A Spectacularly Rock’n Trend!


Fashionably edgy jewelry is all about the three S’s – Studs, Spikes and Skulls!People are embracing their inner rebel and incorporating a bohemian style into their look by bringing a startling edge to classic designs.


Designed for the original style rebel, the edgy and darkly glam Skull Bead features an innovative and high-precision multi-layered cut to create its delicate features.


The Skull Bead is available in dramatic and mysterious Blue and Black shades, to name a few, ​that can be mixed with natural materials for an authentic tribal look.


Its top-down hole makes it so versatile—perfect for beading, but also great for applying with​ pins as a charm. Use as a single eye-catching centerpiece, or combine small and large skulls to turn heads!


Skull Bead Necklace Free Design and Instructions


Learn how easy it is to create brilliant designs by applying Swarovski Rivets, Jeans Buttons, Snaps Fasteners, and Rose Pins to a variety of materials. This is a fabulous way to add a touch of sparkle to your favorite fashion apparel and accessories.

(Please contact me for details on any style you don’t see listed on the website.)


Crystal Applicator Hand Tool Video Tutorial and Instructions!

Everyone loves to shine, so don’t forget about your furry friends too! This is a great tool to beautify your dog or cat’s collar, leash or apparel.

Crystal Riveted Bracelet

Stunning Hi-Glam Swarovski Crystal Riveted Bracelet Design Inspiration!


Swarovski Necklace Design and Instructions

“Rock’n Roll Pearls”

Featuring 5540 Artemis BeadSwarovski Pearls and Cupchain Findings.

Swarovski crystal heart

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