Why Handmade Gifts Are the Most Gratifying + Crystal Tassel Design Inspiration!


Swarovski Crystal DIY handmade gifts

There truly is nothing like giving a gift that was made by your very own hands!

Your creativity, vision and dedication when making a special gift for someone you love, is extra special!! It shows that you take the time to reflect on their individual style, what they will love, and that you go the extra mile for people in your life.

It’s scientifically proven that we love something more when we make it ourselves!

In my experience, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and personal touch so much more! The added benefit is…you will too! I’m sure we’ve all felt this exceptional feeling before, after giving someone something you’ve put your time, energy and love into. There’s really nothing like it. Studies have shown that making something, even if it’s assembling a piece of furniture from IKEA, we are hardwired to like it more (even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly), than the same exact item that we simply bought. I Love this because it’s a win win!

Thank You

Here’s a sweet Thank You email that I just received from a new friend. I made her a special beaded strand with Crystals and Pearls and attached a Swarovski Crystal 6714 Star Pendant/Prism at the end. (I wish I took a picture of it – rats!) Here’s what she said:

We finally decided to hang our beautiful crystal on the morning side of the house.  There is one window we open, without fail, first thing in the morning to let in the day’s light.  And we can’t think of a better way to start our day than by receiving and enjoying the blessings of the crystal.  I finally completed this DIY task today (LOL), and we are looking forward to the morning’s greeting. Thank you again for this beautiful gift, as well as the gift of your friendship.”

I know I’m a bit of a sap, but this email almost made me cry! It filled my heart with so much joy to know that every day she will be enjoying all of the beautiful sparkles & Rainbows of Light that I handmade for her!

homemade Presents

Here’s a Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Tassel Necklace that I recently made for my friend’s Birthday!

DIY Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Tassel Necklace Design Inspiration

I used 5810-6mm and 8mm Brown Pearls (Velvet Brown Pearls are a wonderful color substitution, as Brown has been discontinued), 5000-10mm Mocca Crystal Beads, 5000-6mm & 8mm Crystal Golden Shadow Round Beads, 5328-4mm & 6mm Crystal Silver Shade Bicone Beads, and a 5523-12mm Crystal Silver Shade Cosmic Bead. For the focal component, I used the 4439-20mm Square Bead in Crystal Dorado (technically a Fancy Stone because it doesn’t have any holes in it, unless you count the large one in the middle). The Crystal Dorado is nice because one side is the Dorado Coating that you see in the picture, and the other side is a medium grey tone, that blends nicely with the Crystal Silver Shade. The very last little sparkling detail, is the 6620-20mm Avant-Garde Pendant in Crystal Golden Shadow.

DIY Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace

My friend absolutely LOVES her new Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Tassel Necklace! She put it on right away after opening it and I’ve seen her three times since and every time she’s been wearing it!! She says it goes with so many outfits, which is incredibly fun and rewarding that I made something that she loves so much!

Swarovski Authorized Reseller Crystals wholesale to the public

I hope you’re inspired to make beautiful, handmade gifts for you and your friends to enjoy this year. I’m always happy to personally assist you with color options, and style choices for all of your Swarovski Crystal desires!

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Harmony and Kashi
Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!
Happy Birthday Sheri