Free Swarovski Crystal Earring Design Inspiration & Kit Featuring the Lovely Rose Water Opal


Swarovski’s lovely color Rose Water Opal is a soft and delicate hue of light pink combined with a milky, gentle opaque, opalescent quality that is delicate and graceful.

This Delightful Swarovski Crystal Earring Design & Kit Features the 6106 Pearshape Pendants in the Stunning Light Amethyst Shimmer and Compliments the Rose Water Opal Beautifully!

Swarovski Crystal Earring Kit Rose Water Opal and Light Amethyst Shimmer on Sale shop now

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Free Swarovski Crystal Rose Water Opal Necklace or Bracelet Kit

Free Swarovski Crystal Rose Water Opal Kit includes 1 rose gold headpin, 6 6mm Swarovski crystal cube beads & 2 4mm Gold Light Rose Squaredelle’s. Excludes chain.

Quick & Easy DIY Video on How to Make Swarovski Crystal Necklaces and/or Bracelets

DIY Jewelry Instructional Video

Have Fun Creating!

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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Fourth of July 2013 Crystal Design Contest!

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Fourth of July 2013 Design Contest!

Get the chance to win SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS worth $500!

Show patriotism and spread joy by designing a beaded creation or gift with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Enter the design contest by sending Swarovski a photo of your patriotic design.


1st Prize: $500.00 worth of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
2nd Prize: $250.00 worth of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
3rd Prize: $150.00 worth of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Winners will be chosen based on the creative use of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
to create the Patriotic Design. Contest ends July 4, 2013.



Looking for a little inspiration?

Take a look at these five mini projects celebrating 4th of July all created with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. You can view full instructions if you like to bead one of these patriotic designs at home, or use them as a guide to create your own personalized designs. 

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal “Fire Cracker Bracelet” Design Inspiration

Swarovski Elements Fourth of July Crystal Bracelet Design Inspiration

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pearl and Crystal “Patriotic Drops” Earring Design Inspiration

Swarovski Elements Fourth of July Drop Earring Design Inspiration

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS “A Twist on Fourth Of July” Pearl Necklace Design Inspiration

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Fourth of July Crystal Necklace Design Inspiration

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  Crystal “Stars and Stripes Drops” Earring Design Inspiration

swarovski elements fourth of July crystal earring drop Stars and Stripes design inspiration

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS “Stars Bursting in Air Window Decor” Design Inspiration

swarovski elements fourth of july crystal window decoration design inspiration

I hope these designs are a source of creative inspiration for you.

Now who’s inspired to enter the contest?

Post your pictures of our Facebook page to share and stay connected to your fellow beaders!

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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pre-Season Fall/Winter 2014/15 New Innovations

Swarovski Elements Natural Beauties




With these beautiful blends, we embrace one of the most spectacular phenomena in nature – the changing of the season. Paying homage to the wonder and beauty found here on earth, they capture the sweeping seasonal changes of merging natural colors, all captured in brilliant radiant crystal.

This is the story of our world: the earth and her beauty, the seasonal change and the sweeping landscapes that inspire and intrigue us. A moment in time, captured forever.


Swarovski Provence Lavender Chrysolite Blend

The new Swarovski color of Provence Lavender –Chrysolite Blend is a lovely and delicate two-toned color combination that represents exquisite beauty. This bead combines the softer pastel purple and light blue tones of Provence Lavender with the subtle light green milky opalescent hues of Chrysolite Opal, offering a romantic and ethereal quality. The tranquil allure of this bead captures the merging of late spring into summer, the color is reminiscent of enchanting lavender fields swaying in the late afternoon sun, with the soft, sorbet shade adding an overtly feminine feel to any jewelry design.

The Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is available in the 5328 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Xilion Bicones, as well as the 5000 Round Beads in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm along with a variety of Pendants and Sew-on Stones. The two-toned quality of this unique bead is extremely versatile and will compliment designs using an assortment of colors such as the purple and blue hues found in Tanzanite, Light Amethyst, Violet, Lavender, Light Sapphire and Aquamarine along with the greenish tones frond in Chrysolite and Peridot and Crystal Luminous Green.


Swarovski Crystal Montana Blend

The new Swarovski color of Crystal-Montana Blend is a gorgeous two-toned color that combines the Dark Sapphire/ Morion type of blue infused with a light grey hue that is representative of the plunging depths of deep Montana blue merged with the pure diamond like of clear crystal to create a blend reminiscent of glacial mountain ranges. Inspired by the natural elements of melting snow-caps and frozen lakes is brought together in the icy radiance of this crystal, evoking a winter wonderland frozen in time.

The Crystal-Montana Blend from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is available in the 5328 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Xilion Bicones as well as the 5000 Round Beads in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm along with a variety of Pendants and Sew-on Stones.

Swarovski Elements PreSeason Launch Fall Winter 2014-2015 The Mood

The focus on the magnificence of the shifting seasons serves as a visual reminder of the wonder of nature and the attention we need to pay to the planet. Softened, bleached colors convey a nostalgic feel and highlight the returning trend of taking inspiration from the washed-out and faded colors of materials such as Polaroids. The design world is also highlighting the importance of blended colors, as reflected in the current fashion of dip-dye for hair, fabrics, and even make-up. The southern and northern hemispheres experience polar opposite seasonal changes – the beauty of these blends is that they appeal to both hemispheres in equal measure.“Splicing” is a major trend movement – splicing, stacking, layering, and blending to show shifting levels of color. The top half appears sweet, reassuring, and familiar, while the bottom is tough and provocative.


There are a myriad of colors and coatings that will complement the feminine and subtle Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend with other SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The deeper bluish purple tones of Tanzanite,Tanzanite Satin, or Tanzanite Cal blends well with the lighter pastel hues of Light AmethystVioletViolet OpalViolet Opal SatinCrystal Vitrail Light and Crystal Purple Haze. The soft verdant shades of Chrysolitefuse well with Chrysolite Opal or Crystal Luminous Green as well as the richer tones of Peridot and Peridot AB and Peridot ChampagnePeritod Satin and Peridot Dorado.

 Choose from the abundant variety of beautiful blue colors that will accent or highlight the deep to subtle blue and white gradient found in the Crystal-Montana Blend. From the deep saturated blue tones of MontanaMontana SatinDark SapphireMorion and Crystal Metallic Blue 2X to the complex two-toned colors of Crystal Bermuda Blue and White Opal Sky Blue to the softer blends of Aquamarine Satin and Light Sapphire Champagne mix well with the softer accents of Crystal Blue ShadeCrystal Titan and Crystal Ice.

 The Swarovski color and crystal coating combinations are endless and the desired look is up to you.

Let your creative inspiration be your guide!