See the Stunning NEW Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations!


New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations


It’s quite an exciting day for all you Swarovski Crystal Lovers, the New Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations are revealed! I hope you love them as much as I do and I hope they get your creative juices flowing to make gorgeous new jewelry for the warmer Spring and Summer days ahead!

This is not everything! Please stay tuned for more innovations, as we are quickly adding these beautiful new Swarovski styles to the website along with more fashion and trend information to come!


New Swarovski Crystal 5058 Baroque Bead

The 5058 Baroque Bead is Swarovski’s newest bead innovation from the Spring/Summer 2018 Crystal Launch and is available in the 10mm & 14mm. This Elegant and timeless bead style is a flat pear shape with a multi-curved outer contour that displays a detailed faceting structure, which increases its brilliance and shine. This vintage design pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing.


Very Flat and light in weight, which adds a beautiful design element to your jewelry pieces with little extra weight to your finished product.

The Baroque  Crystal Beads are available in a variety of popular Colors and Effects for versatile design applications.


Design possibilities include creating interesting bead string flows (back on back, tip on tip, etc) providing you with graceful patterns that flow and blend nicely together.

This vintage baroque shape is ideal for creating romantic designs  and perfectly compliments the Baroque Fancy Stones and Pendants. These can also be sewn on to fabric or textile surfaces in radiant floral designs.


New Swarovski Crystal Pearl Colors and Flatback Styles


New 5810 Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Pearl

The Crystal Iridescent Light Blue is the newest color innovation from Swarovski’s Spring Summer 2018 launch. The Iridescent Effect continues to be very popular in the fashion and jewelry industry, providing a complex coloring structure that blends beautifully with various Crystal colors and effects, helping you to create dynamic looks for all kinds of designs.


Iridescent look – Iridescent Light Blue has been created by smoothly blending two colors: light blue in the center and light violet on the outside.

Extension of the successful crystal iridescent pearl effect line, helping to facilitate additional designs with added color options.

The silky matte effect creates an interesting look, the pearls appear both matte and shiny at the same time

The Swarovski Crystal Pearls are extremely durable with the highest quality standard and appearance (smooth and plane surfaces due to unique coloring process). The hole size is always consistent, the pearlescent coating is perfume, UV, and sweat resistant.


The Crystal Iridescent Light Blue compliments the New Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effect in Crystal Summer Blue.

This lovely new effect is ideal for creating romantic and modern looks.

Blue hues are one of the most widely popular colors available and this new Iridescent Blue tone is a classic and timeless shade that is suitable for all seasons.


New 5810 Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl

The Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue has been created by smoothly blending sapphire blue in the center and purple on the outside.


The silky matte effect creates an interesting look, the pearls appear both matte and shiny at the same time.

Swarovski Pearls are made with a Crystal Core, giving them weight.

The Swarovski Crystal Pearls are extremely durable with the highest quality standard and appearance (smooth and plane surfaces due to unique coloring process). The hole size is always consistent, the pearlescent coating is perfume, UV, and sweat resistant.


Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl complements the Royal Blue.

Crystal Pearls are developed primarily for use on jewelry and accessories. They perfectly complement other Swarovski crystals, such as Crystal Beads and Pendants. A range of further creative application techniques can be used in addition to sewing, such as knitting, crocheting, beading, threading, weaving, knotting, and wire working.


New 2856 Swarovski Crystal Skull Flatback Rhinestones


New Swarovski Crystal 3211 Lemon Sew-On Stone


New Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks and Unique Styles by Designed by Chris Bangle


New Swarovski Crystal 6763 Pave Drop Pendants


New 2400 Swarovski Crystal Square Flatback Rhinestone


New 2402 Swarovski Crystal Base Flatback Rhinestone


New 2403 Swarovski Crystal Pyramid Flatback Rhinestone


The Chris Bangle Designer Edition, featuring the new Tilted Chaton, Tilted Spike and Tilted Dice Fancy Stones, can be used as a pendant centerpiece for rings or earrings, or as part of an elaborate futuristic textile design.


New Swarovski Crystal 4928 Tilted Chaton Fancy Stone Chris Bangle Designer Edition


New Swarovski Crystal 492 Tilted Spike Fancy Stone Chris Bangle Designer Edition


New Swarovski Crystal 4933 Tilted Dice Fancy Stone Chris Bangle Designer Edition


Crystallized surface fabrics add opulence and dimension to lightweight textiles, while drama is added through fairy-tale-inspired jewelry pieces.


New Swarovski Crystal 4142 Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone and Setting


New Swarovski Crystal Shiny Lacquer Effects

As we seek intense sensory experiences due to the collide of the virtual and offline world, the new range of Shiny LacquerPRO effects updates classic summer tones with a hyper-real edge for summer styles with bold expression.


New Swarovski Crystal Azure Blue Shiny Lacquer Effect


New Swarovski Crystal Light Coral Shiny Lacquer Effect


New Swarovski Crystal Mint Green Shiny Lacquer Effect


New Swarovski Crystal Peony Pink Shiny Lacquer Effect


New Swarovski Crystal Summer Blue Shiny Lacquer Effect

I Look forward to providing you with much more information to come on fashionable Jewelry styles, colors, and trends!


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