New Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2018/19 Innovations




Click here to watch the video of the new Swarovski Innovations

Video of the new Swarovski Fall Innovations

One can imagine that the way we envision our lives to be, is being influenced by our perception of the world. There can be a divide between viewpoints which will affect us accordingly. On one hand, we can see a bright and hopeful future, full of opportunity. On the other hand, we can see difficult challenges ahead and would prefer to substitute our circumstances with a more simple, bygone, time.

This Fall and Winter season, we bring to light these polarized viewpoints and understand in reflective thought the undeniable recognition that;

where there is light, there is shadow.

Ooohhhh the enthusiasm is palpable! Can you feel it!!?? I’m sure you can, because I know you ♥♥♥ LOVE ♥♥♥ Swarovski sparkles as much as I do!

Today’s we celebrate the BIG reveal for the NEW Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2018 Innovations (yay – happy dance!)

These new Crystals are truly stunning and exceptionally distinctive! I’ve never seen Swarovski Crystal Pendants quite like THIS before, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how unique they are. Without further adieu….feast your eyes on these……

Introducing The Brand New Swarovski Crystal Color SCARLET


Swarovski’s New beautiful color for Fall/Winter 2018/19 Trends is called SCARLET

Swarovski’s presents Scarlet as the newest note-worthy color in their Fall and Winter 2018/19 line. This first-rate, elegant shade of red, is the red-letter color choice for truly stylish occasions. The enticing allure of this new Scarlet red crystal color can be distinctly defined as, opulence embodied. This enchanting shade is now available throughout Swarovski’s product range in numerous shape and size options to enhance your jewelry designs, dance costumes, and creative endeavors. Best of all, this chic new Swarovski color contains no cadmium, which is environmentally responsible.

(All of these items will be available on the website to purchase very soon!)

New Swarovski Crystal 5328 Xilion Bicone Beads in Scarlet


Swarovski Crystal 1088 Round Stone and Pearshape Fancy Stones in the New Color SCARLET

Swarovski_Crystal_Round_Stones_Scarlet_Color_wholesale         Swarovski_Crystal_Pearshape_Stones_Scarlet_new_Color_wholesale

Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones Featuring the New Color SCARLET


Swarovski Crystal 2038 & 2078 Flatback Rhinestones Hot Fix

Swarovski Crystal 2058 & 2088 Flatback Rhinestones NO Hot Fix

Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal Pearl Color: VELVET BROWN


The newest Swarovski Crystal Pearl Color called Velvet Brown exudes a decadent, elegant and enriching quality, reminding us to celebrate the finer things in life. With it’s vintage luxurious feel, your jewelry designs will be enhanced further with an allure of sophistication and grace.

Introducing a Line Extension of the Stunning Swarovski Crystal SHIMMER EFFECT


 The New Swarovski Crystal SHIMMER Coating was first applied to Flatback Rhinestones to especially brighten up the dance sport industry, and now you will be able to enjoy this captivating effect on Crystal Beads, Pendants, Round Stones, Fancy Stones and Sew-On Stones.

FW2017 New Swarovski Crystal Shimmer Effects

FW2017 Swarovski Crystal Shimmer Effects New Fall 2018

Introducing The Brand New Swarovski Crystal Pendants





For beauty yet becoming.”

Swarovski continues to collaborate with new designers and influencers to create truly innovative, eye-catching designs that WOW us! This Fall and Winter season, we have been give a real treat. The Swarovski Designer Edition Series features Iris van Herpen with her Growing Crystal Line, two different Crystal Pendants inspired by the creative power of nature.


The first new Swarovski Crystal Designer Edition Pendant is the 6926 ‘Growing Crystal Rhombus,’ Pendant pays homage to the fractured and fissured elegance of crystals shaped by tectonic forces.


Colors and Sizes available in the New Swarovski Crystal 6926 Pendant

FW2017 New Swarovski Crystal Growing Crystal Rhombus Pendant

The second new Swarovski Crystal Designer Edition Pendant is the 6925, ‘Growing Crystal Rectangle,’ resembles the cross section of a druse crystal in both brilliance and complexity.


Colors and Sizes available in the New Swarovski Crystal 6925 Pendant

FW2017 New Swarovski Crystal Growing Crystal Rectangle Pendant Designer

In each instance, van Herpen highlighted the metamorphosis of crystalline forms under the influence of time: “For beauty yet becoming.”

Introducing New Swarovski Crystal 3D Studs

In addition to the pendants she imagined for the Designer Series, the collaboration with van Herpen also triggered Swarovski to create special 3D Studs, which make it simple to achieve eye-catching relief. Available in three heights, three different plating options, two different cuts, and twenty color and effect options, they are ideal for adding texture and relief to garments for added design freedom.


FW2017 3D Studs New Swarovski Elements

New Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2018/19 Product Overview

FW2017 New Swarovski Crystal Product Overview

Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal Jewel Cut Flatback Rhinestones and Sew-On-Stones


The New Swarovski Crystal Flat back shapes include the following:

2201 Marquise Flatback, the 2303 Pear Flatback and the 2602 Emerald Cut Flatback

The New Swarovski Crystal Sew-On Stone is the:

3272 Trilliant Sew-On Stone

New Swarovski Crystal 4775 Eye Fancy Stones


FW2017 4775 New Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones and Settings

Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal 4754 Starbloom Fancy Stone


Introducing the New Swarovski Crystal 4707 Slim Trilliant Fancy Stone


 SWAROVSKI innovates and brings to life the finest precision cut crystal in the world and has remained established in this prestigious position since 1895. To mark the beginning of the SPRING/SUMMER and FALL/WINTER seasons, Swarovski unveils their newest Crystal Innovations for crystal lovers to be amazed and inspired by.

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