB 52 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6731 – 14mm Crystal AB 7 pieces

Supplies & Tools


Chain, 10cm, 5x7mm, silver

Cord, 42cm, Ø 6mm, beige

2x Cord endings, Ø 6mm, silver

4x Head pins, 6cm, silver

8x Jump rings, 4mm, silver

7x Jump rings, 6mm, silver 1x Jump ring, 7mm, silver

4x Mother of pearl cockle pendants, 24mm, white

12x Mother of pearl disc pendants, 25mm, white

1x Spring ring, 7mm, silver Wire, 1m, 0.7mm, silver


Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers


Side cutter



There are step by step instructions after the picture instructions.

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 1

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 2

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 3

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 4

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 5

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 6

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 6.5

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 7

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 8

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions beach style

STEP 1: Insert a 4mm jump ring and Swarovski Pendant art. 6731 14mm Crystal AB onto a 6mm jump ring. Repeat this process six more times, but on the last one just use the 6mm jump ring.

STEP 2: Cut 14 6cm long pieces of wire and make a loop at one end to form eye pins.

STEP 3: Insert Swarovski Fancy Stones art. 4195 Crystal F 14mm and 22mm into the Swarovski setting. Gently close prongs using tweezers. Thread the Swarovski Fancy Stones onto a head pin and form a loop at the other end. Cut off excess wire. Repeat this step four more times, but thread the last one onto an eye pin as shown in our illustrations with this step.

STEP 4: Insert the disk pendant and the 4mm jump ring including Swarovski Pendant into the loop of one of the eye pins made in step 2. Thread 4 Swarovski Bead art. 5000 3mm Crystal AB onto the eye pin and then add the shell pendant. Make a loop at the top of the shell pendant as shown.

STEP 5: Attach another eye pin and Swarovski Pendant onto the loop make at the top of the shell pendant in the previous step. Insert 4 more Swarovski Beads and the disk pendants. Repeat this step one more time – see illustrations for clarification.

STEP 6: Insert the Swarovski Fancy Stone art. 4195 14mm into the top most loop of the piece from step 5. Repeat steps 4-6 three more times to get three more similar pieces but of different structure. See illustrations for clarification.

STEP 7: Cut a 10cm long chain and a 42cm long cord. Glue the cord ends into the cord endings. Attach one of them to a spring ring and the second one to a 7mm jump ring.

STEP 8: Attach all the four pieces from steps 4-6 to the chain leaving a spare of 4cm to act as an extension. Attach the last Swarovski Pendant to the last link of this extension.

Have fun making this beautiful Swarovski Crystal jewelry design!

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

Swarovski_5741-Crystal_AB_Heart Bead