Add Instant Style to Your Next Event by Wearing & Sharing this Perfect Sparkling Accessory!

Swarovski Crystal Tattoos

(Swarovski Crystal Heart Body Tattoos compliments of The Beauty Guide)

Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos represent a new generation of easy to apply and very attractive body adornment. Perfect for wearing or gift giving at many special occasions and events such as birthday parties, weddings, festivals and fun in the sun. They are dermatologically tested and can be applied right on the skin for a fun and easy way to express your love for sparkle!

We are stocking these popular styles of crystal tattoo’s for the spring and summer!

Paisly Tatoo       Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos Hearts Light Rose and Crystal Wholesale small     Swarovski Crystal Dolphin Body Tattoo

Blue Paisley ($3.99)     Pink and Clear Hearts ($2.99)   Blue Dolphin ($4.99)

Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos are easily applied in 4 simple steps:

Application of Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos

Application of Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos in 4 easy steps

 Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos last up to 5-10 days (as advertised by Swarovski).

General Warning

Crystal Tattoos may be applied on healthy skin only. Do not adhere to eyes or on mucous membranes. Crystal Tattoos are not recommended for young children (generally under the age of three years old). Do not apply body lotions or creams on or around the tattoo, as this may cause the crystals to come off.

judi-dench-Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoo

(Judi Dench wearing 007 Crystal Body Tattto from hellomagazine)

Swarovski Crystal Body Tattoos can be enjoyed by almost all ages. Even the young spirited Judy Dench had fun wearing her 007 Crystal Tattoo!

Swarovski Crystal Heart Bead Rainbows of Light

I hope you enjoy wearing these Crytstal Body Tattoo’s and explore new ways to add touches of fashionably fun sparkles to your life!

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