See the New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations



New Swarovski Crystal Spring/Summer 2020 Innovations and Inspirations

In this technological day-in age, people around the world are connected to each other more than ever. It appears everything we could possibly desire is at our fingertips and assessible at a moment’s notice. We have the ability to connect with anyone at any time or any place, whenever we choose. We are more willing to share, more informed, more style savvy…aren’t we? Or is all of this just a façade? Research shows us that paradoxically, we do not all feel as united as we think. Psychologists are finding that we are currently going through a worldwide phase called “The Loneliness Epidemic”.

Some alarming statistics are pointing to the real implications of this global feeling of loneliness. 47% of people in the US, feel they are regularly lonely and 43% feel isolated from others. 0.5 million elderly people in the UK do not speak to anyone for at least 5 days in a row. 21% of “empty nest youth” in China feel lonely every day, while 62% feel lonely regularly.

These statistics reveal why creating emotional experiences and the “Emotion Economy” has emerged. There is a real necessity to become more emotionally and physically connected and is an ever-increasing desire among people all over the world.

People crave a real connection with others to feel emotionally balanced, and they are seeking these relationships in unique ways. Some university campuses have opened cuddle and crying rooms to provide a safe place to unite others and feel emotionally supported. Laughter workshops are gaining momentum around the world, and board game cafés are on the rise. In an order to generate more fulfillment and wellbeing, the Indian government has added happiness classes to schools.

It’s no wonder then, why storytelling has become an essential aspect of communication techniques. This is a very powerful method in reaching out to people all over the world and bringing them emotionally together.

How can you connect with your emotions and express your story in a beautiful way? The new Swarovski Crystal Innovations help you to do this in a uniquely brilliant fashion. Be inspired to enter a world full of sparkling radiance, where each piece brings to life a representation of your exceptional self. Feel the way through your creative process and connect with yourself and others in new and enlivening ways.

Reconnect with yourself by allowing your choices of colors and styles to express the way you feel. Celebrate your passions and sentiments captured in pure radiance, where every brilliant piece sends its own crystal-clear message.

Let your emotions shine in the cuts, colors and inspirational magic of Swarovski’s new crystal collection.

The New Swarovski Pearl Color is called Crystal Eden Green


The Swarovski Crystal Eden Green Pearl is a vibrant evergreen type of color that stands out with intense shimmering hues. This fun and luxuriant type of verdant green is reminiscent of the 80s, but has received a contemporary update as opulence continues to infiltrate both day and evening-wear. The name Eden means delight, happiness and bliss!

New Swarovski Color Shimmer Effects

Shimmer is a new Swarovski Crystal Effect that was inspired by the famous and extremely popular Aurora Borealis (AB) coating, but is a more delicate sparkle. The difference between the two Effects is that the AB coating refracts intense yellow, pink, and blue sparkles and can sometimes overpower the original color underneath. The Shimmer coating is a softer, less intense yellows and blues than the AB coating, creating a subtle and elegant shimmering appearance, while still allowing the original color to shine through as well.

Available in Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone Beads and 5000 Round Beads

Aquamarine Shimmer


Light Amethyst Shimmer 


Peridot Shimmer


Rose Shimmer


Siam Shimmer


5000-6mm Round Beads Crystal Shimmer


5000 Round Beads Light Amethyst Shimmerswarovski-crystal-5000-round-beads-light-amethyst-shimmer.jpg

Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones and Hot Fix Light Rose Shimmer and Tanzanite Shimmer 


Swarovski Crystal 6106 Pearshape Pendants Light Amethyst Shimmer


Swarovski Crystal 6228 Heart Pendants Light Amethyst Shimmer


3230 Pearshape Sew-On Stones Light Amethyst Shimmer


Additional Colored Shimmer Effects


New Swarovski Crystal 6431 Princess Cut Pendants

Geometric shapes are timeless and continue to be very fashionable and stylish. This new Princess Cut Pendant from Swarovski gives you an everlasting shape that features brilliant sparkles with a simple, yet sophisticated design that is universally loved. It’s a beautiful compliment to the Round Classic Cut Pendants introduced in the last Fall/Winter 2019 Innovations.


