Swarovski’s XIRIUS Round Stones – Taking Crystal One Step Closer to the Diamond

Swarovski XIRIUS 1088 Brilliance Redefined

Swarovski has upgraded the very popular style 1028 Xilion Round Stones to a new distinction and style number calling it XIRIUS 1088 Round Stones (XIRIUS is a tricky word and is pronounced ZIR-ee-uh s). The upgrade implements a new faceting structure that enhances the brilliance of each stone and all of the sizes will remain the exact same. To ensure that designers are given a vast number of creative options, XIRIUS 1088 is available in a wide range of colors and effects whose depth and variety widely surpass those of top-quality cubic zirconia.

XIRIUS 1088 Swarovski Round Stone

Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy, XIRIUS 1088’s intricate gemstone-like cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling are combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal, taking it one step closer to the diamond.

Swarovski Elements XIRIUS 1088 Video

XIRIUS Video; A New Generation of Crystal, Taking it One Step Closer to the Diamond

XIRIUS 1088 is made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, the new DNA of
crystal. Its new lead-free and superior formula doesn’t only exceed today’s most demanding
industry requirements, it also anticipates those of tomorrow. For SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’
partners throughout the world, ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the responsible choice that leads the
way to success in the market.

Swarovskis new ADVANCED CRYSTAL 100% Peace of Mind – ADVANCED CRYSTAL is the New DNA of Crystal

XIRIUS 1088 is produced according to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. Much more than merely compliant with the strictest laws on the planet, this patented, lead-free formula has changed the DNA of Swarovski’s crystal. Hassle-free, rigorously tested, and completely reliable, it is quite simply the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, providing perfect peach of mind.

Superior –ADVANCED CRYSTAL raises the bar for quality and sustainability in the industry. With its pioneering technology it not only conforms to current valid norms and regulations, it anticipates the changes in the future.

LEAD-FREE – Products labeled with ADVANCE CRYSTAL are free from intentionally added lead in the crystal composition and in other materials used in forward-integrated solutions from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

Swarovski Xirius Refinement

100% Perfection Flawless Cut – Quality Guaranteed

Faceting is the key to crystal’s sparkle and sparkle, in turn is the essence of its irresistibility. The secret to maximizing radiance lies in the exact interplay of multi-layered facets and angles. XIRIUS 1088 does precisely that and is flawless continuation of Swarovski’s inventive and scientifically engineered C-Cut technology. Its complex gemstone-like cut utilizes the science of geometry to its fullest extent: high precision, quality-controlled geometrical and optical measuring, and state-of-the-art technology enable the stacking of triangle on triangle on triangle until it reaches an unmatched brilliance.

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