DIY Fashionably Warm Swarovski Crystal Mittens! The Perfect Sparkling Gift To Warm Hands & Hearts!

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments

Baby it’s cold outside!

The magical holiday season is in full swing, snow outside and its getting cozy inside.
It’s the perfect magic atmosphere to get creative and prepare your Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years presents for your loved ones. Making gifts you know they will wear and love is always extra special! Here is a fun project that is both practical and beautiful for all those people in your life who like to be warm and fashionable!

Take an old knitted jumper and turn it into gorgeous mittens. It’s a combination of different DIY techniques with cutting, sewing and stitching. They are the perfect sparkling gift to warm their hands… and their heart!

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments instructions

Below are the SWAROVSKI Crystals along with the supplies and tools you will need for this project. Let your creativity be your guide by incorporating your favorite colors and styles into your personalized style!


Swarovski Crystal 3188 Light Chrome

Swarovski Crystal 3188-4mm Lochrose Sew On Stones Crystal Light Chrome 56 pieces (contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal 3188 Crystal Scarabeaus Green

Swarovski Crystal 3188-5mm Lochrose Sew-on Stones Crystal Scarabeaus Green 24 pieces (contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal 3188 Clear

Swarovski Crystal 3188-5mm Lochrose Sew-on Stones Clear Crystal  24 pieces

Swarovski 3259-Crystal

Swarovski Crystal 3259-12mm Heart Sew-on Stones 6 pieces of Clear Crystal.

Supplies and Tools

Supplies: 5mm Nylon thread,0.5mm, transparent, Jumper/sweater (recycle an old one)

Tools: Pencil, Scissors, Sewing machine, Sewing needle

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 1

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 2

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 3

DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 3b

 DIY Mittens with Swarovski Crystal embellishments free instructions 4

Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1: Trace the outline of your hand on a piece of tracing paper and cut the pattern out; repeat for the other hand or just mirror the first one. Place the pattern over an old jumper or sweater and cut out the shape adding 5mm to the edge of the border. See the illustrations for clarification of this step.

STEP 2: Place the front-sides on top of each other and sew the mitten together. Turn the sewn mitten right side out. Repeat for the other mitten.

STEP 3: Sew all the Swarovski Crystals on the material list onto the mittens as depicted in our illustrations with this step.

Keep cozy creating these warm and sparkly mittens!

Swarovski Crystal Black Heart

A Special Swarovski Crystal Party with All My Fabulous Friends!

Swarovski Crystal Party

I hosted my first  Swarovski Crystal Party and it was absolutely fabulous!

I had about 10 of my super fantastic and fabulous friends over to my house for a day full of fun, laughter and of course SPARKLES! I told them to bring their favorite flip flops, tee shirts, shoes, phones or whatever else they wanted to take from drab to fab!


Everyone was really sweet, gracious and thankful for the opportunity to take the time to be creative and find their own artistic expression.

It’s always enjoyable getting together with the ladies, but sometimes you may not know what to do. A crystal party is a brilliant way to bring everyone together and be inspired to create a dazzling and unique accessory that every time they look at or wear they will think of that fantastic day and fond memories.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Below are 5 helpful tips for hosting a sparkling Swarovski crystal party.

1. First off you need to bring your energy! Be excited that you’re bringing your friends together for an entertaining and creative day. Your attitude sets the tone and will be infectious, so be positive and grateful that people are taking time out of their busy schedules to come and share a fun-filled day with you and all of their friends.

Swarovski Crystal Party Blinged Flip flops

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks style 2058-16ss Crystal AB and 2520 Cosmic Flatback Clear Crystal

2. set up all of the crafts, tools and sparkles before everyone arrives. I found it to be really helpful to have each individual craft station ready to go complete with E6000 glue, tweezers and of course the star of the show, all of the dazzling Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in a range of colors and sizes each in their own individual trays. You will need to use the style number 2058 Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones for people gluing each stone on themselves and you will need to set up a little station for people using a Bejeweler  tool for the style number 2038 Swarovski Flatback Hot Fix Rhinestones. It’s advantageous to have a hard surfaced object that can be put inside the middle of the shirt so that the stones adhere to the front of the shirt and not both the front and back of the shirt together. I used a medium size piece of granite that I found at Home Depot that worked very well. You can also set up an Iron to apply a lot of Hot Fix crystals at once, simply lay a small thin piece of cloth or parchment paper over the crystals before applying the hot iron to the crystals. Work in small sections and be gentle when pressing down on the crystal so that they don’t move out of place. The smaller stones will be easier to apply and stay longer than the larger stones. For larger stones I recommend gluing them individually.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks style 2038-12ss Crystal AB Hot Fix

3. As a host, you should test any application process ahead of time so that you will know how to show your friends what to do. One little tip when working with the Swarovski Hot Fix stones which are applied to fabric; it’s good to use a one size smaller bejeweler tip than the actual Crystal stones themselves, this way you will not leave a little ring on the fabric.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in the style 2058 Xilion Round Flatback,  style 2520 Cosmic Flatback and style 2300 Pearshape Flatback

