Come With Us On A Dazzling Adventure To The Bead and Button Show!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals wholesale to the public

Wow! What a whirlwind adventure at the 2015 Bead and Button Show!

As you all know this was my very first trade show and it was a fabulous experience!

I grew up helping my parents with their booth at arts and craft shows around the Southwest (I was such a youngster in this biz, I spent my youth with a baby bottle in one hand and a crystal in the other) Needless to say, it’s in my blood and I feel at home meeting and helping all of our wonderful customers in person.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals happy customers

I want to shout it from the roof tops…THANK YOU to our FANTASTIC customers!! I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you who stopped by, called in or emailed me words of support. Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it meant the world to me!! Everyone loved the sparkly booth and seeing your smiling faces in person made it all worthwhile!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light

My soon-to-be sister in law Breanna from Crystal Princess and I had a ball together! We were catching up and laughing together the whole trip. She was a huge help, bringing beautiful jewelry and working with customers giving top-notch service with her gorgeous beaming smile!

She has been making custom handmade jewelry for many years now  and has extensive knowledge with all of Swarovski’s products, which was a major plus. Who knows, maybe one day she could work for us full time…now that would be a dream come true!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals color combination

People loved how they could see all of the crystals hanging up instead of sifting through trays on a table. They also loved that many frames were organized by complimentary color combinations and not just by one style, that way they could create jewelry in their favorite color palette by incorporating unique styles  they had never thought of before.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals Flowers

Look at this beautiful surprise I received from my super duper, always supportive, absolute best hubby in the whole world!! He’s also the most hilarious, best friend and co-owner anyone could ever ask for!!

As I was preparing for the show, I was watching a lot of Ted Talks (I find them endlessly fascinating & learn so much). I watch one entitled “The Key to Success? Grit” Afterwards, I excitedly told Mike, that’s me, I have so much Grit! From then on, my new nickname has been “Lil’ Grit” Needless to say, I was dying laughing when the flower delivery man came to the booth asking for “Mrs. Lil’ Grit”…oh boy, too funny. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun and after 18 years together, it just keeps getting better!

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals patina necklace

This necklace sure received a lot of oohas and aahs. I made it using the Swarovski 6106-38mm Pearshape Pendant in the new Black Patina finish. It captured the attention of many until it was joyfully bought by Gene, our very friendly AirBnB host.

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals Stretch Bracelets

The new Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelets were a smashing hit! From young to old and from bead store owners to beginners, these little sparkling beauties were all the rage! They are certainly eye catching. I would definitely recommend them to re-sellers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. They make perfect gifts as well because they are 7 inches and stretch to fit most wrists sizes.

Looking back on the months of preparation; hand painting and crystalizing all of the lavender frames, repackaging crystals in new and improved bags, making jewelry, printing business cards, arranging the display and on and on (the details are excruciating to think about). 35 hours in the car, 19 hours of set up and 6 hours of breakdown… Yowzahhas, now that’s a lot of Grit! But It sure is fun to go from dull…

Bead and Button Trade Show 2015 Rainbows of Light Swarovski Crystals

To Dazzling!

Rainbows of Light

Thanks again for all of your love & support, I take it to heart and sincerely appreciate it!

Swarovski Violet Heart Bead

Guess Who’s Going To The Bead & Button Show This Year…A Special Sneak Peek Of The Sparkling Display!

Sneak Peak to trade show display from Rainbows of Light

(Picture of the Day from The Telegraph)

I have some FUN news to share with everyone! I will be selling all your favorite Swarovski Crystals at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee  this year!! Yay!

Bead and Button Show 2015

Free admission to the show this year starting Friday June 5th  through Sunday the 7th! Print out your free voucher now! I will be at booth #432 Please come by and say Hi, I can’t wait to see everyone!

I have been a very busy little bee lately preparing for this endeavor. It is my very first trade show and I am super excited!

I am a crafty lady and love DIY projects, so I am making as much of the display as I can myself. Here is a sneak peek of my painting and crystallizing projects for my dazzling booth!

Lavendar frames and crystals for tradeshow

My color palette is a variety of lavender/purple hues, silver and cream. Here is a picture frame that I found at the goodwill and painted it with darker and lighter lavender tones and added Swarovski 2088-16ss and 20ss AmethystLight Amethyst and Crystal Flatbacks to the frame. I love how it turned out (the picture doesn’t do it justice). It has an elegant, fun and whimsical feel that I just love!

DIY Lavendar frame and crystal embellished box from Rainbows of Light

I found this frame and little jewelry box at Michael’s. They were both a light unfinished wood color, which I painted and embellished with Swarovski Flatbacks using E6000 to add a touch of feminine sparkle.

DIY painting frames for tradeshow from Rainbows of Light

Here are what the frames used to look like. I scored at the goodwill finding frames from $0.99 to $4.99. All it takes is a little time and energy to paint and crystallize them, but well worth the effort. If I were to buy frames that were already beautified, it would have cost around $30-$50 each. That’s way I love DIY projects so much! It’s fun to be hands-on and creative while saving big bucks, plus you feel so much more accomplished – it’s a win-win!

DIY painting frames and adding Swarovski Crystals

More great frame finds at the goodwill…let the transformation begin!

DIY painting frames and gluing Swarovski Crystals Flatbacks from Rainbows of Light

Crystallizing in the works…It’s such a joy to see my dream coming true!

Tiered Kashi helping paws

I had to sneak in a little picture of Kashi, the best & sweetest little helper around…she’s already tuckered out with how much work we’ve been doing 😉

DIY painting frames and adding Swarovski Crystals Flatbacks from Rainbows of Light

I’m really enjoying this process. It’s extremely rewarding and I’m looking forward to bringing all of these beautiful elements together. I will keep you updated as to how the display is coming together…but even better I would LOVE to meet you in person at the show!

Definitely this is what I am looking forward to the most, is meeting all of our wonderful customers in person! Please, please, please, stop by and say Hi, I will be at booth #432…look for all the sparkles at Rainbows of Light!!

Swarovski_5741-Hear Bead Crystal_Antique_Pink

Looking forward to seeing you soon and until then…sparkle on!