New Swarovski Crystal DeLight Lacquer Pro Effects

Beautiful, brilliant and multi-functional, the new Swarovski Crystal DeLite color palette offers interest and intrigue to any design. The continual focus on hi-lo styling and the casualization of luxury is perfectly captured in the blending and blurring of the iridescent hues in this stunning color range. This radiant crystal collection crosses the divide between the extraordinary and the everyday.


High/Low Fashion Movement – What is it?

The High/Low fashion style has been very popular across many age groups due its simple approach – gracefully combine high-fashion, tailored and custom-made pieces with more casual, everyday pieces. The overarching approach is to mingle higher-priced items, such as clothing, jewelry, shoes or accessories, with your less expensive items.

You are essentially blurring the lines between formal and casual. This allows you to flow beautifully between the two, so that you can be assured that you will be dressed just right for every occasion. Think of Goldilocks, you don’t want to be overdressed for any occasion, but not under-dressed either. For instance, you create a beautiful balance and enhance your (lower look) of jeans and a T-shirt, with your higher end Swarovski Crystal jewelry!

New Swarovski Crystal Lacquer Pro Effects

The Swarovski Crystal Electric Lacquer Pro Effects are exuberant tropical colors that expresses a phenomenally vibrant and spellbinding appearance. The Electric Lacquer coating intensifies each energetic shade, catapulting it into a high-voltage glistening, neon-like sparkle that is absolutely brilliant! This exuberantly expressed Swarovski Electric Effect is an industry game-changer, delivering dance costumes, skating outfits, stage performers, and anyone in the spotlight, new and exciting design possibilities that are guaranteed to capture and mesmerize the audience’s attention.


 New Swarovski Crystal Spike Family

The edgy look of Spikes continues to remain popular in the fashion and jewelry world, and now Swarovski has new spike styles in the Crystal Flatback Rhinestones and Sew-On Stones to enhance your clothing, purses, cell phones, costumes and so much more! You can choose between Rounded Spike Stones and Square Spike Stones in many chic colors and effects for your designing pleasure.


 2019 Round Spike Flatbacksswarovski-crystal-2019-round-spike-flatback-rhinestones-crystal.jpg


2419 Square Spike Flatbacksswarovski-crystal-2419-square-spike-flatback-rhinestones-crystal.jpg


 3297 Round Spike Sew-On Stonesswarovski-crystal-3297-round-spike-sew-on-stones-crystal.jpg

3296 Square Spike Sew-On Stones


 New Swarovski Crystal Kaleidoscope Family

Fancy Stones

The new Kaleidoscope Fancy Stone options from Swarovski are a brilliant way to express your multidimensional self, through complex crystallized radiance! Choose from square, hexagon or triangle kaleidoscope styles to design necklaces, bracelets pendants and/or earrings that dazzle the senses. The Fancy Stone Settings allow you to custom make your own jewelry designs with convenient hole options for your personalized style. Delight in expressing your self through a kaleidoscope of wonderous Swarovski sparkle!


Swarovski Crystal 4499 Kaleidoscope Square Fancy Stones


Swarovski Crystal 4699 Kaleidoscope Hexagon Fancy Stones


Swarovski Crystal 4699 Kaleidoscope Hexagon Fancy Stone Settings


 Swarovski Crystal 4699 Kaleidoscope Hexagon Fancy Stone Settings


Swarovski Crystal 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stones


Swarovski Crystal 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone Settings


Swarovski Crystal 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone Settings


Fashion and Jewelry Trends and Inspirations

The mood for Spring/Summer 2020 is reflected in four new trends: The Serenity of Being evokes a sense of stillness, reflecting the desire to “be in the moment” to offset the effects of isolation and information overload; The Joy of Expression captures Gen Z’s desire for “Instagrammable” disco-glam wardrobe statements; The Surprise of the Unexpected fuses athleisurewear with a new sartorial luxury, blending street looks with classic style; and the “anything goes” attitude of The Excitement of Creativity is seen in the rejection of normcore in favor of creative, exuberant and multilayered designs.

