A Useful & Sparkling DIY Customized Gift Inspiration!

When dreams come true, it’s fun to celebrate with sparkles & smiles!

Recently my friend graduated culinary school and she now has the wonderful opportunity to take her skills to the gorgeous wonders of Spain! She’ll be living there for a few months, training under a 5 star chef. With incredible hard work and determination, her dreams are really and truly, coming to fruition. I couldn’t be happier for her!


She threw a fabulous tapas themed fiesta to celebrate and I wanted to give her something fun, special and sparkly (of course) to commemorate her BIG accomplishment! Here’s what I made her….


A customized sparkling apron featuring Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Flatbacks!

I found a colorful apron from World Market. I just swoon over everything in that darn store, so I had to go in with a mission and not stray, because if I did, I would have been tempted to take home one of everything. Mission successfully completed!

I imagine aprons can take a beating with all that is going on in the kitchen and I wanted to be sure the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks would stay secure and last a very long time. In order to do this, I glued each crystal using E6000 glue.


I used the Swarovski Crystal 2088-12ss (~3mm) Clear Crystal Flatbacks


I also used my handy-dandy Flatback Rhinestone tool, the Crystal Katana! This helps to pick up the stones, place them exactly where I want them and secure them in place. I couldn’t do this project with out it! That’s GOLD Jerry… GOLD! (haha…if you’re a long-time Seinfeld fan like myself, you’ll appreciate that reference 😉

How to glue crystals to clothing instructions 1

I arranged the Swarovski Crystals in little flower formations, with different quantities in each floret, randomly on the belt of the apron. I wanted to compliment the flower pattern on the apron, as well as accentuating hints of sparkle.


It’s simple and sweet, and complimented her style beautifully!

Thankfully, she Loved it! She put it on and wore it around, showing all her friends, which warmed my heart & was very sweet of her!

If you’re thinking of a little gift for someone in your life, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be much, but it’s always much more appreciated when you add a personal touch. When you put a little extra time and effort into making something handmade from your heart, it demonstrates how much you care, which is touching in and of itself.

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Harmony and Kashi
Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

DIY Face Gems ~ Applying Swarovski Crystals to Your Face Is Oh So Fun!


(Picture compliments of Wavy.com)

What to be, what to be for Halloween this year?? I didn’t plan my costume out in advance this year, so on the day of I found myself rummaging through our costume/party box full of fun wigs, funky sunglasses & all kinds of comical pieces, one of my favorites being a bright pink cowboy hat. I had just worn the pink cowboy hat, so alas I was uninspired.

Just then a light bulb went off in my mind!


Ah ha! CRYSTALS! I looooove crystals & have them everywhere, so why don’t I embellish my face!

Harmony Halloween 2015

It was so fun, really easy and I always love getting creative!

If I had more time, I would have added a lot more. Who knows maybe next year I’ll be a crystal princess and go all out!

Harmony Halloween 2 2015

I couldn’t find body glue anywhere, so I used eyelash glue and it worked really well. Just a little dab will do ya. I put a tiny dab of glue on my face and used the Crystal Katana to pick up the crystals and apply them to the glue. I pressed down for a few seconds and then it was on to the next. It was that simple!

I was inspired by this gorgeous picture!

Swarovski Crystals on face

(Picture compliments of Toni Malt)

I applied different colors and sizes of the Swarovski Crystal 2088 Flatbacks to the areas that I wanted sparkle.

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Amethyst

I started with the 2088-20ss Amethyst and 16ss Amethyst Swarovski Rhinestones.

Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones Clear Crystal Wholesale from Rainbows of Light  Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Crystal AB

I used the 2088-16ss Crystal and 2088-12ss Crystal and Crystal AB for the detailed fill in work.

Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones 2520 Rectangle  Swarovski_5741-Blush_Rose_Heart-Beads

I also used a couple pieces of the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks 2520-10x8mm Cosmic Style as well as the 2808-6mm Heart Flatback Rhinestone (super cute heart, one of my faves!)

Swarovski Crystal Sew on Stones 3223 Nevette stones from Rainbows of Light

I found some of these cute Swarovski Crystal 3223-12mm Nevette Sew On Stones and threw a few of these on. They have a flat back which worked well and I just love this shape. I wanted to add different shapes and colors to make it as unique as possible.

