Blinded By The Bling!

Blinged Helmet 6

I blinged out my helmet in style with non other than SWAROVSKI Crystals!

I decided that if I’m going to have to wear a helmet, it might as well be a fashion statement just as much as a safety measure!

Harmony Blue Bird Day

I’ve been snowboarding for about 20 years now and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s big kid fun,  keeps me young and let’s face it, the only thing this Arizona born and bred girl looks forward to in the winter.

Blinged Helmet 7

Living in Colorado is an adventure in and of itself. People here are incredibly adventurous and love the outdoors – myself included! We need to wear helmets for all kinds of activities, so why not spice them up a bit and get excited to put them on!

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks Wholesale to the Public

SWAROVSKI Flatbacks Are Gorgeous!

Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks are so fun and versatile, with endless shapes and colors to choose from, all your designs will be unique and fabulous!

Blinged Helmet 4

 I found a few super large Flatback Stones and combined them with medium and smaller rhinestones to create my design. The first two large Crystals are the 2035 -40mm and 30mm Chessboard Flatbacks. Their faceting structure is just as it describes and produces and amazing array of sparkles. I added two 20mm Chessboard Flatbacks to the sides as well as the 2520 Cosmic Flatbacks at an angle and filled in with a few 2088-20ss Round Xilion  Flatbacks and 2711 Triangle Flatbacks (which are the Hot Fix kind, meaning they have the glue pre-applied to the back, but I just used the E6000 glue instead and it worked great. You can find E6000 glue at most hardware or craft stores).

Swarovski Crystal Rocks    Swarovski Crystal Rocks in Jewelry

I also used a piece of the Swarovski Crystal Rocks in the shape of a heart and glued this like normal. The Crystal Rocks product is an amazing creation that takes halved Bicone Beads clustered together on one giant piece where you can cut shapes out of and glue them on to pretty much any surface. You can glue it into jewelry molds and it’s great for embellishing costumes, dresses or any type of fabric for fashion or home decor. It’s as versatile as your imagination. If  you’re interested in working with this product, please contact me for details.

Blinged Helmet 2

I also used the Swarovski Crystal 2808 Heartshaped Flatback, the 2753 Edelweiss Flatback, the 2708 Molecule Flatback, and the 2072 Dome Flatback.

If you, your children, friends or family who don’t like wearing helmets, well here’s the best way to making wearing them extremely fun! I can’t wait to wear my new blinged out helmet on my next snowboarding trip!

Blinged Helmet 3

As you can see, SWAROVSKI Crystals give off the most brilliant sparkle in the world!

I hope I don’t blind anyone with all this bling!

Kashi Snowbird

Kashi says, your SWAROVSKI’s so bright…I gotta wear shades 😉

Keep smiling and keep shining!


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