The Serenity of Being

“Elegance is elimination.” – Cristóbal Balenciag


We all need a calm place, somewhere to escape from it all. The importance placed on the need for serenity, on the necessity of getting away, has never been stronger.

A retreat, a rest, a space to call our own are necessary to offset the detrimental effects of overcrowding and information overload.

It is time to embrace the serenity of simply being.


Designs will tap into this mindset, with gently expressive elements that embody a sense of stillness. The world has to come to realize that sometimes we get the greatest productivity from just doing nothing and increasingly our designs and consumer choices will reflect this.

Crystal charms are teamed with a simple bangle silhouette in an emotionally connected design, with handcrafted elements in imperfect shapes adding a sense of personalization and authenticity.


Who said beige was boring? This muted hue makes a determined comeback as designers embrace “non-color” and reduced tones in pastel shades with an almost smoky depth. Softened brown is used as a base to tone down the traditional harshness of black. 

A subdued crystal color palette in repeated, restful rhythms highlights the need for stillness in design.


Fluid crystal forms evolve in a refined architectural direction, adding a sense of personalization and authenticity to designs.


Indulgent, tactile designs in radiant crystal create emotional connection through tactile sensation with a continuing focus on creativity remaining key.







The Joy of Expression

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

Finding our nirvana has never been easier. With younger consumers clamoring for a style outlet, designs capture life’s joie de vivre and make us feel like dancing. Radiating energy and good vibes with 80s flair and a “look-at-me” attitude, hedonistic opulence dominates as the “Insta-generation” create show-stopping statements and Instagrammable moments with their wardrobe choices. The message is crystal clear: There is nowhere to hide with this joyful, expressive direction because, quite simply, who would want to!


It’s time to shine in a kaleidoscope of bright, evocative hues. Colors that radiate joy, energy and freedom crowd into our lives, jostling for attention in peacock blues teamed with retro-inspired fuchsias, all highlighted with glittering gold for “Instagrammable” moments.



The intense, shimmering colors of the 80s receive a contemporary update as opulence continues to dominate both day and evening-wear, with crystal making a powerful statement in interwoven patterns to add extraordinary radiance and shine.




Belts become a strong feature with radiant crystal embellishment paying homage to the increasing desire for fun fashion with an 80s twist.




The Surprise of the Unexpected

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

In a world of absolute extremes, a new generation of consumers is determined to close the gap. In this brave new world we will shake off old-fashioned restraints, elevating our designs to new levels of artistic expression. 


A closeness between street-wear and couture will emerge to create a modern-day direction, as dress codes continue to unravel. Impactful and expressive, we embark on a new casual way of dressing up … Or is it a high-end way of dressing down? No matter, it is really only the surprise of the unexpected that interests us.


Pushing the boundaries of body adornment, fluid new jewelry forms morph with the wearer, wrapping around the skin to create a new emotional connection.


Bold, yet subdued, rich yet subtle, brilliant yet toned down – a visual cacophony of color results in a radical palette that reflects the eclectic nature of the direction, with indigo blue offset by uplifting yellow, and deep burgundy muted with “softly does it” mint green.



Surprising crystal cut and color combinations bring standout style to cleverly crafted pieces.


The rules are thrown out as we experiment with surprising new combinations of playful, shimmering crystal colors and exaggerated proportions in striking hand jewelry.


Crystal in varying shapes and sizes is teamed with surprising color combinations, highlighting fluidity and strict lines in the same piece.



The Excitement of Creativity

“In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous.” – Elsa Schiaparelli


Why wear one piece when you can wear 10? Making a stand against perceived “good taste” and “normcore” fashion, radical self-expression and a new fantastic fusion of design collide in multicultural hi-lo styling, with individual and eccentric style mash-ups defining the look to Africa rising. 