2494 Swarovski Crystal Starlette Flatback Rhinestone from Rainbows of Light  2540 Curvey Swarovski Crystal Flatback

For some dramatic accents I applied the Swarovski Crystal 2494-10mm Starlet Flatbacks as well as the 2540-7mm Curvey Flatback in the beautiful coating of Crystal Paradise Shine.

2709 Swarovski Crystal Rhombus Flatback wholesale from Rainbows of Light

Last but certainly not least, I used the 2709-13mm Rhombus Swarovski Crystal Flatback for the center.

Harmony and Kashi Halloween

Here’s Kashi & I getting ready for trick-or-treaters!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I’d love to see you or your kiddo’s/doggies costumes!

Swarovski_5741-Fuchsia Love bead

Mani Magic ~ How to Rock This Stylish Trend & Apply Swarovski Crystals As Nail Art!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)  Manicures provided by OPI. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

One of the hottest fashion trends is nail art. It has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years and for good reason. Not only is it a stylish way to be creative, most importantly, it’s FUN!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios) Design by On Aura Tout Vu. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

Everyone loves to express their own unique style and nail art is a fabulous way to be creative and do just that! There are endless options to create distinctive looks, whether it’s to match your special outfit, get in the mood for different Holidays or just freshen up your everyday look, painting and accessorizing your nails is a perfect way to enhance your individual style!

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios)

The Swarovski S/S 2016 Launch Event at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday September 7th, 2015. (Sean Twomey/2me Studios) Manicures provided by OPI. Photo Credit: Sean Twomey/2me

To upgrade your design even further, adding Swarovski Crystal Flat backs to your nails is extremely popular and you can see why, it’s chic and glamorous to enrich your nails with a touch of sparkle.

Swarovski flatbacks

 The smaller crystal sizes are ideal for nail art, such as the 2088-10ss and 2088-12ss. The clear Crystal is especially popular, as it looks very similar to a diamond and the Crystal AB is another favorite, due to the array of yellow, pink and blue rainbow style sparkles. There are also many unique styles to choose from to create a truly personalized design.


Applying the crystals is very simple when using this amazing tool called the Crystal Katana.

Watch this instructional video on how to apply Swarovski Crystals to your nails. CREATE YOUR STYLE Nail Ambassador demonstrates how to use Swarovski crystals to turn your nails into your newest, most sparkling accessory! Learn the tips and tricks to adding sparkling crystals to your nails on classic nail enamel using nail glue or setting the crystals in the top coat of a gel manicure for long lasting glam!

The best part about this fashion statement is you can go as simple…

nail art

or as decadent as your heart desires!

nail art with Swarovski Crystals

Feel free to post pictures of your own sparkling nail art, I would LOOOVE to see them!!

Keep Smiling and Keep Sparkling!


Outshine Your Competition When Giving or Marketing Jewelry With This Essential Secret


(Swarovski Baroque Bermuda Blue Jewelry Set by MartakyArt on ArtFire)

Let’s face it, the incomparable brilliance and majestic beauty of Swarovski Crystals speak for themselves. Any jewelry designer and admirer can distinguish the unsurpassed superiority that Swarovski has been known for in their 120 years of experience.

People who use Swarovski Crystals in their designs, understand the value of a quality product, so as gift givers and business owners, if you are going the extra mile to create gorgeous jewelry that will be worn and loved for years to come…shouldn’t the gift box reflect that same exceptional beauty?

I emphatically say, YES it should! You should too and here’s why….

Wrapped box

Normally we give gifts in a wrapped box with a bow on top. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s a perfectly nice way to give a gift.

But if you want to outshine your competition, or want to really make a lasting impression that has an extra special touch of glamour, the box in and of itself becomes a piece of artwork. It shows that you have spent time and effort creating an exceptional piece of jewelry and the presentation is equally stunning!

Here are some beautiful ideas to inspire your creativity.

Sea Shell  presentation for Pearl Necklace

(Sea Shell Presentation for Pearl Necklace from Beach Wedding Tips)

I absolutely fell in Loooove with this, it’s is one of my favorite ideas for displaying and presenting pearl jewelry! It’s so elegant and is definitely a one of a kind, keep sake item for that special someone.

