Fall and Winter 2014 Jewelry Trends ~ Focusing on THE STILLNESS WITHIN

Progressive Color Assortment Fall Winter 2015 trends

PROGRESSIVE Trend ~ The Stillness Within

This Progressive Trend theme conjures up images of snow-peaked mountains, solitude and stillness. It’s a peaceful time to reflect on beauty, the abundant physical beauty found in nature as well as the innate beauty found within.

snow capped mountains water reflection

It’s a time to deeply feel and understand life and your creativity in new ways by discovering how to connect to your inner tranquility. It’s the desire to disconnect from our complex world, to switch off high-tech gadgets and tune into ourselves in a more natural way.

Blue Swarovski Jewelry

The variety of shapes that correspond to the Progressive Theme have an organic quality, with an elegant blend of high-tech crystal cuts. It’s a graceful union between the natural world and how designers emulate or captures its’ exquisite perfection in a lovely piece of jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Designer addition AB

Jewelry features geometric forms balanced by crystals resembling gemological growth structures that convey a sense of weightless transparency. Captured in the new Designer Edition, Vision Round and Fancy Stones by Atelier Munsteiner for Swarovski, these crystals resemble frozen water with flower-shaped air bubbles trapped within them, lending a sense of quiet serenity to garments, jewelry and new segments.

Progressive Color Inspiration

This intriguing Swarovski Crystal color inspiration embraces a sophisticated palette from dark gray and blue tones, moving into medium hues as well as lighter crystal effects.

The strength felt from the darker colors such as Crystal Silver Night, Black Diamond, Dark Grey and Grey PearlDark Sapphire, Montana, Montana Satin, Morion, Indian Sapphire Satin,Crystal Bermuda Blue, blend flawlessly with the gentle hues of Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Moonlight, Light Grey Opal, White Opal, White PearlCrystal Blue Shade, Denim Blue, and Light Azore.

Progressive Transfer Flag Fall Winter 2015-16 Jewelry and Color Trends

Asymmetry appears strongly in design: exaggerated layering, pleated paneling, architectural volume, origami-inspired angular folds and cut outs add to a multi-dimensional experience. Strong, clean silhouettes with sophisticated crystal embellishments reflect the need for stillness and calm.

Swarovski Crystal Blue Necklace Design Inspiration

Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design Inspiration

Clusters of crystals in similar hues act as radiant and fluent accents that can display movement. Tranquility and fluidity are used to calm the senses and bring a sens of the natural and the surreal into jewelry designs.

Swarovski Elements

Featured Designer ~ Breanna from The Crystal Princess

Breanna at The Crystal Princess handmade Jewelry made with Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads and Pearls

Breanna from The Crystal Princess is a custom jewelry and ornament designer. She hand makes sparkling creations utilizing mainly Swarovski crystals and pearls, freshwater pearls, stones, and glass pearls and beads.


Crystal Princess has been designing and making jewelry and ornaments since 2003.  The Crystal Princess is Breanna. She is the owner, designer, and jewelry maker for Crystal Princess.  Her passion is making jewelry and ornaments…to her, it’s her only creative outlet that she is good at.  She absolutely loves the whole process…. purchasing the pieces, developing the design, and putting it all together into one fabulous sparkling creation!


Custom made Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewelry for a Very Happy Bride!

The best part about Breanna’s creations, is that she loves making custom pieces that nobody else has…. literally, she the only one who has anything like it. It is a crazy feeling. Another part that makes the process like no other is having customers participate in the process by adding their own sparkling touch on each piece whether that’s directly or in-directly. Every Crystal Princess piece is made with a specific person in Breanna’s mind and heart.

The Crystal Princess Jewelry made with Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads and Pendants

This Gorgeous Three Stranded Necklace Featuring Fresh Water Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Beads, Compliment the Swarovski Cosmic Pendant in Crystal Golden Shadow Beautifully. The elegant design, color combinations and level of detail makes this piece exceptionally exquisite.