Vibrant patterns, clashing colors, and an irreverent attitude abounds as we pile on layer after layer to highlight the complexity and multifaceted directions of everyday life. The urge to be different, to be heard, to make an impact will intensify as we seek the excitement of renewed creativity.  Wear it your way” is the guideline, with a modern manifesto of creativity paying homage.


Excitement is created via a marriage between leather and crystal, highlighting hybrid combinations of material and form in an eccentric, global style mash-up.

Bold, yet subdued, rich yet subtle, brilliant yet toned down – a visual cacophony of color results in a radical palette reflecting the eclectic nature of the direction, with indigo blue offset by radiant uplifting yellow, and deep burgundy pared back with “softly does it” mint green.



Exciting effects in brilliant crystal offer a sense of individuality and creativity to any silhouette.



Rebelling against minimalism, a more-is-more mindset takes hold as crystal collides in multicultural patterns with color piling on color and hi-lo styling creating a chaotic, visual cacophony in design.


Africa is on the rise with craftwork, clashing pattern and bold crystal colors interwoven with recycled, natural textiles.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these new Swarovski Crystal Styles, colors and design ideas! 

I would LOVE to know what you think about these new innovations!

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     Shine Extra Bright Sparkle Tribe!

Harmony and Kashi
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Video Tutorial Making Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Tassel Necklace

Tassel Jewelry is very stylish way to express your love for fashion!

Here is an original Swarovski Crystal & Pearl tassel necklace design of mine that I’m happy to share with you how to make!

Swarovski Crystal Tassel Necklace Video Tutorial

Learn how to make this DIY Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Tassel Necklace by watching this video tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Below is everything you will need to create your very own!

Swarovski Pearls 5810-6mm Light Grey 82 pieces

Swarovski Pearls 5810-8mm Light Grey 18 pieces

Swarovski 5000-8mm Round Beads Crystal 2 pieces

Swarovski 5000-6mm Round Beads Crystal 2 pieces

Swarovski 5000-6mm Round BeadsBlack Diamond 12 pieces

Swarovski 5328-6mm Bicone Beads Crystal Silver Shade 2 pieces

Swarovski 3700-6mm Marguerite Beads Crystal 4 pieces

Swarovski 5523-12mm Cosmic Beads Crystal Silver Shade 1 piece

Swarovski 5520-12mm Graphic Beads Crystal 1 piece 

Swarovski 5820-4mm Rhinestone Rondelles Silver Black Diamond 4 pieces

Swarovski 80101 14mm BeCharmed Pave Beads Crystal

Other items:

2 Crimp Beads

1 Toggle Clasp

1 Bail that clasps shut

Beading Wire



Learn how to make a DIY tassel necklace

Have fun creating this gorgeous Swarovski Crystal & Pearl tassel necklace!

Rainbows of Light Logo

At Rainbows of Light we only sell Genuine Swarovski Crystals Wholesale to the Public, offering you thousands of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. We have no tax or surcharges and always provide Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $100.00. This Guarantees you receive the best prices anywhere on all your favorite Swarovski Crystals!
We can order anything Swarovski makes within the components division – even if it’s not listed on our website Please contact us for anything you’re interested in, as we are ALWAYS happy to help!
Harmony and Kashi
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“Gone to the Beach” DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design & Instructions

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions

“Gone to the Beach” Necklace Inspiration from SWAROVSKI’s Create Your Style

Create this DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design with Instructions, that Incorporates the New Crystal Innovations.

Celebrate a sun-kissed summer with boho jewelry. This necklace is made using shell-like Mother of Pearl with Sea Snail Pendants and Jelly Fish Fancy Stones from Swarovski. Make and wear it with a sparkling megawatt smile!

