Featured Designer ~ Meegan from Sparkle M Designs

Sparkle M DesignsSparkle M Designs…Jewelry For A Unique You!

Meegan makes every item by hand in her home studio, a smoke-free environment. She takes great pride in her work and she loves coming up with new designs. She also accepts custom orders, so please contact her with your special requests!

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelets Featuring Cube Beads, accentuated with Gold Plated Crystal Squaredelles, Xilion Bicone and Round Beads.

Make a statement in your very own Swarovski birthstone bracelet! This is a great gift idea! A sparkly, Swarovski crystal bracelet personalized in your mom’s, grandmother’s, daughter’s, wife’s, sister’s, aunt’s, niece’s, or best friend’s birth month color! Or treat yourself to a little something special!

Swarovski Crystal Cube Bicone and Squaredelle Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Earrings Featuring Featuring Cube Beads, accentuated with Gold Plated Crystal Squaredelles, Xilion Bicone and Round Beads.

This is Meegan’s favorite design because she has so much fun making it with all of the SPARKLE it has in it. It is made entirely with genuine Swarovski crystals, the sparkliest crystals in the world!  These would also be beautiful pieces of jewelry for a bridal party, personalized in your wedding colors! Matching bracelets and necklaces can be made to complete the bridesmaid outfit.

Swarovski Crystal Stretch Rings Personalized just for you

Personalized Handmade Swarovski Crystal Stretch Rings Featuring 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in every Color of the Rainbow.

These Swarovski stack-able rings are great for moms and grandmothers! Also GREAT for kids’ birthday parties to give as personalized favors! Imagine your kids’ or grand-kids’ initials and birthstones adorning your finger in beautiful, sparkly, and genuine Swarovski crystals! Or spell out their names, with 1 letter per ring. Or even commemorate a special dog, cat, horse, or any other precious pet. These rings are stretchy, so they fit almost anyone.

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Ring

Stretchy Swarovski Pearl Ring Featuring Style 5810 Crystal Pearls in Dark Grey, Peach, White and Powdered Rose.

This Perfect Pearl Stretch Ring is an elegant and fun piece of handmade jewelry that expresses a whimsical yet sophisticated statement. Meegan is happy to custom make this beauty in your favorite colors, adding a stylish and personalized detail to your specifications. There is an abundant array of gorgeous Swarovski Pearl Colors to choose from to compliment your fashionable desires.

Swarovski Bridesmaids jewelry Pearls and Rhinestone Rondelles

Bridal Swarovski Pearl Bracelet Featuring Swarovski Pearls in Light Blue, 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Light Sapphire and 5820 Rhinestone Rondelles in Light Sapphire and Crystal AB.

Pretty in Pearls! Looking for a special something blue for the beautiful bride or bridesmaids? This bracelet will make a stunning addition to your bridal party’s ensemble. Your bridesmaids will forever cherish their special Swarovski pearl bracelets. Two strands are adorned with genuine Swarovski pearls and are accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Customize this delightful design with any Pearl or Crystal color you would like. Matching earrings are available as well to complete the set.

Swarovski Heart 4809 Crystal Blue Shade

I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Rainbowsoflight.com. Thank you!

Discover Designs and Applications for Swarovski Round and Fancy Stones

Swarovski Crystal Round Stones and Fancy Stones

Discover the distinction of the most brilliant cut on the market!

The stunning Swarovski Round Stones (aka Chatons) and Fancy Stones have exploded in popularity recently and I wanted to highlight the variety of applications that designers utilize, along with vast array of gorgeous styles, colors, and coatings you have to choose from.


Most of the Swarovski Fancy Stones and Round Stones like the 1028 Xilion Chaton and the newest 1088 Xirius Chaton– one step closer to a diamond, feature brilliant faceting and have a pointed back that can be simply set into metal settings with prongs or into pre-cast settings which the stones can be glued into. Please contact me for more information on these settings.


Free Poseidon Reef Bracelet Design and Instructions

Swarovski makes Fancy Stone settings in different shapes and sizes to fit the crystal stones exactly. There are a variety of options with Swarovski settings including a closed/open backs, one or two holes in the sides; options that allow you to easily string the settings into fashionable necklaces and bracelets such as the Poseidon Reef Bracelet made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


Setting Swarovski stones into jewelry molds using an epoxy component is an easy and fun way to create unique designs for all kinds of sparkling projects. There are two great options to choose from: either Crystal Clay or the new product from Swarovski called Ceralun™ , a versatile and strong two-component, high performance ceramic epoxy composite that has been especially developed for the application using Swarovski crystals.


