Put Your Own Twist on it

The most popular beads that people tend to gravitate towards when designing jewelry are the 5328 Bicone and 5000 Round beads, which are universal, timeless, and beautiful. But it’s always nice to branch out, liven up your designs and try new things isn’t it? After all, that’s what artists and designers do. They dream of new and exciting possibilities and transform those dreams into their very own creations!


Luckily you have an abundant assortment of unique and innovative styles of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at your finger tips. I can just hear them now saying “pick me”, “no pick me”.  Believe me I know, it’s tough to choose just one with all of the sparkling talent out there, but today I have selected one style, the Twist family of 5621 Twist Beads, 6621 Twist Pendants and 3221 Twist Sew-On Stones to highlight (don’t worry you precious Graphic or Helix beads, I hear you and you’ll have your time to shine in the weeks to come).

Swarovski Twist Jewelry

It’s name says it all! The 5621 Twist Bead is is exceptionally unique in that, it’s not an optical illusion, the bead itself is actually twisting. The twisting characteristic of this talented bead is enhanced by the diagonal faceting structure, accentuating it’s dazzling and captivating uniqueness.


Put your own twist on it…literally!

Enchanting jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings can all be created using this exceptional and versatile style.


Adding multiple twist beads together such as this Swarovski Wedding Princess Orchid Cuff Bracelet Design and Instructions, creates a brilliant and dynamic interplay of style and grace.

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