Wire Luxe ~ Luxurious Knit Wire for Jewelry Making

Wire Luxe Bracelet Design and tutorial

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Bracelet using WireLuxe.

WireLuxe is a special new kit wire, designed a striated open weave center and tight knit edge. This unique combination creates a soft, flexible, lightweight knit with a firm structure that can be manipulated into different shapes by simply pulling one or both edges.

Bracelet using WireLuxe

Jewelry artisans and crafters alike will love the versatility, metallic shimmer and rich colors. WireLuxe is also perfect wear as is, or spice it up with a variety of sparkling options. You can embellish the WireLuxe with seedbeads, or for an extra glamorous look, glue or attach on SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS such as Swarovski flatbacks, Cupchains (contact us for details), BeadsPendants and Sew-On Stones to name a few. 

Bracelet Design and Instructions

The WireLuxe is very flexable and durable providing a variety of design options – straight, curved, zigag or any combination. Now you can create a wide band necklace that curves, shapes, conforms and lays flat around your neckline!
• cut with scissors, self-locking knit won’t unravel
• tarnish resistant, nickel-free
• easy to clean, simply wipe with a water-damp jewelers or lint-free cloth

Swarovski Crystal Pave Bead Jewelry Design Inspirations

Gorgeous jewelry design inspirations using the Swarovski Crystal Pave Bead Collection and thread onto WireLuxe for an easy application and very unique look.

Watch this helpful video tutorial on how to use WireLuxe and be inspired to create gorgeous sparkling designs!

Swarovski Elements Rainbows of Light

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