Crystalize Your Flip Flops with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

image compliments of

image compliments of

Happy Summer! It’s time to shine!

I absolutely LOVE wearing flip flops and now that I live in Colorado, I have to take full advantage of the warm months while I can. Now what’s better than wearing flip flops you ask? Wearing sparkling flip flops of course! I love when those Swarovski Crystals Sparkle. It brings a smile to my face and a bounce in my step. The fun part is making them myself. I can customize my flops with any color of the Rainbow and I’m filled with a real sense of accomplishment. FYI, be careful about telling people you made them, everyone will want a pair and you do need to save some time for yourself to kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

image compliments of Custom Crystal Couture

image compliments of Custom Crystal Couture

All of my girlfriends are begging me to make them some Crystal Rhinestone flops, so I decided to have a bling party. We’re all getting together so I can show them just how easy it is to do. All you need is your favorite flip flops (I personally love the Havaiana brand. They’re made from 100% butter soft rubber and yes, they are as smooth as butter). Then the fun part is choosing your favorite Swarovski Crystal Color and size. I like the smaller crystals which create a detailed pave look. The 2058-12ss, 2058-16ss and 2058-20ss are the most popular sizes (ss stands for stone size) and Clear Crystal or Crystal AB are the most popular colors because they will compliment any outfit. Next all you need is E6000 epoxy that you can find at any local hardware or craft store. A little dab will do you, simply work in small sections by covering the flop with the epoxy and setting the Swarovski Crystals using tweezers. Let them dry and you are ready to shine like a star!

You can even Sparkle your toes!


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