Swarovski makes it a little too easy, providing you with an endless array of gorgeous color and coating options to choose from. The toughest part of it all is deciding on what colors you like best!

Crystal Clay ~DIY with Endless Creative Possibilities


Crystal Clay is a unique and terrific product that opens up endless creative possibilities. Crystal Clay is a two part epoxy clay that can be easily mixed together and formed into any shape you would like and adheres to anything. With a large variety of color options you can cover molds and manipulate it into any jewelry or artistic design your heart desires!

Crystal Clay Fun

Incorporate your favorite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS into your designs before the clay hardens in about 2 ½ to 3 hours. The clay is completely hardened in 14-16 hours. The most popular crystals to use are the Swarovski Round Stones or Fancy Stones, as these have pointed backs that allow for a solid setting along with a thin silver foil that is applied to the back of each stone concealing the clay behind the stone and all you see shining through is the brilliance of the stones faceting structure and color.


Sparkling Crystal Clay Balls in every color of the rainbow!

Swarovski Flatbacks can also be used for stones that don’t need deep settings. With crystal clay there’s no baking or curing, simply set your stones and let it dry. You can quickly and easily create stunning one-of-a-kind professional looking jewelry in a flash.  You can even apply special sparkle dust to your crystal clay providing a perfect color match for all of your fashionable creations!


Featured Designer ~ Angie from Sparkle Girls Jewelry

Sparkle_Girls_JewelryGet your Sparkle on!

Sparkle Girls Jewelry was created from the love of all things sparkly.  They decided to support their addiction to Swarovski crystal jewelry by starting  their own business and offering it at affordable prices to their friends and family. Thanks to the power of networking their business has excelled beyond their expectations. They understand that their customers are what make their business. Repeat patronage and referrals are what allow them to succeed. That is why customer service and quality are their top priorities. Each one of their pieces are hand made with high quality brass setting components and they only use genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create each piece.


Swarovski Large Teardrop Pendant
This is a gorgeous necklace with two stunning centerpieces shown here with “Caffe Au Lait” Panache Choker and layered with the Multi Stone Necklace. It’s an outstanding and elegant design that is also available in a variety of colors.
Swarovski_Large_Heart_PendantSwarovski Large Heart Pendant
Love is always in style! This lovely Heart Pendant Shown here with “Auburn Sunset” Panache Choker is created using a variety of sparkling colors and elements. You are able to choose your favorite color combinations to personalize  this exceptional piece.
Circle Pendant
The graceful color palate in this Circle Pendant is created with a an elegant blending of beautiful darker to lighter blue tones and is appropriately named “Crystal Ice” Panache Choker with a layered “Fade to Blue” Panache Choker. Customize this piece with a variety of color combinations that highlights your personal style.
Oval Ring
This is a fun and unique cocktail ring incorporating a variety of fashionable stone styles with the Pearshape, Navette and Round Swarovski Xilion Fancy Stones, which are the most radiant faceting structure ever created allowing for more brilliance and sparkle. This special ring can be tailored to your personalized taste in color collection.
I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Rainbowsoflight.com. Thank you!

Put Your Own Twist on it

The most popular beads that people tend to gravitate towards when designing jewelry are the 5328 Bicone and 5000 Round beads, which are universal, timeless, and beautiful. But it’s always nice to branch out, liven up your designs and try new things isn’t it? After all, that’s what artists and designers do. They dream of new and exciting possibilities and transform those dreams into their very own creations!


Luckily you have an abundant assortment of unique and innovative styles of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at your finger tips. I can just hear them now saying “pick me”, “no pick me”.  Believe me I know, it’s tough to choose just one with all of the sparkling talent out there, but today I have selected one style, the Twist family of 5621 Twist Beads, 6621 Twist Pendants and 3221 Twist Sew-On Stones to highlight (don’t worry you precious Graphic or Helix beads, I hear you and you’ll have your time to shine in the weeks to come).

Swarovski Twist Jewelry

It’s name says it all! The 5621 Twist Bead is is exceptionally unique in that, it’s not an optical illusion, the bead itself is actually twisting. The twisting characteristic of this talented bead is enhanced by the diagonal faceting structure, accentuating it’s dazzling and captivating uniqueness.


Put your own twist on it…literally!

Enchanting jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings can all be created using this exceptional and versatile style.


Adding multiple twist beads together such as this Swarovski Wedding Princess Orchid Cuff Bracelet Design and Instructions, creates a brilliant and dynamic interplay of style and grace.