The Crystal Princess Ornament made with Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads

This charming Heart and Cross Ornament was handmade with lots of sparkling Swarovski Crystals and of course a whole lot of love! There are many colors and styles to choose from, with stars and hearts to snowflakes and crosses, these stunning ornaments are ideal for admiring the lovely rainbows scattering about as the sunlight shines through.

The Crystal Princess Vanessas-Bridesmaid-Jewelry-1-Blog

These delightfully stylish earrings, necklaces and bracelets are a bridesmaids dream come true!  They were all handcrafted using the finest Swarovski Crystal Beads, Pearls and Pendants. If you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary or special event coming up and want a unique piece of jewelry to wear and commemorate the day, contact Breanna to order your own uniquely designed, custom-made jewelry – just for you!


One of the most fashionable and popular colors these days is purple! Theses chic Swarovski Crystal and Pearl dangle earrings are handmade using a variety of complimentary purple colors and coatings mixed together to create piece of jewelry that is stylish and fun to wear!

Swarovski Crystal Heart

I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Rainbowsoflight.com. Thank you!

Swarovski Link Jewelry Talk – Learn, Imagine, Network, Know


This year at the thought-provoking 2014 Link Jewelry Talk, a unique blend of panelists shared their thoughts on the jewelry market, and specifically, the language of jewelry.

The speakers addressed some of the most challenging issues facing the global jewelry industry: craftsmanship, technology, the consumer, and emotion.

The language of jewelry:
Adornment, Acquisition, or Artifact?
Bringing together those who represent the jewelry wearer, the collector, the designer,
the investor and the brand, this discussion examined the range of motivations behind
the desire to possess and wear jewelry.
What does jewelry mean to each of the different players in the world of jewelry?
How is the language of jewelry evolving?
Jewelry as a functional object
Jewelry as art
Jewelry as an investment
Jewelry as a storytelling element
How are the different jewel motivations reflected in the creativity and production of jewelry?

Swarovski Fall Jewelry Collection

“A story always comes with a beloved piece of jewelry. It’s a conversation starter.” Carmen Busquets

The big commercial question was, of course: “What do you see as the single most powerful trend in jewelry today?” All three business minds spoke with one voice: “Brand.”

“More and more jewelry is branded now,” and we need to understand personal and psychological ideals by equating the self expression that creators and wearers of jewelry seek with their own “personal brand.” – Sig. Baldan


Insight from Rita Clifton – one of the worlds leading branding experts.

“You need to be distinctive in how you talk to customers, in creating the experience of customers relating to you, to the collections and to the pieces themselves.There are real people modelling clothes in Net-a-Porter; you could have real people showing how what jewelry would work with what outfit, making suggestions – this can be done extremely well online.”


Carmen Busquets, who as a pioneer of online retailing for luxury fashion items, would have insight into how consumers bought jewelry online. “Jewelry goes with fashion more and more. The internet is the place for the next great retail interface. It can deliver multi-sensory experiences, it’s a great place for telling stories. You can show video, make cultural references; it can be more exciting and better on the net than actually having someone there in person.”


Shaun Leane was asked: “Where do you get your ideas from?” Mr. Leane quoted a wide range of inspirations from the natural world, literature, art and poetry. The heart of the matter is, “It’s human emotion. We build emotions in jewelry by building a relationship with the customer; we come to understand their colorways, their memories, their families; we create for them something that we know they will connect with.”

“The celebration of the birth or death of a loved one as a memoir, a memory, fascinated me. We try and inject that timeless, romantic element into our work. If you compliment someone’s jewelry they will start telling you a story. They’re re-living that moment of joy or grief; it’s not the carats or the cost. Jewelry is emotion and what it brings to our lives.”


An interview with Carmen Busquets

DESCRIBE YOUR TYPICAL CONSUMER, AND WHAT LANGUAGE YOU THINK THE JEWELRY THAT YOU SELL SPEAKS TO HER OR HIM. “My customer is like me – they want originality, quality and individuality above anything else.”

