For The Love of it ❤️

Valentine’s Day Love Crystallized

Swarovski Light Siam ❤️ Adventurous in her Cherry Red Charm

Swarovski Ruby ❤️ Exquisite in her Berry Beauty

Swarovski Scarlet ❤️ Expressive in her Blended Opulence

Swarovski Crystal AB ❤️ Sharing Love Through the Brilliance of Sparkle

Swarovski Crystal Blue AB ❤️ Unique Peachy Blue Sparkles

Fur-baby adventures with Reese!

If you want some laughs, watch this video on getting him into the backpack – it just cracks me up 😉

At Rainbows of Light we only sell Genuine Swarovski Crystals to the Public, offering you thousands of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from & sure have fun doing it! We have no tax or surcharges and always provide Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $100.00.

 Please contact us (1-800-554-5332) as we are ALWAYS happy to personally help you!

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