Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trends For Fall 2013! Each Color will be Featured For The Next 10 Days; Featuring Emerald

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013Fall Fashions 2013: A Palette of Many Moods

This fashionable fall season allows designers to playfully experiment and arrange collections that will enhance and enliven your outlook as the colder months set in. Various color tones are collectively arranged to create moods that range from sophisticated and structured to lively and vivid, encapsulating our inherent need for a wardrobe variety based on our emotions evolving from thoughtfully introspective to lighthearted joyfulness.

Swarovski Crystal Emerald Necklace

Featuring Emerald

The rich gem tone “color of the year” Emerald sparkles with versatility and as the seasons begin to change you will see the brighter spring green such as Chrysolite, Chrysolite ABChrysolite Opal, Peridot and Light Emerald develop into deeper more complex tones of Fern Green, Medium Emerald, Emerald, Emerald Champagne, and Emerald Satin.  The Swarovski Pearl in Dark Green in a nice complimentary tone for the Emerald crystals and the Light Green Pearl is a perfect lighter shade to off set the deeper hues.

Emerald Color Inspiration

Emerald will certainly continue to shine and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance throughout the fashion world expressing its opulence in jewelry designs, accessories and clothing.

Swarovski Crystal  Emerald Heart

Featured Designer ~ Angelina from Crystal Fetish

Crystal Fetish Swarovski Blinged I Pad Covers

Crystal Bedazzled Laptop Case and Apple logo handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Crystal Fetish was started in 2010, by Aghunik Iskanian also known as Angelina in the business world. Angelina has a long time experience working for well known custom bling companies making designs for the Kardashians and other high profile celebrities. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, home of the popular TV Show “Project Runway”.  Angelina was introduced to Swarovski while attending FIDM on a field trip to the Swarovski Head Quarters in Los Angeles in the summer of 2005. That’s where she fell in love with the high quality Austrian Crystals.

Crystal Fetish Swarovski Crystal I Phone Case bedazzled

Crystal Bedazzled “Elegant Swirls” Phone Case Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Featuring Swarovski Flatbacks in Crystal AB, Fuchsia, and Light Rose

Now Crystal Fetish is able to bling out any ones dream design to life! With attention to detail extravagant hand work and specific placement of every crystal to satisfy your bedazzle needs! Crystal Fetish designs are becoming more and more popular aired on Live TV shows such as “The Rosie Show” on the OWN Network. Crystal Fetish mixes the Fashion world with the Swarovski world of elements and design. They will make any of your accessories unique to your specific taste to meet the Life Style you live anywhere in the World.

Crystal Fetish Blinged Office supplies handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Crystal Bling Dream Office Phone Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Featuring Swarovski Flatbacks in Black Diamond

Crystal Fetish strives to bring you the highest quality of custom Swarovski designs in the world and always regards their client’s interests as a top priority. They will custom design and create anything for you.

Crystal Fetish Crystal Bedazzled Car Accessories Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Crystal Bedazzled Car Accessories Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Crystal Fetish is able to customize clothing with high end Swarovski Elements from couture wedding dresses to red carpet dresses, shoes, cell phone cases, car accessories, office accessories, home appliances and accessories, lighting fixtures, high end china, iPad cases, Laptop covers, cameras, home entertainment systems, bedroom sets and furniture to bathroom accessories, baby accessories, and much much more! They encourage their clients to get creative.

Crystal Fetsih Blinged Havianna Flip Flops Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Crystal Bedazzled Havaiana Flip Flops Handmade with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Choose from a variety of colors and styles of fancy Flip Flops. Make every occasion chic and shine with glamour.


I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Thank you!

Celebrating Peridot As The Gorgeous Birthstone Color For August

Swarovski August Birthstone Peridot

Peridot is the beautiful birthstone color for August

For the beautiful month of August we celebrate the gorgeous birthstone color of Peridot. People are continually drawn to the enchanting color of the light yet vibrant green tones radiating from Peridot. It is an exceptional color that is considered to bring friendship and is traditionally associated with love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty. Peridot is also valuable in enhancing growth, prosperity and openness. Traditional metaphysical aspects of this beautiful August birthstone include fame, dignity and protection.

Swarovski Crystal Peridot Necklace

Swarovski 6106 Pearshape Pendant Featuring Peridot

The captivating color of Peridot makes it one of the post popular colors that Swarovski makes and is slightly darker in color than the light pastel hue of Chrysolite and is lighter than the richer, darker gem color of Emerald.