“You can express your creative individuality with it and you can send a message to someone with it too, as a gift.”

Well online you have videos and tools to show not only the story of the designer, but also the story of the craftsmanship behind the piece. You also have audio, pictures, and you can zoom in to see details of jewelry to levels that the human eye cannot see. All this brings transparency and authenticity to the experience, and it educates both consumers and salespeople about the product.”


“The retail customer experience can always be improved. The three key magic words could be:

(a) become more user-friendly, (b) be more digital and

(c) make sure that the post-purchasing service is as elegant as your design.” – Andrea Morante

Swarovski Wild Heart Bead

DIY Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

Swarovski_Fancy_Stone_BraceletThis special Ultra Suede bracelet embellished with Swarovski Fancy Stone article 4439 and brilliant Swarovski Rivets will add sparkle to your life!

Create customized jewelry pieces with castings created exclusively for Swarovski crystals.

Perfectly on trend, this rocker chic DIY bracelet tutorial teaches you how easy it is to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that truly shines!


Create Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry using the Crystal Applicator Hand Tool and Rivet Die Set!


This simple, glamour-rock bracelet is unique and can be specially made by you!

Swarovski Black Heart Bead

I hope that you are inspired to create this or your own unique jewelry using Swarovski crystals!

Please contact me any questions or for details on the casting components.

Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends Highlighting THE ART OF EXPRESSION

 Swarovski Crystal Design

Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends

This Fall and Winter’s New Swarovski Innovations reveal a desire to connect with something very unique and nonconforming. The overall trend is to embrace innovative ideas, to branch out and discover new design ideas, textures and colors inspired by your own special gift for creativity!

The idea is to harness your emotional connectivity to the world around you and introduce the unexpected. Classic color combinations, such as grey and neutral tones can be infused with splashes of vibrant colors, such as pinks, blues or purple tones to revitalize them with a spark of dynamic energy.

There are four new Swarovski themes and corresponding crystal innovations for this Fall and Winter season and I will focus on the Classic Theme today.



A new freedom from strict precision can be seen in enthusiastic splashes of vibrant color and combinations of diverse materials such as lace, faux leathers, satins and recycled textiles, that look even more extravagant when pared with crystals.

This Swarovski crystal necklace “Dipped in Lace” design, bestows a whimsical and day-dreamy expression with cheerful and vivacious combinations of frothy white lace, Crystal Beads, Pearls and Pendants. This design includes instructions on how to create this eclectic assortment of textures and colors, one whose romantic and playful design is a creative inspiration!


This colorful and eclectic “Sparkling Frida” necklace is a throwback to the signature style of the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. This energetic necklace is spirited and multi-dimensional, incorporating mixed metals such as chains, Crystal Double-Spike Beads, Pearls, BeCharmed Beads and Flatbacks, which all come together in one gypsy-like design that inspires us to go wild!

 Swarovski Thread Ring

This Fall and Winter 2014-15 Jewelry trends are influenced by an Eighties theme with quirky, versatile and streamlined shapes highlighted by shimmering metallics. With its one or two hole option, the new Pavé Thread Ring bead adds everyday opulence and creative versatility to all types of designs.


Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh is an exciting new product that made its debut on the Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2014 Haute Couture catwalk in Paris. As an evolution of the original Crystal Mesh launched by Swarovski in 1993, it uses brilliant small XILION chatons to create the perfect gently flowing material for all-over second-skin shine, sparkling evening-wear and high-glamour looks.

These pictures are courtesy of Versace. Please contact me for Crystal Fine Mesh ordering details.

Swarovski Jewelry Design Inspiration

One of the most exciting, fun and rewarding things to do is to embark on a journey of new discovery and creativity through design. This season focuses on self expression and embracing new perspectives. Feel free to explore new ideas, push boundaries and make your design dreams come true!

Swarovski Wild Heart Bead

I hope these jewelry designs and trend ideas have inspired your creativity!