Sneak Peak: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS New Innovations Spring/Summer 2015 Part 3!

Swarovski_Elements_New_Spring_Summer_2015_Innovations_Pave_BallsWith a distinctive, state-of-the-art originality, SWAROVSKI’S New Spring/Summer 2015 Innovations are guaranteed to set fashionistas apart from the crowd and offer artists and consumers, truly unique design possibilities!


New Swarovski 86001 Crystal Pavé Balls

These brand new Swarovski Crystal Pavé Balls are simply stunning and make a true style statement! Ground-breaking technology of this crystal Pavé look unites Ceralun™ technology with brilliant Swarovski Chatons, giving it a spherical shape for ultra-versatility. The uniqueness of this stylish bead comes from its combination of matte and shine which features a multi-sensory sensation displaying a myriad of tiny spherical crystals that offer easy-to-wear, versatile glamour.

How to use: These berry shape 86001 Pavé Balls are available in a range of sizes including a 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm along with a variety of gorgeous colors, providing a range of creative and easy-to-wear design opportunities for elegant, joyful and individual looks that gracefully sparkle.

The elegant tone-on-tone material and variety of colors available make Pavé Balls an asset in every design – whether used individually, threaded together, or alongside other decorative elements, together these little crystals can add either a touch of sparkle or be the wow factor in your design.


New Swarovski 2855 8mm Butterfly Flatback Hotfix

This lovely and playful 8mm Butterfly shaped Flatback is now available in the Hotfix form, offering new easy application opportunities for all kinds of designs, uniting both beauty and function. This classic Butterfly cut is a feminine and youthful style ideal for nature-inspired designs. With its Rivoli cut and flat table, it is also suitable for creating fanciful transfers. The Butterfly is a timeless symbol that is particularly appealing in children’s wear, lingerie, and bridal wear or for adding a hint of nature-themed nostalgia.

A symbol of freedom and happiness, the Butterfly is an airy, romantic, and timeless shape. Young and playful, it is ideal for children’s wear, as well as offering a poetic, wildlife-themed look for nature lovers. Its figurative design will appeal especially to the Asian market.

Application & Usage Information

· Application by heat press.

· Same applicability with all Creation Transfers Plus.

·Recommended application side: the back (reverse) of the fabric is exposed to the heat press. These items are not suitable for application from the front.

·The use of a transfer film may be helpful to assure that the crystals are kept in position and also to be able to turn the fabric.


New Swarovski 2858 Bow Tie Flatback Hotfix 

The very unique new Bow Tie Flatback is available as Hot Fix and No Hot Fix for a youthful and playful appeal. This innovative style is available in a 6×4.5 mm, 9×6.5 mm, and a 12×8.5 mm in a wide rage of colors offering a classic versatility that works with romantic, feminine looks as well as strong and lean designs making the Bow Tie Flat Back both iconic and fun.

This classic shape is so versatile: perfect for children´s wear, and for having fun with cute, feminine looks, as well as creating grown-up elegance. It is a must-have for fans of figurative design and looks especially effective when applied side-by-side, used to create patterns and can also be applied as Transfers. The application and usage information is the same as the Butterfly Flatback Hotfix listed above.

Swarovski Elements Rainbows of Light


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