Cool Crystal Cubes


Swarovski Crystal Cool Cube Necklaces

I just finished putting a Swarovski crystal order together that had a huge variety of colors and sizes in the 5601 Cube Beads, which got me thinking…cubes are pretty cool!

I love these crystal necklaces with neatly stacked 5601-4mm cubes. They are dainty and very sweet little geometric blocks of 5 dazzling Crystal Cube Beads hanging gracefully from a delicate gold chain ~

just lovely!

Swarovski Cube Earrings

Swarovski Cube Earrings

These elegant Swarovski Cube earrings feature a graduated look using the 5601-8mm in Crystal Golden Shadow and 5601-6mm medium grey toned color. They are beautifully adorned with crystal Squardelles in a gold setting.


Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrap Cube Bracelet 

This beautiful Swarovski Crystal Cube bracelet features a unique wire wrap pattern encompassing the 5601-6mm Cubes in every color of the rainbow.

Swarovski Off Set Cubes Puprple Earrings

Swarovski Off Set Cube Earrings

These gorgeous Swarovski earrings highlights the 5600-6mm and 8mm Off-Set Cubes.

Jazz up your designs by adding a unique twist to your style using these cool cubes!

Swarovski Amethyst Heart

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