The Pantone Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid!

Radiant Orchid Pantone Color of the year 2014The Pantone Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid!

This gorgeous and delightfully alluring fusion of  brilliant purple and fuchsia undertones is absolutely stunning.  I have to say, I Love this color! It’s energetic, joyful and inspires my artistic/creative  juices to start flowing.

“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Pantone Color of the year 2104 Raidant Orchid Purple color

“An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.


The alluring Swarovski effect of Crystal Lilac Shadow compliments the Radiant Orchid color beautifully. The rich purple tones and hints of pink mixed with a crystal sparkle is a n exquisite tone in-of-it-self and blends very nicely with other Swarovski colors such as Crystal Antique Pink, Light AmethystLight Amethyst Satin, and Violet Satin. The Violet is a lighter more delicate shade of Radiant Orchid and bothe the Lilac and Amethyst are deeper hues of this charming color. The unique coating of Crystal Vitrail Light is another Swarovski effect that is a soft yet stunning lighter lavender tone with hints of crystal sparkle.

Swarovski Amethyst Heart

Have fun creating new and innovative designs inspired by this lovely and delightful 2014 Pantone  color of the year!

2 thoughts on “The Pantone Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid!

  1. Hi Elaine,

    Thanks so much for your nice comment, I really appreciate it! I was wondering what jewelry you were referring to specifically? There may have been a featured designer’s jewelry that you liked possibly, because we don’t actually sell pre-made jewelry (I am looking into this possibility because I do make and sell jewelry locally, I just don’t have any pictures of my jewelry on line). My primary business right now is a wholesaler of individual Swarovski Elements (beads, pendants, round stones etc.) Anything Swarovski makes for wholesale distribution is what we can sell, but unfortunately they do not allow the wholesale distribution of their pre-made jewelry. If you have a link to the pictures you were interested in, I am happy to look into the information for you.

    Thanks aging for your inquiry and please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you, as it is my pleasure working with you. Thank you and have a sparkling day!

    Warmest Regards,
    Harmony Reilly
    Rainbows of light


  2. I own a boutique in Virginia. I would like to investigate the possibility of purchasing this jewelry for my shop. Pls advise as to the best way to proceed . Thank you Elaine Everest, Persnickety


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