Swarovski Crystal Labtop Bling

It seems like I’ve been seeing these sparkling beauties everywhere, from cell phones to laptops the are absolutely gorgeous! Lets face it, it will brighten your day and it sure is a lot more fun to take a call or do your work from a custom sparkling device than a plain jane, everyone-has-the-same type of devise (insert yawn). You can even DIY your own digital devices and it’s super easy to do with a little time and creativity!

Swarovski Crystal Pink Case

Personalize and make your own special case that truly sparkles. All you need is to choose your favorite Swarovski Flatback color, style and size. The most popular style of Swarovski Crystal flatback is the Xilion round 2058 and these can be glued on individually using E6000 glue. The most popular sizes are the 12ss (3mm), 16ss (4mm)and 20ss (4.5-5mm).  This phone case sparkles in an ombre look starting at the top with clear Crystal moving into Light Rose and finishing off with Rose. A gorgeous display of graduated colors.

Swarovski I Phone Case

All the stars love it and now you can  have that fabulous sparkle and be a star in your own right…


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