Here are the Swarovski Crystals used in this necklace design:

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4195 – 14mm Cyrstal 3 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones 4195-22mm Crystal 2 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Settings 4195/S 1PH2OH  14mm Rhodium 3 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Settings 4195/S 1PH2OH 22mm Rhodium 2 pieces (please contact me for details)

Swarovski Crystal Beads 5000 – 3mm Crystal AB 52 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6731 – 14mm Crystal AB 7 pieces

Supplies & Tools


Chain, 10cm, 5x7mm, silver

Cord, 42cm, Ø 6mm, beige

2x Cord endings, Ø 6mm, silver

4x Head pins, 6cm, silver

8x Jump rings, 4mm, silver

7x Jump rings, 6mm, silver 1x Jump ring, 7mm, silver

4x Mother of pearl cockle pendants, 24mm, white

12x Mother of pearl disc pendants, 25mm, white

1x Spring ring, 7mm, silver Wire, 1m, 0.7mm, silver


Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers


Side cutter



There are step by step instructions after the picture instructions.

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 1

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 2

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 3

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 4

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 5

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 6

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 6.5

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 7

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions Step 8

DIY Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design and Instructions beach style

STEP 1: Insert a 4mm jump ring and Swarovski Pendant art. 6731 14mm Crystal AB onto a 6mm jump ring. Repeat this process six more times, but on the last one just use the 6mm jump ring.

STEP 2: Cut 14 6cm long pieces of wire and make a loop at one end to form eye pins.

STEP 3: Insert Swarovski Fancy Stones art. 4195 Crystal F 14mm and 22mm into the Swarovski setting. Gently close prongs using tweezers. Thread the Swarovski Fancy Stones onto a head pin and form a loop at the other end. Cut off excess wire. Repeat this step four more times, but thread the last one onto an eye pin as shown in our illustrations with this step.

STEP 4: Insert the disk pendant and the 4mm jump ring including Swarovski Pendant into the loop of one of the eye pins made in step 2. Thread 4 Swarovski Bead art. 5000 3mm Crystal AB onto the eye pin and then add the shell pendant. Make a loop at the top of the shell pendant as shown.

STEP 5: Attach another eye pin and Swarovski Pendant onto the loop make at the top of the shell pendant in the previous step. Insert 4 more Swarovski Beads and the disk pendants. Repeat this step one more time – see illustrations for clarification.

STEP 6: Insert the Swarovski Fancy Stone art. 4195 14mm into the top most loop of the piece from step 5. Repeat steps 4-6 three more times to get three more similar pieces but of different structure. See illustrations for clarification.

STEP 7: Cut a 10cm long chain and a 42cm long cord. Glue the cord ends into the cord endings. Attach one of them to a spring ring and the second one to a 7mm jump ring.

STEP 8: Attach all the four pieces from steps 4-6 to the chain leaving a spare of 4cm to act as an extension. Attach the last Swarovski Pendant to the last link of this extension.

Have fun making this beautiful Swarovski Crystal jewelry design!

Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

Swarovski_5741-Crystal_AB_Heart Bead

Signs It Will Be A Sparkling Spring!

New Swarovski Crystal Spring Summer Innovations and Trends Progressive

Early Signs It Will be a Sparkling Spring!

Crystal lovers and designers are already gearing up for spring! Awe Spring…how we love thee! Spring has not sprung quite yet, but this year (especially) seams that people are more than ready to welcome Spring in and all its’ rays of glory!

In the last two weeks people have been coming out of the woodwork scooping up all kinds of Swarovski Crystal Styles and Colors that are absolutely perfect for Spring.

Just the thought of Spring gets our colorful & creative juices flowing overtime, so here are some of the most popular Crystals to get you in the mood!


Provence-Lavender Chrysolite Blend is an exceptionally lovely two-toned color blended to perfection. Swarovski’s has infused it’s timeless distinction into this graceful shade, bringing the best of both influences into one element that is absolutely ideal for all of your Spring jewelry designs.

Swarovski Crystal 6106 Pearshape Pendant Aquamarine blue color

 Aquamarine is the March birthstone color which is an exquisite hue of soft Caribbean blue water reflecting a crystal transparency, resulting in a beautiful pastel azure-like quality.

