Exciting NEW SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS Pre-Season Fall/Winter 2015-16!


Discover the Electrifying New Swarovski Styles, Effects and XIRUIS Faceting  Structure!

I am really excited to be presenting you with an exclusive sneak peak of the newest SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS Pre-Season Fall/Winter 2015-16!

Swarovski New Innovations Crystal Patina Pre season Fall winter 2015-16

Introducing the New Swarovski Effect Crystal Patina!

Inspired by Venice’s beauty, rich history, and masquerade balls, ‘Nostalgic Grandeur’ recalls baroque ballrooms and opulent mirrors.

Nostalgic Grandeur: Crystal Patina

The new crystal patina effect is a high point for Swarovski as it is unprecedented in the crystal industry. Swarovski continues to progress and expand into novel innovations such as this latest patina effect featuring a unique vintage look of timeless grace, perfectly infused with a modern crystalline allure.

White-Patina   Silver-Patina Gold-Patina

Crystal White Patina                                             Crystal Silver Patina                                              Crystal Gold Patina

                                            Rose-Patina                                                     Black-Patina

                                          Crystal Rose Patina                                                    Crystal Black Patina

New Swarovski Xirius Flatbacks 2088

Experience a new level of brilliance, scientifically proven. The Swarovski XIRIUS collection takes crystal one step closer to the diamond!

New Swarovski style upgrades:

2058 Flatbacks Upgraded to 2088 XIRIUS Flatbacks

2038 Flatbacks Hot Fix Upgraded t0 2078 XIRIUS Flatbacks Hot Fix

Swarovski new 3188 xirius-lochrose sew on stone

 New Swarovski style upgrade:

3128 Lochrose Sew-On Stone Upgraded to 3188 XIRIUS Lochrose Sew-On Stone

New Swarovski 3288 xirius-sew-on stone

New Swarovski style upgrade:

3204 Xilion Sew-On Stone Upgraded to 3288 XIRIUS Sew-On Stone


New ELEMENTS Poetic Punk Rock: Swarovski Crystal Spikes and Studs Collection

The re-emergence of high-glam, punk rock-inspired fashion coincides with a rising sense of ‘austerity fatigue’, prompting the return of opulence to our lives. The name given to this fiercely edgy, hip-luxe look is ‘Poetic Punk Rock’.


New SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 1188 XIRIUS Double Pointed Chatons


New SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 4418 Double Pointed Square Fancy Stone


New SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 5747 Double Spike Bead


New SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 6480 Spike Pendant

New Spike Banding and Spike Rivets are available as well.

With his extraordinary ability to interpret and redefine fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier has co-operated with Swarovski to take the theme to a new level in an avant-garde assortment of breath-taking couture pieces with a cool, contemporary edge: Crystal Spikes and Studs.

I hope you enjoy these New Swarovski Innovations as much as I do! We are working  diligently to get these gorgeous new styles and effects onto the website, so check back soon!

Swarovski Elements

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