Swarovski Crystal Bicone 5328 Peridot AB

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead Featuring Peridot AB

Swarovski has created exquisite coatings that are applied to the base color of Peridot, creating an array of luxurious affects to incorporate in each unique design and color scheme. The Aurora Borealis coating is one of the most popular and timeless affects, refracting the light and emitting a rainbow of sparkling colors with pink, blues and yellow hues.

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone Peridot AB 2X

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead Featuring Peridot AB 2X

The Aurora Borealis affect is taken to the next level with the AB 2X coating. The entire bead has been coated in this brilliantly dazzling finish that boasts the brightest sparkle available that transforms a normal peridot color into almost neon sheen of lively pinks, blues, yellows, and greens.

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Peridot Champagne

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead Featuring Peridot Champagne

The subtle sophistication of the Champagne Coating is a unique and fairly rare coating that displays a soft and elegant affect that can be applied to many different colors. The Champagne coating adds a soft yellow sparkle effect which is about half of the intensity of the AB coating, as if a shimmering effervescent color has been poured into the bead, which softens the original color. In some cases the Champagne coating can turn the original color into an exclusive color combination, for instance a Light Sapphire will turn into a light green color after adding a hint of yellow champagne.

Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone Peridot Satin

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead Featuring Peridot Satin

The Satin Coating is a lovely effect that adds a soft silvery shimmer which is its distinguishing characteristic that also slightly darkens the original color, creating a subtle vintage appearance that is very popular in the fall and winter months.

Swarovski Bicone Bead Peridot Dorado

Swarovski 5328 Bicone Bead Peridot Dorado

Swarovski Peridot Dorado Bicone bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bracelet Featuring Peridot Dorado

The Dorado Coating is a tasteful solid bronze affect that is applied to half of the bead.  The Peridot Dorado is an specially unique look that displays a beautiful two toned color combination where half of the bead is a vibrant green color and the other half is a solid bronze effect. This stunning bracelet was created by our wonderful customer Leslie who says “It is much prettier in person – the Dorado finish is just like WOW on this piece. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a statement – thanks for having it available! I’ve seen it nowhere else.”


Swarovski’s XIRIUS Round Stones – Taking Crystal One Step Closer to the Diamond

Swarovski XIRIUS 1088 Brilliance Redefined

Swarovski has upgraded the very popular style 1028 Xilion Round Stones to a new distinction and style number calling it XIRIUS 1088 Round Stones (XIRIUS is a tricky word and is pronounced ZIR-ee-uh s). The upgrade implements a new faceting structure that enhances the brilliance of each stone and all of the sizes will remain the exact same. To ensure that designers are given a vast number of creative options, XIRIUS 1088 is available in a wide range of colors and effects whose depth and variety widely surpass those of top-quality cubic zirconia.

XIRIUS 1088 Swarovski Round Stone

Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy, XIRIUS 1088’s intricate gemstone-like cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling are combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal, taking it one step closer to the diamond.

Swarovski Elements XIRIUS 1088 Video

XIRIUS Video; A New Generation of Crystal, Taking it One Step Closer to the Diamond

XIRIUS 1088 is made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, the new DNA of
crystal. Its new lead-free and superior formula doesn’t only exceed today’s most demanding
industry requirements, it also anticipates those of tomorrow. For SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’
partners throughout the world, ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the responsible choice that leads the
way to success in the market.

Swarovskis new ADVANCED CRYSTAL 100% Peace of Mind – ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the New DNA of Crystal

XIRIUS 1088 is produced according to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. Much more than merely compliant with the strictest laws on the planet, this patented, lead-free formula has changed the DNA of Swarovski’s crystal. Hassle-free, rigorously tested, and completely reliable, it is quite simply the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, providing perfect peach of mind.

Superior –ADVANCED CRYSTAL raises the bar for quality and sustainability in the industry. With its pioneering technology it not only conforms to current valid norms and regulations, it anticipates the changes in the future.

LEAD-FREE – Products labeled with ADVANCE CRYSTAL are free from intentionally added lead in the crystal composition and in other materials used in forward-integrated solutions from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

Swarovski Xirius Refinement

100% Perfection Flawless Cut – Quality Guaranteed

Faceting is the key to crystal’s sparkle and sparkle, in turn is the essence of its irresistibility. The secret to maximizing radiance lies in the exact interplay of multi-layered facets and angles. XIRIUS 1088 does precisely that and is flawless continuation of Swarovski’s inventive and scientifically engineered C-Cut technology. Its complex gemstone-like cut utilizes the science of geometry to its fullest extent: high precision, quality-controlled geometrical and optical measuring, and state-of-the-art technology enable the stacking of triangle on triangle on triangle until it reaches an unmatched brilliance.