4. Soak up the sunshine and have your crystal party outside if you can. Enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of it especially when working with the E6000 glue which recommends either using a mask, which is certainly not the most glamorous fashion statement and it limits your ability to converse with the ladies. Plus your tan will compliment all those rainbow sparkles. Try and offer some shade for those who would like to cool off.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in style 2058- 20ss Crystal and Crystal AB and style 2520 Cosmic Flatback

5. Some of your friends may not want to Crystallize anything, but they still want to be a part of the festivities. No problem at all, of course all are welcome but here’s the funny part, I bet halfway through watching everyone having so much fun they will want to join right in. I only mention this because this happened with three of my girlfriends! Maybe you could have a little something special stored away for them that you can surprise them with. One of my friends ran home to grab a glass vase that she wanted to beautify, the other ladies blinged their bra straps and coin purses that they had with them.

The Swarovski sparkles were intoxicating and they just couldn’t resist!! I Love it!

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in style 2058-20ss Crystal AB

I hope this inspires you to throw your own Swarovski Crystal Party! It’s perfect idea for any occasion that you would like to celebrate, a wedding or bachelorette party, birthday party or simply a beautiful afternoon to get together with great friends and family. What a great friend you will be bringing smiles and sparkles to all of your favorite people!

Thanks for all the fun memories lovely ladies, you’re the best!

Featured Designer ~ Anita from Texas Tangled Threads

Anita Allbritton Texas Tangled Threads

Anita from Texas Tangled Threads creates unique handmade lace jewelry embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Embroidered Baby Blankets, and Embroidered Clothing for Children. She loves to be creative and work with color and fiber and is consistently developing new and innovative designs that expands her repertoire.

Anita Allbritton Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Fuchsia Lace Bean Pod Large Dangle Statement Earrings

These beautifully woven fuchsia lace statement earrings are handmade from rayon embroidery thread. If you enjoy Anita’s lovely designs and would like to purchase anything from her Etsy shop, she has graciously offered a 25% discount to anyone who has been referred to her store through my blog. Please enter this coupon code at checkout: Rainbows25

Anita from Texas Tangled Threads black earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Black Tweed Geometric Lace Statement Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

The sparkle of nine 3mm Jet AB Hot Fix Swarovski crystals combined with the black tweed geometric lace to make just the statement you want. The black tweed lace is made from rayon embroidery thread so these statement earrings are very lightweight. There are crystals on both sides of each earring so that no matter which way the wind blows, you will sparkle.

Anita Tiny purple and gold sparkle feather earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Embroidered Purple and Gold Sparkling Feather Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

These charming embroidered feathers are just right for everyday or a special evening. The tiny feather earrings feature a 3mm Swarovski crystal AB Hot Fix on each side that flash coming and going. They are made from a two color variegated thread that blends deep purple and bright metallic gold. With the gold tone post and the crystals, these will be your go to sparkle earrings.

Anita White Lace Kitty Necklace made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

White Lace Kitty Necklace Featuring Sparkling Blue Eyes made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 

This delightful cat necklace is for all cat lovers! A large white lace kitty playfully dangles below a silver and blue bead attached to a silver tone chain. This cheerful cat’s eyes and heart sparkle on both sides with Air Blue Opal Swarovski crystals and is extremely lightweight.

Anita Turquoise Geometric Lace Dangle Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Turquoise Geometric Lace Dangle Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

These whimsical turquoise lace and crystal earrings are embroidered using rayon thread and shine utilizing the 2mm Swarovski aquamarine Flatback crystals completing the stylish look with a Swarovski faceted 5000-6mm Round bead in Crystal AB.


I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Thank you!

Crystal Clay ~DIY with Endless Creative Possibilities


Crystal Clay is a unique and terrific product that opens up endless creative possibilities. Crystal Clay is a two part epoxy clay that can be easily mixed together and formed into any shape you would like and adheres to anything. With a large variety of color options you can cover molds and manipulate it into any jewelry or artistic design your heart desires!

Crystal Clay Fun

Incorporate your favorite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS into your designs before the clay hardens in about 2 ½ to 3 hours. The clay is completely hardened in 14-16 hours. The most popular crystals to use are the Swarovski Round Stones or Fancy Stones, as these have pointed backs that allow for a solid setting along with a thin silver foil that is applied to the back of each stone concealing the clay behind the stone and all you see shining through is the brilliance of the stones faceting structure and color.


Sparkling Crystal Clay Balls in every color of the rainbow!

Swarovski Flatbacks can also be used for stones that don’t need deep settings. With crystal clay there’s no baking or curing, simply set your stones and let it dry. You can quickly and easily create stunning one-of-a-kind professional looking jewelry in a flash.  You can even apply special sparkle dust to your crystal clay providing a perfect color match for all of your fashionable creations!