Swarovski Color and Trend Inspirations Spring/Summer 2015 – Glamour




There is a continuing trend to beautify clothes with a focus on elaborate detail in design as … “The flirtation with opulence and decadence from last season continues.”

 Other cultures continue to inspire us: exploring our Arab neighbors’ opulent and exquisite detailing, we transfer inspiration from decadent interiors and architecture to adorn our bodies. Sensual, seductive Arabian nights; the exotic and the ordinary merge together to create a veiled and hidden design ethic that speaks to the sensual side of the self.

An exciting combination of the past and future is shown in luxurious and laboriously made heritage fabrics with exquisite crystal borders and embroidered detailing. A wildness is in the outlook, with glamour being redefined into a free and easy style, increasingly linked to the self.

We desire to lose ourselves in spectacular, swaying silhouettes of crystal-adorned cloth to celebrate the simple beauty of being alive, of belonging.




Oriental graphics and architecture inspire the elaborate shape and design of over-the-top jewelry.

The circle symbolizes cycles, new beginnings, and continuity – overtaking the triangle shape that stood for growth and stability.

The continued rise of the tattoo – denoting belonging to a tribe – has crossed into fashion design with the recreation of intricate patterns on clothing.

Accessories have turned to a focus on feet as we envisage the return of the heavily bejeweled sandal or intricate anklets as art forms.


Jewelry design bu Auden Featuring the 4320 Pearshape Fancy Stone in Crystal Metalic Light Gold (contact us for details)

Extravagant Fancy Stones combine with fine crystals to imitate modern oriental patterns. Subtle sparkling elements create opulent design details.

The lines between jewelry and accessories continue to become increasingly blurred, particularly in the head-wear segment.

Harking back to the glamour and opulence of a mystical past, exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detailing in New Segments speak for a renewed interest in the ancient Orient.


Glamour Trend Crystal Color Inspirations

Crystal Iridescent Green Pearls add a sophisticated accent to the dark color pallet, while playing with polar opposite directions of Matt and shine.

The precise cuts of the mini size beads and larger Pendants create a stunning play between light and shadow. Bold oversize shapes create 3D crystal structures for over-the-top sophistication.

01: NEW! 6017/G Crystalactite Pendant grand partly frosted Crystal CAL (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

02: NEW! 6017/G Crystalactite Pendant grand Crystal Silver Night (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

03: NEW! 6019/G Crystalactite Pendant grand Crystal Silver Night (Designer Edition Maison Martin Margiela for Swarovski) (contact us for details)

04: NEW! 4470 Cushion Cut Fancy Stone Crystal Iridescent Green

05: NEW! 4568 Cushion Fancy Stone Crystal Silver Night

06: 5000 Round Bead Crystal CAL Fully Coated (contact us for details)

07: NEW! 5054 Rhombus Mini Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

08: NEW! 5055 Mini Rectangle Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

09: 5056 Mini Drop Bead Crystal Silver Night (contact us for details)

10: NEW! 5750 Skull Bead Jet

11: 80501  Becharmed Pavé Cabochon Beads Jet Hematite with Matt Finish

12: 80901 Becharmed Pavé Spike Beads Crystal CAL

13: NEW! 86001 Pavé Ball Bead Black Diamond

14: 5810 Swarovski Pearl Mystic Black

15: NEW! 5810 Swarovski Pearl Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl

16: 5817 Swarovski Half Domed Pearl Black

17: NEW! 6428 Crystal Iridescent Green Pendant

18: 2038 Swarovski Xilion Flatback Hot Fix Crystal Metallic Light Gold (contact us for details)

19: 53 731 088 Stainless Steel Crystal Stud (contact us for details)

20: NEW! 20 401 001 005 082 001  Crystal Mesh Crystal Irridescent Green (contact us for details)

Swarovski Black Heart Bead

Swarovski Color and Trend Inspirations Spring/Summer 2015 – Progressive Theme Color Inspirations

Swarovski_Color_InspirationSwarovski Crystal Color Inspirations for Spring/Summer 2015 Innovations

This beautiful display of colorful crystals begins on the left with the vibrantly stunning Crystal Astral Pink, which is a gorgeous blend of hot pink and orange hues coated with an iridescent rainbow effect. This unique finish has been extremely popular and will continue to be so as we move into the warmer months of summer and will be a nice transitional color moving into the fall with hints of Crystal Chili PeperCrystal Copper and Crystal Brandy undertones. It’s a fabulous color to pair with the new Tangerine color as well as Topaz, Topaz AB , Topaz AB-2X, Fire Opal, and Fire Opal AB. For a softer look pair with Light Peach or for a little more sparkle Light Peach AB. Furthermore, it serves as a beautiful blend into the bright pink hues of Fuchsia and deeper to lighter purple tones such as Amethyst, LilacLight Amethyst, and Violet.


Swarovski Transfer Flag Color Inspiration from the Progressive Theme

The Crystal Lilac Shadow is a gorgeous coating expressing  a unique purple and crystal effect, which you can see above blends nicely with the purple hues as well as a transitional color into the blue family tones. Lavender is a soft blue hue that works perfectly as a transition color into Light Sapphire and then into the rich Sapphire blue. For a more subtly blue family start with the very light coating of of Crystal Blue Shade, which transitions nicely into Denim Blue, Crystal Montana Blend, Montana and Montana Satin.


Swarovski Transfer Flag Color, Product and Material Information

Fern Green, Dark Moss Green, Emerald and Emerald Champagne are rich and vibrant green tones, that blend beautifully with the lighter Peridot and Chrysolite greens.

Jet black is a classic color that goes with almost everything and Swarovski has created many beautiful coatings and transitional colors that successfully blend into clear Crystal and Silver. Jet Hematite is an elegant coating applied to Jet that gives it a silver sparkle to half of the bead and Jet Hematite 2X is a fully coated version of this. This then can unify all of the grey to silver tones such as Crystal Silver Night, Crystal Satin, Black Diamond, Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Moonlight, Clear Crystal and then Crystal CAL (which stands for Comet Argent Light) for a half silver and half crystal look, moving finally into Crystal CAL 2X, for a fully coated silver appearance.


Swarovski Components Flag Color Inspiration

A blend of African and Asian culture is expressed through patterning and bold colors to create a stunning yet simple effect.


Swarovski Components Flag Color, Product and Material Information

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