Featured Designer ~ Melissa at the Vintage Locket


Melissa at the combines her current boutique items with talented local artisans to offer a variety of hand crafted items to provide you with a one stop shopping experience.  The talented local artists constantly bring in delicious smelling natural made candles, beautiful pottery, fluffy pillows, sparkling jewelry, cozy scarves and gloves, vibrant art, whimsical cards, fun dog collars, plush leather pocketbooks and so much more. She will be gradually converting her website to include all of our new items in addition to her jewelry so please check back often.

The Vintage Locket Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Featuring an Antique Silver Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This Beautiful heirloom quality crystal bracelet with a vintage look highlights gorgeous genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and is made with the 1028 Round Stones in Clear Crystal.  Incorporating antiqued old silver-plated finish, semi-precious stones that has been made in France.

The Vintage Locket Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Swarovski 12mm Solitaire Earrings in Crystal Golden Shadow

 These stunning champagne colored Swarovski Crystal solitaire earrings feature the color Crystal Golden Shadow and are set in Gold plated 14 K gold finish. These are absolutely gorgeous made with the 4470 Swarovski Cushion Cut Fancy Stone. Just above the solitaire is a tiny crystal that gives it that extra touch. These beauties are available in a variety of colors and also available in silver plate. Feel free to email Melissa with requests.

The Vintage Locket Swarovski Crystal AB Moon Pendant

Love You To The Moon & Back Pendant

This darling “I love you to the moon and back” pendant presents a Swarovski Crystal 6722 Moon Pendant in Crystal AB encompassed by a 1.5″ outer diameter stamped washer in sterling silver. The stars are additional options that can be added for $5/ea. Please specify initials upon checkout. If you do not advise Initials but choose to add, they will be left blank.

The Vintage Locket Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Jet Oval Necklace

This simple yet elegant Swarovski Crystal Pendant features an Oval Fancy Stone in Jet and displays an above accent of Swarovski crystal in the complimenting color of Black Diamond which sets the pendant beautifully.  The Necklace chain is 18″ plus 2″ extender included.

The Vintage Locket Family Tree

 The family tree and tree of life pendants are hand forged and artisan crafted into precious metals and vintage spoons.  No patterns are used, so you will not find two the same. Many of these family trees have been brought to life using 2058 Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones in a variety of sparkling colors.   ​

Please visit the website for a gallery of items  that Melissa has created. If you see something you like, feel free to contact her for ordering information.  She is working the website currently and will have pricing and ordering options available soon.

4884 Amethyst

I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Thank you!

A Special Swarovski Crystal Party with All My Fabulous Friends!

Swarovski Crystal Party

I hosted my first  Swarovski Crystal Party and it was absolutely fabulous!

I had about 10 of my super fantastic and fabulous friends over to my house for a day full of fun, laughter and of course SPARKLES! I told them to bring their favorite flip flops, tee shirts, shoes, phones or whatever else they wanted to take from drab to fab!


Everyone was really sweet, gracious and thankful for the opportunity to take the time to be creative and find their own artistic expression.

It’s always enjoyable getting together with the ladies, but sometimes you may not know what to do. A crystal party is a brilliant way to bring everyone together and be inspired to create a dazzling and unique accessory that every time they look at or wear they will think of that fantastic day and fond memories.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Below are 5 helpful tips for hosting a sparkling Swarovski crystal party.

1. First off you need to bring your energy! Be excited that you’re bringing your friends together for an entertaining and creative day. Your attitude sets the tone and will be infectious, so be positive and grateful that people are taking time out of their busy schedules to come and share a fun-filled day with you and all of their friends.

Swarovski Crystal Party Blinged Flip flops

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks style 2058-16ss Crystal AB and 2520 Cosmic Flatback Clear Crystal

2. set up all of the crafts, tools and sparkles before everyone arrives. I found it to be really helpful to have each individual craft station ready to go complete with E6000 glue, tweezers and of course the star of the show, all of the dazzling Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in a range of colors and sizes each in their own individual trays. You will need to use the style number 2058 Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones for people gluing each stone on themselves and you will need to set up a little station for people using a Bejeweler  tool for the style number 2038 Swarovski Flatback Hot Fix Rhinestones. It’s advantageous to have a hard surfaced object that can be put inside the middle of the shirt so that the stones adhere to the front of the shirt and not both the front and back of the shirt together. I used a medium size piece of granite that I found at Home Depot that worked very well. You can also set up an Iron to apply a lot of Hot Fix crystals at once, simply lay a small thin piece of cloth or parchment paper over the crystals before applying the hot iron to the crystals. Work in small sections and be gentle when pressing down on the crystal so that they don’t move out of place. The smaller stones will be easier to apply and stay longer than the larger stones. For larger stones I recommend gluing them individually.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks style 2038-12ss Crystal AB Hot Fix