Swarovski Crystal Aquamarine 5601 Cube Beads

Swarovski Crystal BeadsPendants and Pearls have a timeless elegance that is essential for creating stylish and dynamic jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace Design Inspiration

The 5601 Swarovski Crystal Cube beads have re surged in popularity in the recent years. People are creating all kinds of trendy jewelry, such as these types of Sex-In-The-City inspired necklaces.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Necklace design Inspiration Sex in the city inspired

5601-4mm Cube Beads in Rose and Amethyst.

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Violet  Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Violet Opal

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Violet and Violet Opal

Violet is a lovely pastel purple and Violet Opal is a soft, ethereal type of purple with an opalescent color mixed in. Both are quintessential spring colors.

  Swarovski Crystal Beaded bracelet in violet and violet opal

Swarovski Crystal Violet and Violet Opal Bicone beaded bracelet Design Inspiration

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone beads violet AB  Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone beads in Violet AB 2X

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Violet AB and Violet AB 2X

If you’re a gal who enjoys a bit more sparkle in your life, the Violet AB is coated on half of the bead for a charming iridescent shine.

Now if you’re a gal who really likes to go big with her bling, then the Violet AB 2X is perfect for you! You’ve got the hole enchilada covered here baby, with a spectacular array of shimmering colors which simply put, is a feast for your eyes!

Swarovski Crystal Mint Alabaster Bracelet Design Inspiration

Swarovski Crystal 5000 Round Beads in Mint Alabaster Bracelet Design Inspiration 

Mint Alabaster is a unique crystal in that it is a solid opaque, green color in a soft pastel tone. Mint green became a popular jewelry and wedding trend last year and continues to captivate our attention.


This minty marvel is a flawless Spring and Summer hue and if you like that special touch of sparkle, the Mint Alabaster AB is scrumptious!

Swarovski_Crystal_5754_Butterfly_Beads_Blush_Rose    Swarovski Crystal 5744 Flower Beads

Swarovski Crystal 5754 Butterfly Beads and 5744 Flower Beads

Nothing says Spring more than butterflies and flowers! These delightful styles are a sweet reflection for our love of nature. As the colorful flowers blossom and the beautiful butterflies flutter about, there seams to be magic in the air.

Swarovski Crystal Spring Beacelet Design and Instructions

Swarovski Crystal “Spring Meadow” Bracelet Design and Instructions

Awaken from winter’s slumber to spring’s fresh bounty, reflected in a bracelet that breathes new beginnings. Daintily crafted crystal shades of emerald, fern, and chartreuse with flashes of coral, cherry, and crimson, are set off with delicate Easter eggs of tactile smoothness. Featured elements include 6754 Butterfly Pendants, 6744 Flower Pendants, 6028 Xilion Oval Pendants and 5810 Swarovski Neon Pearls.

Swarovski Crystal Luminous Green    Swaovski_Crystal_5000_Round_Beads_Chrystolite_Champagne

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Crystal Luminous Green and 5000 Round Beads in Chrysolite Champagne

If you’re looking for unique spring colors to incorporate in your jewelry designs, these two coatings express a graceful combination of two ideal spring tones, green and yellow.

They both have a light green base, blended with soft yellowish hues, topped of with a splash of sparkle. This delightful union is unique, subtle, and stylish, and would be a divine compliment to your Spring creations.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant 6240_Crystal Luminous Green

Keep Smiling and Keep Sparkling!

Harmony and Kashi

Harmony with her favorite furry buddy, wonder girl Kashi!

Enjoy Getting “All Wrapped Up” In This Elegant Bracelet Design Featuring the New Trend-Setting Color Graphite

Free Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Design using New Spring Summer 2017 Innovations Graphite multi stranded bracelet 2

New Swarovski Crystal “All Wrapped Up” Bracelet ~ Free Design and Instructions

This elegant multi-stranded Bicone and charm bracelet is a beautiful project highlighting the new Graphite color in a variety of styles, all wrapped up into one design.

Graphite is a color that adds depth and distinction to designs with it’s refined and graceful qualities. This color is on trend, as designers and fashion enthusiasts being drawn towards complex beauty which makes the perfect transition between Jet black and Crystal Silver Night.