Personalized Gift or keep sake box

(Personalized Keep-Sake Box made by MyBoks on Etsy)

My grandmother gave me a treasured little book years ago, which I imagine you’re all familiar with called “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It’s a real gem and a great piece of insight explains that a person’s name, is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

That’s powerful! It’s no wonder why it’s incredibly popular to personalize everything these days, from jewelry to license plates and what better way to add a customized quality to your gifts than engraving their name right on the box! People love to feel special and this is a perfect way to make people feel warm and fuzzy!


(DIY Love Gift Box Free Design and Instructions from Swarovski Create Your Style)

Create a gift box that simply oooozes Love with sparkling Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Beads and Pendants such as these lovely Siam Hearts. Have fun inventing different designs tailored to each occasion.


(Box Treasures DIY Free Design and Instructions from Swarovski’s Create Your Style)

Let your creativity stick! Embellishing gift boxes with Swarovski Flatbacks using the Crystal Katana is a captivating and impressive way to create that instant wow factor. The receiver of this gift is sure to light up immediately and think… if what’s inside is even half as stunning as the box, I love it already!

Swarovski Silk heart bead Wholesale to the Public

The age old saying “it’s better to give than it is to receive” is absolutely true. You and your customer or special someone, are going to feel great no matter how you present your jewelry gift and if you add a little extra sparkling detail or personal touch, it is sure to be memorable.

Sparkling Gift Ideas!

Sparkling Gift Box

‘Tis the season of gift giving, bringing joy into each-others’ hearts and spreading smiles with sparkles!

It’s a very special time of year, when we open our hearts and truly feel the magic of the season!

Where we take time to admire the twinkling lights, make special memories and where we genuinely feel uplifted inside. It’s a fun time to express our creativity and where we can appreciate bringing delight to others with hand designed gifts, delectable treats and sweet cards bestowing notes of joy and prosperity.

DIY Crystal Heart and beaded wire hanging mobil

Where a simple smile can make others smile, and where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you genuinely wish people the very best for an extra special, sweet, sparkly, fun, love-filled Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Sometimes it can be tricky to know what to give all of those special people in your life. So here are a few ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity!

Swarovski Crystal Picture Fram DIY Great Gift Idea

Glueing Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones to picture frames is a great gift for all types of people! Adding that extra special touch of elegance and sparkle to a treasured moment is wonderful way to show how much they mean to you.

DIY Swarovski crystal frame friends great gift idea

Surprise your loved one, friends or family with a beautiful and thoughtful gift that would be sentimental and unique. A gift that keeps on giving by bringing the feelings of love and friendship into the hearts of those you love…now what’s better than that??!!

 Personalized jewelry gift idea

Making personalized gifts is exceptionally fun, memorable and rewarding for both the giver and the receiver!

It shows that you have taken the time to think about what they would like and to create something valuable with those special personal touches, shows how much you really care. Whether it’s a uniquely exclusive piece of jewelry incorporating a special picture, charm or sparkle that you know they will love, or embellishing a small pair of baby shoes for that “WOW…Awww How Cute” factor, it’s the intention behind your gift and your beautiful gift itself that will be so appreciated!

Swarovski Crystal Baby Shoes gift idea DIY

This picture came from UMYK Design’z – Check out all her gorgeous sparkling creations!

Embellish shoes, picture frames, pens, apparel, purses…whatever you can imagine with Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks using E6000 glue and the Crystal Katana tool, which makes it so easy. With a little time and attention to detail, you can create the perfect gift for each special person in your life.

Swarovski Crystal Pen DIY gift idea

DIY fancy, sparkling pens for your co-workers or friends at the office!

Beautifying the little things in life can make a big difference in your day. Turning a normal boring pen into a sparkling, fun, delightful piece of usable artwork, transforms ordinary tasks into cheerful tasks! (Be sure to use refillable ink pens)

Swarovski Crystal Heart

I hope these sparkling, creative ideas have helped you in your endeavor to make the perfect gift for this wonderful gift giving season and have fun spreading smiles with sparkles!