3. As a host, you should test any application process ahead of time so that you will know how to show your friends what to do. One little tip when working with the Swarovski Hot Fix stones which are applied to fabric; it’s good to use a one size smaller bejeweler tip than the actual Crystal stones themselves, this way you will not leave a little ring on the fabric.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in the style 2058 Xilion Round Flatback,  style 2520 Cosmic Flatback and style 2300 Pearshape Flatback

4. Soak up the sunshine and have your crystal party outside if you can. Enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of it especially when working with the E6000 glue which recommends either using a mask, which is certainly not the most glamorous fashion statement and it limits your ability to converse with the ladies. Plus your tan will compliment all those rainbow sparkles. Try and offer some shade for those who would like to cool off.

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in style 2058- 20ss Crystal and Crystal AB and style 2520 Cosmic Flatback

5. Some of your friends may not want to Crystallize anything, but they still want to be a part of the festivities. No problem at all, of course all are welcome but here’s the funny part, I bet halfway through watching everyone having so much fun they will want to join right in. I only mention this because this happened with three of my girlfriends! Maybe you could have a little something special stored away for them that you can surprise them with. One of my friends ran home to grab a glass vase that she wanted to beautify, the other ladies blinged their bra straps and coin purses that they had with them.

The Swarovski sparkles were intoxicating and they just couldn’t resist!! I Love it!

Swarovski Crystal Party

Featuring Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks in style 2058-20ss Crystal AB

I hope this inspires you to throw your own Swarovski Crystal Party! It’s perfect idea for any occasion that you would like to celebrate, a wedding or bachelorette party, birthday party or simply a beautiful afternoon to get together with great friends and family. What a great friend you will be bringing smiles and sparkles to all of your favorite people!

Thanks for all the fun memories lovely ladies, you’re the best!

Featured Designer ~ Anita from Texas Tangled Threads

Anita Allbritton Texas Tangled Threads

Anita from Texas Tangled Threads creates unique handmade lace jewelry embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Embroidered Baby Blankets, and Embroidered Clothing for Children. She loves to be creative and work with color and fiber and is consistently developing new and innovative designs that expands her repertoire.

Anita Allbritton Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Fuchsia Lace Bean Pod Large Dangle Statement Earrings

These beautifully woven fuchsia lace statement earrings are handmade from rayon embroidery thread. If you enjoy Anita’s lovely designs and would like to purchase anything from her Etsy shop, she has graciously offered a 25% discount to anyone who has been referred to her store through my blog. Please enter this coupon code at checkout: Rainbows25

Anita from Texas Tangled Threads black earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Black Tweed Geometric Lace Statement Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

The sparkle of nine 3mm Jet AB Hot Fix Swarovski crystals combined with the black tweed geometric lace to make just the statement you want. The black tweed lace is made from rayon embroidery thread so these statement earrings are very lightweight. There are crystals on both sides of each earring so that no matter which way the wind blows, you will sparkle.

Anita Tiny purple and gold sparkle feather earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Embroidered Purple and Gold Sparkling Feather Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

These charming embroidered feathers are just right for everyday or a special evening. The tiny feather earrings feature a 3mm Swarovski crystal AB Hot Fix on each side that flash coming and going. They are made from a two color variegated thread that blends deep purple and bright metallic gold. With the gold tone post and the crystals, these will be your go to sparkle earrings.

Anita White Lace Kitty Necklace made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

White Lace Kitty Necklace Featuring Sparkling Blue Eyes made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 

This delightful cat necklace is for all cat lovers! A large white lace kitty playfully dangles below a silver and blue bead attached to a silver tone chain. This cheerful cat’s eyes and heart sparkle on both sides with Air Blue Opal Swarovski crystals and is extremely lightweight.

Anita Turquoise Geometric Lace Dangle Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Turquoise Geometric Lace Dangle Earrings made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

These whimsical turquoise lace and crystal earrings are embroidered using rayon thread and shine utilizing the 2mm Swarovski aquamarine Flatback crystals completing the stylish look with a Swarovski faceted 5000-6mm Round bead in Crystal AB.


I am always looking for designers to feature in upcoming posts. If you would like to be a featured designer that uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, please follow my blog and contact me at Thank you!