SWAROVSKI Crystals used in this design:

Swarovski Crystal 5000-6mm Round Beads 30 pieces of Graphite

Swarovski Crystal 5328-3mm Xilion Bicone Beads 20 pieces of Graphite

Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Xilion Bicone Beads 36 pieces of Graphite AB

Swarovski Crystal 5328-6mm Xilion Bicone Beads 33 pieces of Graphite

Swarovski Crystal 6000-11×5.5mm Lancia Pendants 30 pieces of Graphite

Swarovski Crystal 6106-16mm Lancia Pendants 6 pieces of Graphite


6 6mm jump rings

4 ½ rings of bracelet memory wire


Step 1: Using a round nose plier turn one end of the memory wire backwards creating a closed loop.

Step 2: Slide on three 4mm 5328 Graphite AB.

Step 3: In pattern slide on three 6mm 5328 Graphite, three 4mm 5328 Graphite AB, three 6mm 5000 Graphite, one 3mm 5328 Graphite, three 11×5.5mm 6000 and one 3mm 5328 Graphite. Repeat this pattern nine more times. Then slide on three 6mm 5328 Graphite, and three 4mm 5328 Graphite AB. Turn the other end of the memory wire backwards creating a closed loop.

Step 4: Using a jump ring attach one 16mm 6106 Graphite to the closed loop at one end of the bracelet. Repeat two more times.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 on other end of bracelet to finish.

Free Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Design using New Spring Summer 2017 Innovations Graphite multi stranded bracelet


Hope you have fun making and wearing this new color and bracelet design!

Show Your Love For Valentine’s Day With This DIY “Sparkling Love Patches” Design

Free Swarovski Crystal DIY Designs Embelishd Clothing Sparkling Love Patches Shirt

DIY Sewing Swarovski Crystal on Hearts on Sweater with “Sparkling Love Patches”

I’ll be honest, I fell hard for this one! I saw it. I loved it. I want to make it!

Really and truly I LOVE this cute idea! There is certainly a little more love in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner and now there can be some extra love…well…on your elbos 🙂

Below are the pictures and step-by-step instructions, but keep in mind, you can also use Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks to embellish these hearts with sparkles. You can either iron them on or use the Bejeweler  Hot Fix Tool using the 2078 Round Flatbacks with Hot Fix, or apply E6000 glue to adhere the 2058 Rhinestones with help from this time-saving, handy-dandy Krystal Katana tool.

Either way, you’ll shine this Valentine’s Day with sparkle & spirit!

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Instructions

SWAROVSKI Crystals used in this project:

Swarovski Crystal Sew-on Stones 3188 5 mm 143 pieces Crystal Paradise Shine

(Swarovski makes it easy to personalize your look by choosing your favorite color from virtually any color you can dream of)

Tools and Supplies

Supplies: Alcantara, 10x20cm red, Fusible interlining 10×20 cm, Nylon thread, transparent and 1x Sweater.

Tools: Darning needle, Felt pen, Iron, Scissors, Sewing needle and a Sheet of paper.

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Step 2

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Step 2a

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Step 3

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Step 4

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Step 5

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches with Hearts

DIY Swarovski Crystal Design Idea Sewing Crystals onto Sweater Sparkling Love Patches Instructions

STEP 1: Print and cut out the pattern for the patch and punch holes into the marked spots using a darning needle as shown in the illustrations along with this step.

STEP 2: Place the pattern over the red Alcantara fabric and cut out the heart shape and mark through the holes with the felt pen. Place the prepared red Alcantara heart over the fusible interlining and cut out the shape. Repeat this step for the other heart pattern with a different dot layout.

STEP 3: Place both the heart shaped fusible interlining and Alcantara hearts over the arms of the sweater (one on top of the other) and iron them.

STEP 4: Cut 1m nylon thread and sew the Swarovski Sew-on Stones art. 3188 5mm Crystal Paradise Shine F into the marked places on the Alcantara fabric using three stitches as depicted in the illustrations with this step. Repeat this step to cover all the marked dots on both patterns on each of the arms.


Have a Lovely and Sparkling Valentine’s Day!